Good and Bad: Dynamite May 11th 2022


By rhys Thu-12-May-2022 04:25:37

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+ Dax Harwood is fantastic. Adam Cole is fantastic. And their opening match was fantastic.
+ Punk working the crowd into a frenzy with rival sports goodness. And still getting the crowd to chant his name. And then winning the match vs John Silver with a Buckshot Lariat.
+ I still don't get Danhausen. But I'm also pretty sure I'm not supposed to get him. He's entertaining regardless.
+ Nese's brutal beatdown of Danhausen and Hook making the save was superb storytelling.
+ Wardlow getting more and more shit thrown at him by MJF every week. Can't wait to see him beat MJFs ass.
+ Jericho narrating MJFs video package with 'wait, is this FOR MJF? I'm not narrating for that asshole... How much is he paying?! OK'
+ MJF and Wardlow's contract signing was great and almost became a test run for MJF as a face.
+ Good technical bout between Jungle Boy and Ricky Starks. Interesting involvement from Swerve and Lee that could lead to something big.
+ JAS being confronted by BCC and Eddie and PNP was great. Also anyone who doesn't watch would be very confused by that sentence.
+ Storm and Hayter having a nice match in the Owen Hart tournament.
+ Kazarian to Guevara: "Hey, your vlog sucks."
+ Jeff Hardy vs Darby Allin. Oh my god. What a spotfest.

- Tony Nese winning a squash match. Give him some more time to show what he can do.
- "Jericho 2:16 says I just burned your face."
- The match was great but the finish to Allin v Jeff was a bit meh.

Overall: 8/10

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