Big Show signs on


By benjawi Wed-24-Feb-2021 20:57:01

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In some stunning news today, "The Big Show" Paul Wight has jumped ship from WWE to AEW, signing a new multi-year contract with the latter that will see him as both a commentator and an active wrestler on the roster. The move ends an almost 22 year alliance between Wight and WWE when he made another massive jump at the time from WCW to WWE and he has since re-signed multiple contracts with many assuming he would finish his career in WWE.

He's apparently going to be wrestling and commentating. Love the commentating part, but not the wrestling part... let's not go TNA and have the old guys taking over the young guys. Plus there's his health as I remember Stephanie saying about their fears he'll die early because of his size.

I think it's a good signing overall though, as he knows the business and he could be a good commentator. Hopefully he can help out some of the younger guys who aren't used to working certain schedules with all his experience. And it's got people talking about AEW so there's that publicity as well.


By rhys Thu-25-Feb-2021 16:21:31

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He can wrestle sparingly. They can finally do the Shaq thing. Overall this is a big big deal for AEW no pun intended.

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