AEW ban chair shots to the head


By benjawi Sun-1-Sep-2019 08:27:33

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After Cody got busted open pretty bad last month with that chair shot to the back of the head, AEW President Tony Khan has confirmed that chair shots like that will now be banned going forward. Not a surprise as it gathered a fair amount of bad press as it showed that even if the chairs are gimmicked, accidents can easily happen. It's an unnecessary risk in a business where there's already plenty of risk anyway. Good call, really.


By Ninjak_XO Mon-2-Sep-2019 14:23:56

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Good. They had quite a backlash after that chair shot. No need to risk it happening again. Do I miss some chair headshots? Of course. Am I sad that they are banned in WWE and now AEW? Not at all. Don't want to see someones career ended early because of one, don't want to see another Benoit where someone goes mad from the amount of brain damage and I don't want to see someone I enjoy watching wrestle die because of something that didn't need to be done (let's be honest, that Cody one could have been a lot worse considering it was to the back of the head). I haven't seen any press release on it, but I imagine apart from mentioning it in interviews, they're just quietly doing this. It's not really that big a change.



By rhys Mon-2-Sep-2019 19:06:47

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Honestly, I don't even miss them. They just make me cringe when I look back. Dangerous and stupid.

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