4CW Hardcore Hellfire - November 16, 2022


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4CW Hardcore Hellfire
November 16, 2022
Live from Las Vegas, Nevada

"Coming With The Hellfire" by Nine One One hits the PA system.

Phoenix: Hello everyone and welcome to 4CW Hardcore Hellfire!! We are just over two weeks removed from Gallows End! It was one hell of a show and we’re going to keep the ball rolling tonight! I’m Scott Phoenix joined as ever by my broadcast partners, Ray Jeffrey and James Roberts!
Jeffrey: And what a show we have tonight, as in our main event, Eli Waters will take on Erica Moxie in a street fight, one on one!
Roberts: And if that’s not enough we will also see Amelia Warhawk in action against the debuting Hollie Honeysett!
Phoenix: We also have an elimination tables match later tonight between The Liberation and Synth City Thrillers. The winners will take on Neom Moon for the 4CW Tag Team Championships at Storm Front: WAR V on New Year’s Eve!

Carson: The following contest is an ELIMINATION TABLES match scheduled for one fall and it is for the #1 Contendership to the 4CW Tag Team Championships!

”Black Flame” by Bury Tomorrow hits the PA system.

Carson: Introducing first representing The Black Flame at a combined weight of 530lbs… the team of Garret Fischer and Bruce Rigg… THE LIBERAAAAATION!!

Phoenix: The Liberation are in a foul mood after losing the Franchise Title at Gallows End. A win tonight will put them right back into contention in the tag division, which I’m sure they will take!
Jeffrey: I am sure they will but it’s not gonna be handed to them. There’s another team they have to get through first.

”Reconfig” by Shortwire hits the PA system as the titantron shows footage of robots being reprogrammed and wires being switched out. Then, just before it drops, the music cuts out to another track, ”Cyber Attack” by Infraction hits the PA system and out come the combination of Devon Drummond and Reuben Kojo, each sporting fresh new attire. Kojo’s is a mostly red get up, with a black shirt that says SLAP in big comic book art. Drummond has a red and white combo of his otherwise fairly standard attire.

Carson: And their opponents, from London, England, weighing in at a combined weight of 454lbs… DEVON DRUMMOND … REUBEN KOJO … SYNTH CITYYYYY … THRILLERS!!

Phoenix: A new presentation, new music and new attire. It seems Synth City have freshened up their look in an attempt to freshen up their success in the ring. Time will tell if it pays off.
Roberts: I like the new get up!
Jeffrey: Synth City mean business! This is their opportunity to get another shot at Neon Moon after their recent unsuccessful attempt.
Phoenix: This one is going to be a fight, no doubt. Don’t forget this is an elimination tables match, so both members of either team has to go through a table to decide who wins this!

Kojo and Drummond get to the bottom of the ramp. Kojo removes his shirt. Then, they both slide into the ring quickly and go straight for The Liberation as referee Jason Trent calls for the bell!

Elimination tables match for the #1 Contendership to the Tag Titles
The Liberation vs Synth City Thrillers

The two teams begin brawling immediately in the middle of the ring, fists flying everywhere. Rigg knocks down Drummond with a forearm. At the same time, Kojo kicks the soul out of Fisher's chin with a Kojo Kick.

Phoenix: Absolute destruction from the get go!

Rigg and Kojo go face to face. Kojo unleashes a chop. Rigg retaliates with a forearm. Kojo stumbles then comes back with a spinning back fist. Rigg falls to one knee, takes a moment to breathe, then takes out Kojo with a huge lariat!

Jeffrey: It's flesh pounding flesh and I love it!
Phoenix: Couldn't have worded that a bit better?
Jeffrey: You get what you get.

Rigg rolls to the outside, lifts up the apron and pulls out a table. He slides the table into the ring, then takes the hood of the announce table and throws it off, before clearing the top of wires and monitor.

Phoenix: We really should have seen thos, coming, eh?

Rigg gets back into the ring, grabs a recovering Drummond and throws him into the corner. Rigg charges after and hits a corner clothesline. Drummond then falls into Rigg and eats a belly to belly suplex.

Rigg gets back up and picks up the table, setting it to rest against the corner turnbuckle.

Roberts: Rigg has destruction on his mind!

Rigg picks up Drummond and throws him into the corner table. He then runs at Drummond for another clothesline when he is scooped up by a recovering Kojo, who takes out Rigg with a spine buster!

Phoenix: King Kojo is back on his throne.

Kojo takes out Fischer with a big boot. He then grabs Rigg and whips him into the table. It doesn't break. Rigg realises the danger he is in and sees Kojo coming at him and sidesteps quickly. Kojo manages to stop himself running into the table but turns to face Rigg who has come back from the ropes and SPEARS Kojo through the table!!

Phoenix: Kojo is out! And that is a big problem for Synth City Thrillers! Drummond now has to go through both members of The Liberation to walk out with the win and that tag title shot!
Jeffrey: This right here is the ultimate test.

Kojo rolls out of the ring and Rigg, delighted by his achievement, starts to wake up Fischer. While he does this, he doesn't notice Drummond roll out of the ring. Drummond lifts the apron and pulls out a kendo stick.

Drummond rolls back in the ring and gets up just in time to aim and crack Rigg across the head with the kendo stick! Rigg goes down and Drummond shrugs, figuring he has nothing to lose, and goes to town on Rigg with shots from the kendo stick! The crowd starts to lose count after twenty shots, one after another, and just start cheering louder as Drummond gets at least another three shots in before the kendo stick splinters to nothing.

Phoenix: Oh my god! Drummond certainly evened the odds for now!
Roberts: What an absolute machine unleashing with what used to be a kendo stick!
Jeffrey: There's already deep purple welts on Rigg, jeez!

Drummond takes out Fischer with a DDT and goes back to the outside, lifting the apron and pulling out another table. He slides it into the ring and then, to the delight of the, crowd, goes for another! With two tables now in the ring, Drummond rolls back in. He sets up one table in the opposite corner to the first smashed table, and sets up the second one in the middle of the ring.

Drummond grabs Fischer, who fights back with an enziguri. Drummond stumbles back and eats a dropkick narrowly missing the table he just set up.

Phoenix: Drummond needs to be careful. One wrong move and it's all over for him!

Fischer grabs Drummond and hooks him for a suplex that would put him through the table. Drummond locks his leg and blocks the lift, then fights back with right hands to the gut. Drummond turns on the spot, hooks Fischer's leg and hits a belly to belly THROUGH THE TABLE!

Phoenix: And there goes Fischer! It's one on one now! Devon Drummond vs Bruce Rigg! Who will prevail?

Drummond looks around at the carnage of broken wood. He sees he has one table set up in the corner and sees Rigg getting to all fours. Drummond jumps up and sprints at Rigg, taking him out with a dropkick to the head!

Roberts: Drummond certainly has momentum now, but can he capitalise!?

Drummond picks up the deadweight of Rigg with some effort and moves him to the corner. Drummond then focuses his energy on whipping Rigg into the table on the opposite side. Drummond isn't able to get enough momentum to send Rigg all the way. Wanting to finish the job, he charges for Rigg who quickly turns, scoops up Drummond and throws him through the table!!

Carson: Here are your winners… THE LIBERAAAAATION!!

Phoenix: Synth City put up one hell a fight, and I thought they had it! But The Liberation has come out on top here tonight!
Jeffrey: It’s a tough pill to swallow for Synth City, but The Liberation are on cloud nine with that victory!

Fischer and Rigg celebrate in the middle of the ring, much to the despair of the crowd as we cut to a break with splintered wood littering the ring and Synth City on the outside.


As the house lights go dim, the stage strip lights turn to a solid, dark red. The eerie synth-voiced intro of "Forward!" by Anaal Nathrakh heralds the presence of a shadowy figure stepping forth from the guerrilla position. The hammering drums kick in, and a colourless spotlight follows The Virgin Rose as she stomps out onto the stage, marching along to the pounding beat. She receives a mixed, somewhat scaled-down response from the crowd, as not all are familiar with her just yet. At the top of the ramp, she stops to admire her newly won Hardcore title belt, which she wears like a bandolier.

Roberts: Here comes trouble!
Phoenix: Ol' Rosie had quite the night at Gallows End. After Jason Crow regained the hardcore title from the ever-wily Quentin Cosmo, he lost it to Rose, won it back and then was pinned again in a series of brutal backstage exchanges that also involved Jason's brother, Robert. Now, here she is, proud as a peacock and with the hair to match.
Jeffrey: So what's she doing out here, anyway? I didn't see her pencilled into any card.

Rose trudges on down the ramp, wearing an expression that blends her default pissed-off look with something like a smirk. She rolls into the ring and gets right up in the face of long-serving ring announcer, Michael Carson.

Carson: Uhh... please welcome at this time, the new 4CW Hardcore Champion—

Rose grabs the mic and stares down Carson.

Rose: Go away.

Carson goes away. Rose, meanwhile, paces the ring and eyes the crowd.

Rose: So this is Hardcore Hellfire?! The way I see it, until the Hardcore Champ is on the card, the only thing coming anyone's way is hellfire! I ain't havin' it, and I made damn sure our harebrained GM knows so. Now, I've never been one for chit-chat, but I can be very convincing in my own way, and our short-notice "meeting" went swimmingly. So here it is: I'm here to issue an open challenge to any shitweasel who's dumb or crazy enough to think they can put me down and win this belt, one-on-one!

This garners some interest from the fans as Rose holds the makeshift belt aloft. A crowd sign seems to catch Rose's eye, so she drops the mic, heads out to ringside and yanks it right out of the fan's hands. She slides back into the ring with a scowl on her face and retrieves the fallen mic.

Rose: Oh, and for any brain-dead idiots back there, you should know that Sery has ordered a pause on the 24/7 rule for the duration of any officially sanctioned Hardcore Championship match, so you'll have to wait your turn...

Rose holds the sign up for all to see: It's a simple white sign depicting Robert and Jason Crow. She breaks it over her knee.

Rose: ... which means NO SCRAPS FOR THE BIRDS!

Now, with all that being said, somebody grow some balls back there and come face me!

Sigh's "Inked In Blood" hits the speakers to a big pop as Witch Hazel comes skipping onto the stage!

Jeffrey: AW YEAH!!
Roberts: The Virgin Rose demanded dumb or crazy, so here's crazy I guess!
Phoenix: Not who I was expecting at all, but when does Hazel ever do the expected anyway? And take nothing away from her, Hazel has plenty experience competing in extreme matches! Rockin' Rosie has got her work cut out for her tonight!

Carson: This match is scheduled for one fall, will be contested under hardcore rules and is for for the 4CW HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIIP! Already in the ring, the 4CW Hardcore Champion... hailing from Richmond, Virginia... weighing in at "None of Your Goddamn Business!" and standing at the impressive height of "Who Gives a Flustered Fuck?!"...

Some hearty chuckles ripple through the arena.

Carson: The inimitable... VIIIRGIIIN ROOOSE! And making her way to the ring, the challenger, weighing in at 128lbs... from Everywhere and Nowhere... WITCH... HAAAAAAZEL!!!

Hazel headbangs to her theme, along with the crowd. She then performs her daring dash along the barricade and


Rose tosses her title belt straight at Hazel and it smacks into her right thigh, knocking her off-balance and sending her crashing down on the ramp!

Phoenix: Oh this is gonna be one pig-ugly match right here!


With the match officially underway, the arena lights return to normal. Hazel regains her vertical base fairly quickly, only for Rose to come diving out through the ropes and taking her right back down! Rose proceeds to slide back into the ring, then offers up some quick deja-vu with a second successful suicide dive on her recovering opponent. She then props Hazel into a seated position, returns to the ring and runs the ropes, coming back on Hazel one last time by cannon-balling her way through the middle rope, smashing back-to-chest with the silver-haired sorceress!

Phoenix: The seldom-seen Virgin Suicides!
Jeffrey: Cool sequence, and a great film to boot!
Roberts: It is, but I prefer the book, myself.
Jeffrey: IT'S A BOOK?!
Phoenix: ... you've written and published countless volumes of over-dramatic, misogynistic tripe and have no awareness of one of the most enduring dramatic novels of the '90s?!
Jefrfey: Pssh, reading is for nerds!

Keeping the pressure on, Rose lays in some stomps before picking Hazel up and whipping her off to the ring steps, which Hazel casually leaps onto, plants her feet and performs a corkscrew diving forearm smash that puts Rose on her ass! Hazel follows up with a running seated senton onto her seated opponent, forcing her onto her back on the ringside mat. She caps off this sequence with a somersault leg drop that catches Rose right on the sternum, then covers as senior referee Jason Trent slides out of the ring to make the count...




The Virgin Rose rolls a shoulder up just after the count of two.

Phoenix: Hazel turned things around pretty smoothly, but it's gonna take a lot more than that to keep The Scarlet Scoundrel down!

Hazel decides to give Rose a taste of her own medicine by thwacking her on the thigh with the Hardcore belt! Rose growls rather than cries out in pain, and slaps the belt away when Hazel prepares to swing it again. She proceeds to kick Hazel in the shin, then scrambles to her feet and shoves her spine-first into the ring apron! Hazel hits it hard enough to bounce off, but serves up a return blow in the form of grabbing Rose by the shoulders and delivering a vicious headbutt, and the two women both go down, having knocked each other silly!

Phoenix: I toldja this wouldn't be pretty!
Jeffrey: It's like watching a pair of bobcats rip into each other! I love it!

Hazel is the first to get moving again; she uses the apron to help get herself back up, then rounds the corner of the ring. She sees the fallen title belt, but doesn't seem interested. Instead, Hazel opts to go browsing for weapons under the ring and, after a short search, comes back up with a trash can in hand. She makes her way back around the corner and WHAP—gets a face full of the trash can's missing lid, courtesy of The Virgin Rose! Hazel somehow keeps her feet under her, but does wobble away and ends up leaning against the barricade, trying to shake the cobwebs out.

Roberts: Hazel really is tough as nails, huh?
Phoenix: Resilient, athletically gifted and hard to read. It's a strong combination!

Unrelenting in her offense, Rose rushes Hazel and sends both self and opponent crashing into the front row with a hard clothesline! Rose pops right back up, but seems to have lost sight of Hazel. She barks at the fans around her to help her find her quarry, but they either don't know or won't tell. Rose growls, shoves some audience members out of the way and steps back over the barricade where she retrieves her title belt. With no one left that she can legally beat up, The Virgin Rose moseys on over to the commentary desk, plunks down in a spare chair and picks up a guest headset. She gives Scott Phoenix a slap on the back.

Phoenix: Hey there, Rosie!
Rose: Scott ya old bastard, how's the commentary gig been treatin' ya?
Phoenix: Best job in the world, Rosie. Best job in the world.
Jeffrey: What the hell is this, some kinda indie circuit family reunion?!
Rose: Jesus christ, is that Ray Jeffrey?! How the hell have you not died of having every STI known to man at all times?
Jeffrey: How have you not died from inhaling 10 bottles worth of hairspray every day for the last 6 years?
Rose: Now, is that any way to talk to the 4CW Hardcore Champion, Ray?
*Rose holds her title up to Ray's face*
Rose: Ain't she a beaut?
Jeffrey: Yeah, right... where'd you get that thing anyway, a cereal box?

Hazel comes tumbling over barricade nearby, looking inexplicably worse-for-wear.

Rose: Speaking of cereal, here comes Fruit Loops, looking loopier than ever! Excuse me, gentlemen.

Rose grabs her title belt, removes herself from the commentary desk and strolls confidently—or over-confidently—toward her dazed opponent. A dazed Hazel desperately lashes out with a wild haymaker, catches Rose on the ear and causes her reel violently back, sending the belt flying out of her hands as she falls! The hardcore championship ends up back in the ring. Rose's rush of rage-fueled adrenaline brings her to her feet quickly and she manages to dodge Hazel's next strike. Rose swings a fist of her own but Hazel ducks, grabs Rose's arm and pulls her in to deliver a big forearm smash! Hazel follows up with a series of rapid-fire knife edge chops, and Rose is now on the defensive! Hazel puts in a quick kick to the gut, scoops Rose up and slams her back-first onto the apron! Hazel continues on from there by climbing up onto the apron and taking herself up to the top rope.

Phoenix: Looks like Hazel's got something big in the works!

Hazel's plans are scuppered when Rose scrambles her way into the ring, but Hazel is wholly undeterred—she shrugs, catches some big air and crashes down on the recovering Virgin Rose with a big cross body block!

Jeffrey: WOOHOO!! Hypersexual Batwoman, away!

Jason Trent slides in for a view of the shoulders...




Roberts: Hazel came so close to scoring herself a three-count!
Phoenix: If Rose doesn't find a way to shut Hazel down and control the pace, she's gonna get caught out eventually!

Hazel drags Rose onto her feet by the hair and gets a face full of fist for her troubles! Hazel ends up on spaghetti legs with a nosebleed to boot. As a collective "OOOOH" sounds out through the stands, Rose follows up with a kick to the gut, then hoists Hazel into a fireman's carry and brings her down into a brutal rib breaker!

Jeffrey: You were saying?
Phoenix: Pretty much everything pisses off Rose, but you especially don't mess with the mohawk!

Rose performs a throat-cut taunt, signalling for the end. She brazenly hauls Hazel up off the mat by the hair, returning the favour from moments ago. Rose steps behind her opponent, wraps one of Hazel's arms around her own throat and hoists her up high into a modified torture rack!

Phoenix: Stranglevine! Rose has seen success at many a house show with this very move!
Roberts: And it's locked in tight, right in the middle of the ring!

Hazel struggles with all her might, but seems to be fading fast. Referee Jason Trent moves in to start the arm-drop test, but ends up getting smacked in the face by the sudden, desperate kicking of Hazel's legs! Trent is down and out!

Jeffrey: Well that throws a wrench in things...

Rose keeps the hold locked in a little longer, but ultimately drops Hazel in favour of trying to wake the ref in her own unique. Finding little success in slapping the ever-loving shit out of a concussed senior referee, Rose tries the gentler approach of repeatedly nudging him with the toe of her boot. She gets a little movement out of Trent, but soon finds her arms being trapped from behind by Hazel!

Roberts: Nilswitch incoming!

With Rose's arms all hooked up, Hazel turns herself around but Rose struggles out and shoves Hazel away—right into a Crow DDT on the hardcore belt!! Rose moves to attack Jason, but Robert slides in behind her, spins her around and plants her face-first with a DDT of his own! The arena fills with a chorus of boos!

Phoenix: The Crow brothers! They couldn't leave it for one damn match!
jeffrey: Where'd these dudes even come from?!
Roberts: Outta the crowd, I think! Hey, maybe that's what happened to Hazel before—dragged off and attacked by them!
Phoenix: You might be right, James.

While Robert works on reviving the referee, Jason goes about dragging Rose on top of Hazel. It takes a few moments more, but referee Jason Trent crawls over to count...





In the same moment the bell rings, The Crows dump Hazel out of the ring and proceed to stomp the hell out of Rose! Jason continues on stomping while his brother rolls out to ringside and demands a live mic from an attendant. After receiving one, he shoves the attendant away and rolls back into the ring. Jason finally ceases his assault and stands side-by-side with Robert. Together, they address the barely-conscious hardcore champion while passing the mic back-and-forth between each other.

Robert Crow: No scraps for the birds, huh? Well look at you now!
Jason Crow: You've got a lot to learn about us Crows. The most important lesson is a simple one:  If you've got something shiny that we want, we'll take it!
Robert Crow: And if we have something shiny and you take it, we will get it back, by any means necessary!

Referee Jason Trent finally gets back on his feet, with the aid of the ropes and is met with a polite pop from the crowd. Robert Crow strolls over and damn near puts him right back down when he gives the wobbly-legged referee a "friendly" pat on the shoulder. From the middle of the ring, Jason Crow addresses the senior ref.

Jason Crow: Seeing as this match is now over, that means 24/7 is back on, right?

Trent nods his head and immediately regrets it for the headache it causes.

Satisfied with this response, Jason tosses the mic and grabs a hold of Rose. Working in tandem, the Crows yank their prey up off the mat and set her up for a double-DDT on the hardcore belt. But before they can follow through, Witch Hazel comes sliding into the ring behind them and delivers a pair of closed-fist nut shots, sending the brothers crumbling to the canvas as The Virgin Rose wriggles away!

Jeffrey: AY, NO! SUS HUEVOS!!!
Roberts: Those Spanish lessons are really working out, huh Ray?
Jeffrey: Cállate, Roberts!

Rose and Hazel exchange a look: Rose raises an eyebrow, unsure what to make of Hazel's actions; Hazel, unsurprisingly, offers only a big goofy grin in return, so Rose grabs the fallen mic and tries the verbal approach.

Rose: Uhhh... thanks for the save and all, and no offense but like.. why the hell'd ya do it?

Hazel merrily skips over to Rose, who seems to recoil in the face of such frolicking.

Hazel: Hazel hates bullies!
Rose: You kinda just saved one. But fuck it, let's have ourselves some fun!
Hazel: Yay! Whatcha got in mind?
Rose: You just grab that, uh, bully over there and show him what happens to lazy chucklefucks that wait for wounded prey!

Hazel skips over to Jason and gets him back on his feet; Rose does the same with Robert. At nearly the same time, Hazel spits her Brain Fog poison mist right in Jason Crow's face, while Rose lifts Robert up for a vertical suplex but sends him twisting down head-first onto her knee!

Phoenix: CHERRY POPPER!!! I knew ol' Rosie was working on some new tricks!

Jason Crow reels around blindly, throwing haymakers at thin air as Hazel and Rose silently avoid each swing. Together, they exit the ring and make their way up the ramp, both looking overjoyed at this turn of events. Jason, meanwhile, ends up throwing a punch so wild, he spins out and falls on his ass. He feels around on the mat for his fallen brother, but comes across the discarded mic instead. When he picks it up, his voice is seething with rage.

Jason Crow: Hey Rose! I know you're still here somewhere, so listen close:  What do you say to the idea of you and your creepy new friend taking us on properly, 2 on 2, tonight?! And hey, if you're half the bad-ass you fancy yourself to be, how about putting my Hardcore Championship on the line? If you fools somehow scrape together a win, the title stays on Rose's undeserving waist. If we win, it goes back around my waist where it belongs!

An attendant scurries over to offer Rose a mic, but Rose and Hazel come to an agreement quite quickly. Rose offers up two middle fingers in reply to Jason Crow, then switches to two thumbs up, and Hazel takes the mic.

Hazel: Apparently, that means "Fuck you, you're on" in her native tongue! 😄

And with that, Witch Hazel and The Virgin Rose make their exit, leaving the Crows to peck at their wounds.

Phoenix: Looks like we've got a highly unique match set for later in the show!
Jeffrey: Unless Sery says no.
Roberts: If there's any truth to what Rose said when she first walked out here, Sery will definitely approve!
Jeffrey: You really think she threatened or whooped the GM's ass and got away with it?
Phoenix: Why don't you head on backstage and call her out on it, Ray?
Jeffrey: ... 2 v 2 for the Hardcore singles title, tonight at Hardcore Hellfire!


Carson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

”Sweet True Lies” by Beast in Black hits the PA system.

Carson: Introducing first, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 120lbs… HOLLIE … HONEYSETT!!

Honeysett comes down the ramp in a black attire of shorts and sports top, with yellow accents on her boots and knee pads. She doesn’t have much time for hyping up the crowd as she is laser focused on getting to the ring for her debut match.

Phoenix: Hollie Honeysett makes her debut here tonight at Hardcore Hellfire. She’s from Detroit, Michigan and is a real talent. In her own words, “I’m every man’s dream and every girl’s nightmare” and she told 4CW cameras before the show that she is ready to show everyone how sickly sweet she is in-ring.
Jeffrey: Yeah, she’s sweet like honey but I assume if you piss her off, she will sting like a bee!
Roberts: She probably stings more like a wasp - I don’t think you need to antagonise her for her to strike!

Honesett rolls into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle, simulating pouring honey with her hands as she does so, then flips backwards back into the ring.

”Run For Cover” by Black Honey hits the PA system. Her opponent bursts out onto stage, with striking red hair tied into cornrows on one side and a jacket adorned with hawk feathers.

Carson: And her opponent, from Austin, Texas, weighing in at 124lbs… AMELIAAAAA… WARHAWK!!

Phoenix: And here comes Amelia Warhawk; a great talent who 4CW picked up after scouring the indy scene for the best talent in the world. Warhawk is brash and bold and will bring the fight to anyone. Her no-nonsense attitude has given her quite the name in the wrestling stratosphere and she will look to make her mark tonight in 4CW!
Roberts: The recent influx of talent has enriched 4CW like you wouldn’t believe and I can’t wait to see what these two have to offer!
Jeffrey: And Warhawk looks like a lady you don’t wanna mess with.

Warhawk cries her war cry at the bottom of the ramp and slides into the ring. She removes the jacket, climbs the top rope and extends her arms out like a hawk in flight. She then jumps back down and turns to face her opponent. Referee Anna Molly does her pre-match checks then calls for the bell.

Singles match
Hollie Honeysett vs Amelia Warhawk

The two competitors go through the motions of the opening with a sidehead lock to an Irish whip to a clothesline from both of them taking up the first minute. Hollie then takes down Warhawk with a snapmare and follows through with a basement dropkick. Honeysett then gets up and hits a standing moonsault. She covers for one… two… NO! KICKOUT!

Phoenix: Hollie Honeysett is bringing the fight!
Jeffrey: She knows the best defence is a good offence!

Hollie picks up Warhawk and whips her into the corner. Hollie unleashes some knife edge chops, then takes a running start for a corner clothesline. Hollie follows her momentum into a bulldog and covers again! ONE… TWO… Kickout!!

Phoenix: That was a close one!
Roberts: Warhawk needs to recover from her poor start fast before she reaches the point of no return.

Hollie lifts up Warhawk and takes her out with a DDT. Hollie then signals for a Tornado DDT to finish off Warhawk. Hollie gets in position on the turnbuckle, sets up Warhawk - who counters and lifts Hollie into the air slamming her down with a powerbomb. Warhawk covers. ONE… TWO… Kickout!!

Phoenix: Nice counter from Warhawk but the match continues!

Warhawk hooks Hollie up for a snap suplex and immediately follows up with a dropkick to her face. Warhawk then jumps over the ropes to the apron, lines up Hollie, then springboards up and off the top rope with a crossbody. Cover. ONE… TWO… Kickout!

Warhawk sends Honeysett to the ropes. Honesett ducks a clothesline and hits a SUPERKICK!! Honeysett sends Warhawk to the corner. She sets her up for the Tornado DDT - but no, Warhawk breaks free! Warhawk takes out Honeysett with a missile dropkick! She then climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits the SWANTOM BOMB!!


Carson: Here is your winner… AMELIA …. WARHAWK!!

Phoenix: It was a good back-and-forth affair but on the night, it’s Amelia Warhawk who walks away with the big victory!
Jeffrey: She’s certainly proven she is a force to be reckoned with - I can’t wait to see what’s next for her!

Warhawk celebrates in the ring as we cut to a break.


We go backstage, where 4CW newcomer Richard Estevez is standing by with Gabriel Crowe. Estevez is decked out with gold chains and shades.

Crowe: Richard Estevez, tonight you are scheduled to go one on one with Quentin Cosmo. Now, it’s been clear as day to see Cosmo bad mouthing you on social media. He claims he has travelled to the future and that he’s seen your career leads nowhere, do you have anything to say in response?

Estevez: Only one thing, brother. I do my talking in the ring. Cosmo, I’ll see you out there.

Estevez leaves without another word. We cut back to the ring where ”Bad News” by Aries hits the PA system,

Carson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall… introducing first, from Orange County, California, weighing in at 220lbs, he is RICHARD … ESTEVEEEZ!!

Phoenix: One of 4CW’s newest acquisitions, Richard Estevez will be out to prove himself tonight! He is scheduled to face Quentin Cosmo and a victory over the multiple time Hardcore Champion would not be a bad way to start off your career here in 4CW!
Jeffrey: That’s true, but let’s not write off Quentin Cosmo just yet! He’s built quite a resume in his short time here!
Roberts: I’ve seen his work on the indies and this man is not one to underestimate either!

Estevez makes his way down to the ring, with some dry ice and the backdrop of city streets giving his entrance a particularly urban vibe. Estevez gets in the ring and waits for his opponent’s music to hit.

Suddenly, the titantron flashes to life. Quentin Cosmo is on screen, dressed in full camo and a sun hat on. He seems to be standing in some kind of jungle.

Cosmo: Oh, hey! Hope this is coming through alright! I’m sorry to tell you, Richard Estevez, that my holiday just so happened to clash with our scheduled match! If only I had seen this coming!

Phoenix: Oh, come on!

Cosmo: Right now, I can’t wrestle you because… well I’m stuck in the Amazonian Wilds in the year 1542… so, yeah… maybe next time… but don’t fret! I’ve used my time machine to give you an absolutely LEGENDARY opponent tonight… here he is…from Earth 219…

”Big Shot” by BIlly Joel hits the PA system…

Phoenix: Wait a minute…
Roberts: There’s no way…

There is a massive pop as ROG RODDICK comes out from the curtain.

Carson: And his opponent, from Earth 219… ROG … RODDICK!!

Phoenix: It is! We haven’t seen Rog Roddick for a long time!
Roberts: Technically, we’ve never seen THIS Rog Roddik before! He isn’t OUR Rog, he’s a Rog from another universe.
Jeffrey: Ok, seriously, before you melt my brain… just shut up, Roberts!

Rog Roddick enters the ring and Estevez looks exasperated by Cosmo’s excuses not to face him. Nevertheless, Estevez shrugs and continues his warm up. When Roddick is ready, dressed in completely white tennis gear, the referee Anna Molly shrugs and calls for the bell!

Hardcore Match
Richard Estevez vs Rog Roddick (from Earth 219)

The match starts with Estevez and Roddick exchanging back and forth strikes. It goes pretty evenly for a while, until a nasty forearm from Estevez rocks Roddick and he gets the advantage. Estevez hits a few more forearms and then takes out Roddick with a Facebuster Suplex, but he only gets a two count in the first pinfall attempt of the match.

The next key moment comes when Roddick takes down Estevez with a single leg takedown, and follows up with an Armbar Lariat, working on the arm. For the next couple of minutes, Roddick continues to focus on the arm as he brawls with Estevez around the ring. Estevez finally gets a break from the onslaught when he throws out and hits a clean superkick on the chin of Roddick, getting himself a two count.

Estevez sends Roddick to the corner, but Roddick reverses and sends Estevez on the journey instead. Roddick then runs up with a corner clothesline! As Estevez stumbles out of the corner, he is hit with a German Suplex, which Roddick then follows with an extra bridge pin for ONE … TWO … KICKOUT!!

Estevez rolls to the outside and Roddick follows him, whipping him into the barricade for goo measure. Roddick tries to send Estevez to the steel steps, but Estevez blocks and takes out Roddick with a clothesline. He follows this up with a DDT!!

Estevez lifts Roddick and sets him up for a vertical suplex. He lifts Roddick in the air and delay the landing - but this turns out to backfire as Roddick sways and lands on his feet and chop blocks Estevez from behind! Estevez is quick to his feet but eats a clothesline from Roddick, following by a Full Nelson Suplex flush on the outside of the ring!

Roddick goes to the apron and pulls out a kendo stick. He hits Estevez across the back a few times, who recoils in agony trying to escape the shots. Eventually, Estevez gets sick of getting hit and fights through with a bunch of strikes. Roddick retreats, dropping the stick. Estevez takes him down with another clothesline!

Estevez picks up the kendo stick and unleashes strike after strike, six, seven, eight until the kendo stick snaps clean in two, splinters flying everywhere! Estevez throws Roddick back into the ring. One last attempt at an attack from Roddick leads to a Uranage from Estevez!

Estevez goes up top, lines up his opponent and hits a big ELBOW DROP!! Estevez follows up with the Fireman’s Carry Cutter, which he calls the EAT CURB!! ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Carson: Here is your winner… RICHARD … ESTEVEEEZ!!

Phoenix: Well his opponent was - literally - out of this world, but Richard Estevez pulls off an impressive victory tonight!
Jeffrey: Great. Now please, no more universe bending or my brain might start bleeding again!

Estevez celebrates his victory inside the ring with the crowd as we cut to a break.


Carson: The following contest is a hardcore tag team match scheduled for one fall!

"Bloodline (HEALTH remix)" by Northlane hits the PA system.

Carson: Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 124lbs … KAYLA … MAMAAAA … MERRILL!!

”Live to Tell” by Lacuna Coil hits the PA system.

Carson: And her tag team partner, from St Louis, Missouri, weighing in at 170lbs… INDIGOOOO … VELDA!!

Phoenix: Here come two fresh 4CW talent that will look to make an impression tonight!
Jeffrey: And it doesn’t come with a much bigger impression than facing off against the Tag Champions themselves!

”GodMode Domination” by Turboslash starts up but ultimately blends in with the volume of the raucous capacity crowd!. Together, the headless horsewomen raise their pumpkins high and shake them in a headbanging motion, hyping up the fans even more! In tandem, Paige and Kinzy shed their sci-fi riders' garb, hop down off the horse and make their way to the ring—all the while slapping the outstretched hands of their cheering fans.

Carson: And their opponents, hailing from The Dark Side of Neontario... weighing in at a combined weight of 264lbs... they are the reigning 4CW Tag Team Champions... KINZY KANE AND PILGRIM PAIGE... the team of NEON MOOOOOON!!!

Phoenix: And here come the tag champions! At Gallows End, they retained the titles against Umbra Maxima! Now they must go hardcore to take on Kayla Merrill and Indigo Velda in non-title action!

Tag Team Hardcore Match
Neon Moon vs Kayla Merrill & Indigo Velda

It is a big test for the rookies. Indigo Velda starts the match with Pilgrim Paige. The two go back and forth but Velda’s weight and strength advantage soon puts her in the driver’s seat. Velda starts to manhandle Paige, throwing her around the ring and whipping her into the corner, using quick tags with the smaller and more agile Kayla Merrill.

Paige fights her way out of the corner and takes down Merrill with a clothesline. She follows it up with a Moon-O-Matic for a two count. Paige sends Merrill into Neon Moon’s corner and tags in Kinzy. They hit tandem dropkicks and Kinzy makes the cover, but only gets two. Kinzy and Merrill go back and forth with snapmares and armdrags until Kinzy gets the advantage with the Sonic Screwdriver Reverse Hurricanrana for another two count that is broken up by Velda. This brings Paige into the ring who clotheslines Velda to the outside! Paige follows this up with a suicide dive on the outside!

On the outside, Paige picks up Velda but Velda reverses and throws Paige into the barricade. Velda flips the apron up and pulls out a kendo stick! Soon, all semblance of control in this tag match is thrown out the window as Kinzy dropkicks Merill from the apron to the outside! Eventually, all four women end up brawling on the outside near the announce tables!

Kinzy takes down Merrill with a dropkick while Paige picks up a baseball bat that had rolled out from under the apron. She takes out Velda with it and then sets her up on the announce table! Climbing the turnbuckle, Paige dives off for a moonsault - but Velda moves out of the way and Paige eats table!!

Kinzy and Merill end up inside the ring, as Merrill throws Kinzy inside. Merrill sets up Kinzy for a Queen Suplex. On the outside, Velda picks up Paige for a powerbomb! It seems like all is lost for Neon Moon as Velda hits the powerbomb but inside the ring, Kinzy reverses and lands on her feet. She takes out Merrill with a BLADE RUNNER then rolls her up! ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Carson: Here are your winners… NEOOON … MOOOON!!

After the match, Paige and Kinzy regroup and celebrate their victory with the crowd. Velda grabs Merrill and pulls her out of the ring while Kinzy helps Paige to her feet.

Phoenix: It was a hard fought victory against some new blood here in 4CW! Neon Moon gain momentum coming out of Gallows End!

Neon Moon celebrates as we cut to a commercial break.


When we return, we cut backstage where Gabriel Crowe is on interviewing duty. His guest is the woman who just won her match before the break.

Crowe: Everyone, I am joined right now by Amelia Warhawk. Amelia, it was a great performance for you tonight and you picked up a victory - but what can we expect from you going forward in 4CW?

Warhawk: It’s great to be here, Gabriel! I’m so pleased with my victory. What can you expect from The Warhawk going forward? More of the same, Gabriel, more of the same! See, I’ve looked up to 4CW icons such as Stardust and Pilgrim Paige all my life and tonight, my own journey has started. I’m not here just to be here, I’m here to be the best. I’ll work my way up and one day, that 4CW World Championship will be mine… but that’s talk for another day, right now I just -

Warhawk is distracted by a slow clap as Indigo Velda steps into the scene. Warhawk looks annoyed by this unwelcome interruption.

Velda: Oscar-worthy speech, really.

Warhawk looks at Velda up and down. Velda is significantly bigger, but Warhawk doesn’t back down.

Warhawk: Can I help you?
Velda: Well, I just noticed that you seem to be on the same road in 4CW as me… and unfortunately, this road only has room for one ride.
Warhawk: Then it’s a good thing I’m already on the road, sister.
Velda: You’re funny… but I’m not in a laughing mood.

Warhawk steps closer to Velda so they are nose to nose.

Warhawk: I’m going to walk away now… and I suggest you think long and hard before starting something and biting off more than you can chew. See you around, Indigo.

Warhawk leaves and Indigo Velda watches on, not looking pleased as we cut back to the arena and Michael Carson.

Carson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a STREET FIGHT!!

”Ravenous” by Killswitch Engage hits the PA system. The boos flood the arena as Eli Waters steps onto the stage.

Carson: Introducing first, representing The Black Flame from Newport, Wales, weighing in at 231lbs … THE HORIZON … ELIIIII … WATERS!!

Phoenix: At Gallows End, Antivists defeated The Black Flame in a street fight to capture the Franchise Championship! Well, it seems Waters isn’t happy wit that result and has demanded a one on one rematch with Moxie - Moxie agreed, on the terms this would also be a street fight!
Jeffrey: She knows what she likes!
Phoenix: Ray!
Jeffrey: What?

Waters gets into the ring,then pulls out a pair of brass knucks and slides them onto his fingers.

Jeffrey: And it looks like Waters has come prepared for a good fist--
Phoenix: DON’T.
Jeffrey: Aw, you’re no fun sometimes.

”Antivist” by Bring MeThe Horizon hits the PA system. To a raucous roar of approval from the crowd comes Erica Moxie and she hasn’t come alone as she carries a steel chair in hand!

Phoenix: Looks like Waters isn’t the only one prepared tonight!

Street Fight
Eli Waters vs Erica Moxie

Waters and Moxie don’t waste their time pretending they are going to start a technical affair, and immediately start exchanging strikes. Moxie hits knife edge chops repeatedly while Waters retaliates with some right hands and forearms. Eventually, Waters’ strength takes the advantage and Moxie falls to one knee, and eats a spinning back fist! Moxie falls down and Waters makes the cover! ONE … TWO … NO! Moxie is not done yet!

Phoenix: A brutal exchange between these two warriors but Waters won out the battle! The war, however, is just beginning!

Waters wears down Miss Moxie with a snap suplex and follows it up with some standing elbow drops to the sternum. A quick cover gives Waters another two count! Waters grabs Moxie and sends her to the corner. He chases after her with a corner clothesline! And then follows up with a belly-to-belly suplex! Another cover! ONE … TWO … NO!!

Jeffrey: Waters is dominating the opening moments!

Waters continues to dominate the next few minute as Moxie is unable to gain back any momentum. Waters keeps her down with a selection of lariats and suplexes and any time she came close to a reversal or getting something back, Waters would cheat with a rake to the eyes or a cheap shot.

At one point, Waters was pummelling Moxie in the corner. Despite the Hardcore nature of the match and the fact that there were no rules, the referee got between them, giving Moxie a chance to stumble away. While the referee gives Waters a lecture he does not want to hear, Moxie exposes the turnbuckle on the opposite side of the ring.

Waters sees her meddling and pushes past the referee to attack Moxie. Moxie trips Waters with a drop toe hold, and he bashes his face directly into the exposed turnbuckle!! Moxie rolls out of the ring and folds up a steel chair from ringside, bringing it back into the ring with her.

Moxie lines up Waters and slams him in the gut with the steel chair! Waters keels over, and gets a shot to the back! Waters falls to his knees and Moxie goes wild, with repeated shots to the back with the steel chair until Waters is a slumped mess on the mat!

Finally, Moxie drops the steel chair. She then picks up Waters and lines him up directly over the steel chair, hooking him up for the Moxie Massacre - but no, Waters breaks one arm ffree and stick his thumb and finger blindy into Moxie’s eye, blinding her in turn.

Waters gets out of Moxie’s grip and assesses his situation. He runs backwards to the ropes for leverage then charges forward and hits the blind Moxie with Brogue Kick!!

Phoenix: The Death of Injustice! That’s gotta be it!! ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Carson Here is your winner… THE HORIZON … ELI … WATERS!!

Phoenix: It’s been a very good night for The Black Flame tonight! The Liberation have earned a tag title shot and Eli Waters just pulled off a thunderous victory over Erica Moxie!
Jeffrey: Being the assholes that they are, you hate to see it! But no-one can deny the talent they possess!
Roberts: It was a battle for the ages but The Black Flame has scorched the path to victory!

Eli Waters uses the ropes to help him back to his feet as he raises his arm in victory. He wipes the blood out of his eyes and rolls out of the ring, raising his arms in victory on the ramp one more time as we cut to a break.


The opening guitar lines of Pantera's "Cowboys from Hell" pan around the arena (accompanied by a chorus of boos from the crowd) before joining in together as the drums and bass kick in. Robert Crow appears on the stage with a steel chair in one hand; he's soon followed by his brother, Jason, who strolls out onto the stage holding a kendo stick and looking like he can't wait to use it.

Robert: These Crow brothers have such huge chips on their shoulders, I'm surprised the they haven't broken their clavicles!
Phoenix: Y'know, I have to admit I don't know too much about the Crow boys. They keep to themselves mostly, and on the rare occasion I talk to 'em round the catering tables, they definitely lack a certain charm.
Jeffrey: I've never seen them at catering. I always imagined they hang back and pick at the scraps after the crowds disperse!
Phoenix: Comical.

On a mission of destruction, the brothers ignore any crowd response and stomp on down to the ring, completely focused.

Carson: The following tornado tag team contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the 4CW Hardcore Championship! A victory for Witch Hazel and The Virgin Rose means Rose retains, regardless of which team member scores the fall. A Murder of Crows victory means the title is awarded to Jason Crow. Introducing first, weighing in at a combined weight of 496lbs... the team of Robert and Jason Crow... MURDER OF CROOOWS!!

The Crow brothers slide into the ring and eyeball Carson for a long, tense moment before standing aside and awaiting their opponents.

Jeffrey: Weird way to compete for a singles title, but the whole 4CW hardcore scene is weird, so fuck it!
Phoenix: Oh it's gonna be unique, and—just like I said about the singles match earlier—it's gonna get ugly!

For the second time tonight, the house lights darken and the stage lighting changes to dark red. Anaal Nathrakh's "Forward!" creeps its way into the speakers and then, when the drums kick in, a colourless spotlight follows The Virgin Rose as she steps out from guerrilla, pushing an entire shopping cart full of potential weapons. She looks surprised when her crowd response is much warmer this time, but her expression quickly changes to bemusement when she sees Witch Hazel come skipping up beside her, grinning from ear to ear. Rose appears momentarily appears to be feeling nauseated, but she musters her resolve and turns her attention on Jason Crow instead.

Jeffrey: And here comes the most mismatched pair since toothpaste and orange juice!
Roberts: Hey, I kinda like that combo!
Jeffrey: I know you do, James. *shudder*
Phoenix: Ol' Rosie looked like she was about to lose her lunch over Hazel skipping up to her like a wood sprite, but who knows? 4CW has been home to some successful odd couple pairings throughout its long history: Back in '07, we saw Mike Nichols and Supreme put their rivalry aside, team up and win the tag titles; looking back at their early days, Brian White and Tommy Young couldn't have been more different, but they grew as people and competitors together, and they've seen great success as individual competitors and as a team; and, of course, there's us three fools sitting here together, right now! Just 'cause it "shouldn't" work, doesn't mean it can't or won't!

As Michael Carson opens his mouth to introduce the champ and her partner, The Virgin Rose pulls a presumably live mic out of her cart.

Rose: I got this one, Mikey.

Carson throws his hands up in the air and—seemingly forgetting his mic is still live—addresses senior referee Anna Molly, who seems eager to start calling the impending match.

Carson: Why do I even bother if these assholes are—

He hears his voice resonate through the arena and audibly gulps in realisation, just a moment too late; the fans chuckle.

Rose: Calm yourself, friend. I'm not the type to hang around your dressing room and wait for you after this match is over.

Carson visibly gulps.

And besides, you're right: I am an asshole! And these little birdies right here—

She points at Jason and Robert.

Rose: —are gonna find out what it's like to be the ones getting shit on!

All out of patience, the Crow brothers exit the ring and begin making their way up the ramp to throw down with their newfound rivals. Rose aggressively pushes the cart down the ramp, but both brothers dodge aside just in time, leaving it to crash into the ring apron. It topples onto its side, resulting in some of its contents ending up strewn on the floor. They proceed up the ramp together, fixated on the weaponless champ... completely forgetting about Hazel, who leaps onto the barricade, takes off like a shot and knocks both brothers on their asses with a diving double clothesline!


Roberts: I guess it's officially on, then! This one's off to a wild start, and half the competitors haven't even touched canvas!
Phoenix: They don't have to!
Jeffrey: Yeah baby! I love the chaos!

Rose makes her way on down to ringside and begins rummaging through the random items in and around the toppled cart. She pulls out a broom handle, turns toward the recovering Robert Crow and cracks it in half across his back! Hazel seems delighted with this outcome, so she decides to take a turn rifling through the contents of the sidelong cart. Meanwhile, Rose stomps a mudhole in the former hardcore champ.

Phoenix: Not since Phil McGroin has the hardcore championship seen such a suitable wearer in The Virgin Rose! Hard-hitting and tough as nails!

Hazel's search turns up a worse-for-wear Licky plush, a result that has Hazel shrieking in joy as she hugs the soft toy tightly to her body. This yields an "aw" from the otherwise bloodthirsty hardcore crowd.

Roberts: Looks like Hazel just found an old friend! Did she lose OG Licky plush, by chance?
Phoenix: No, I saw her lugging that thing around with her backstage before the show. It fell out of her gym bag, then she fawned over it like a worried mother and put a Spider-Man band-aid on it.
Jeffrey: So why's she so hyped about this one?

Seeing that Hazel has gotten lost in a world of her own, Rose stomps over to her and tries to snap her out of it. Her efforts bear no fruit, and this distraction affords the Crow brothers the chance to collect themselves and silently strategize. Jason sneaks up behind Rose and takes her off her feet with a vicious chop block, and when Hazel looks up to see what's happening, Robert rushes her and rams her into spine-first against the apron! The Licky plush falls to the floor, right back where it came from.

Roberts: Crows are back in it!

Jason locates his fallen kendo stick and directs Robert to find his discarded chair. In tandem, the Crows raise their respective weapons and swing them down hard across their opponents' backs! Jason couldn't be happier with the yelp of pain that escapes Rose's lips, so he proceeds to go ham with his kendo stick, thwacking away at the small of Rose's back until it welts!! The crowd "oohs" along with each strike. Once Rose stops moving, Jason drops down beside her and shoots the half...




Jeffrey: Man, that was brutal!
Phoenix: Credit where it's due, Rose is tough as nails and will prove to be harder to put down than the Crows may think!

Frustrated, Jason turns his attention to Robert and Hazel, the latter of whom is lying on the floor nearby. Robert busies himself with setting up his chair at ringside; he then puts Hazel upright in the chair. Robert directs his brother to climb up onto the apron; Jason immediately catches on to Robert's thinking and hops up, kendo stick in hand. With rueful laughter, Jason Crow leaps off the apron and barely misses his brother's head as Hazel thrashes her way out of Robert's grasp! Instead of his target, Jason's kendo stick strikes the top of the chair at full-force, causing him to drop it. He makes a desperate grab for Hazel, but she rakes her pointed fingernails across his face, scratching him badly and drawing blood! Robert retrieves the stick and takes a wild swing, but Hazel's dodge causes him to accidentally knock the wind out of his brother!

Jeffrey: Yeesh!
Phoenix: Jason Crow may be regretting his choice of weapon tonight!

Robert gives chase as Hazel turns away and takes off running. She leaps up onto the ring steps and barely avoids another swing of the kendo stick, jumping off to relatively safety beside her downed partner.

Robert: What a series of close calls for Hazel!
Phoenix: This Jason Crow has been in a rage since Rose got that title off him, and all the more since Hazel got involved in his business. Seems there's nothing he won't do to get it back!

Hazel appears to have injured her leg on the way down, and finds herself unable to continue running. Robert seizes his opportunity: He climbs up the ring steps and dives off, only to be blindsided as The Virgin Rose pushes up off the floor and takes him out with a stop sign!! The SMACK echoes through the arena!

Jeffrey: WOO! Outta nowhere! I didn't even see her grab that!
Robert: That was one hell of a strike! I guess that's one Crow that shouldn't have taken flight!
Jeffrey: Shut up, Roberts!

Rose picks up the kendo stick and casually strolls over to Jason, who's on his hands and knees at the bottom of the ramp and trying to catch his breath. Rose grabs hold of the nearest cameraman and gives the 4CW Universe a close-up of her badly welted back. With unbridled glee, The Virgin Rose raises the stick high above her head and enacts rapid-fire revenge on Jason Crow, blow after blow hammering down on his back!

Jeffrey: WOOOO BABY!!!
Phoenix: Turnabout's fair play! Ol' Rosie's bringin' the heat and dishing out receipts like she's on shift at Starbucks!
Roberts: What a terrible thought... I sure as hell wouldn't want her for a barista!

Hazel, meanwhile, skips over from the neighbouring part of ringside and goes digging through the cart again. An "OOOH" ripples through the arena when she turns up a clear tupperware container that's filled to the brim with thumbtacks!

Roberts: Well now this match is gonna get even uglier!

Witch Hazel rolls into the ring and happily dumps out all the tacks in the middle of the ring. Her merriment is disrupted with a loud CRACK when Robert Crow slides in and hits her right across the shoulders with his steel chair!! He then spots all the tacks strewn about nearby, likes what he sees and drops his chair. Wasting no time, Robert Crow places Hazel in a standing headscissors, pulls her up high round the waist and sends her crashing down with a POWERBOMB on the tacks!!!

Jeffrey: WOOHOOHOO!!!
Phoenix: GOOD LORD!!!

Hearing the impact, Rose rouses from her vengeful trance and rolls into the ring, kendo stick at the ready. Robert has to trudge through some outlying tacks to head her off, and in doing so he manages to knock the stick out of her hands and out of the ring altogether. Undeterred, Rose proceeds to throw fists and forearms, fearlessly slugging it out with her larger opponent. She holds out a while, but Robert's size and strength win out: Eventually, he launches a successful flurry and caps it off by grabbing a fistful of Rose's mohawk and delivering a hard knee strike to the abdomen! Robert follows up by throwing Rose into the near corner and kicking away at her ribs. Careful of the tacks, he backs up a ways, gets a good running start and smacks against the turnbuckle as Rose evades his clothesline! Jason stumbles out of the corner, Rose hits the ropes and the two crash into one another by both trying for a crossbody block!

Roberts: Both competitors are down! We've had quite a struggle for the upper hand in this match, huh?
Phoenix: No doubt, and I think the thing that'll break it rests on the matter of whose partner can get back in this thing first.
Jeffrey: Well, I can't see Hazel getting back up anytime soon! She's basically a sentient pincushion now, and out cold!

As if hearing Ray Jeffrey's comments, Hazel can be heard laughing like a madwoman. A moment later, she can be seen sliding her outstretched arms and legs up and down along the mat, right through the field of tacks, giggling all the while...

Roberts: What the hell is she doing?! Making a snow angel?!
Jeffrey: A tacks angel, in this case, I guess. She likes it! She likes it and I like that she likes it!
Roberts: Ugh!
Phoenix: Y'know, no one ever accused Hazel of playing with a full deck. And to be fair, I'm sure there's a great deal of adrenaline involved here. But just the same, I'll be damned if that don't trump all!

The crowd comes together for a chant of "HAZEL'S HARDCORE [clap, clap, clap-clap-clap]"—a chant that motivates Hazel to sit up (in defiance of all decent sense) into a seated position. She then crawls to the ropes and uses them to work her way back up to a vertical base. This proves a laborious, slow-moving task but upon succeeding, the crowd swaps the chanting for a round of applause, marvelling at Hazel's remarkable endurance. In getting vertical, the damage done by Robert Crow becomes painfully obvious: Hazel's mostly exposed arms and legs, as well as her partially exposed back and buttocks, now make up a pale minefield of silvery tacks—a colour scheme that is offset only by her skimpy black attire and the many trickles of bright red blood running down from some of the tacks. Less visible are the tacks stuck into the ring gear itself, most noticeable from how they glint in certain light.

Phoenix: All that and she's back up on her feet! Just unreal!
Roberts: And she's not even up for a title win; she's just here to fight beside someone she just met... and fought!

The crowd switches from cheers to boos when Jason Crow also manages to get back up, leaning heavily against the ring apron. He looks around ringside, finding only discarded weapons, but soon lays eyes on Rose and Robert in the ring, both of whom are still lying nearby after knocking the wind out of one another. Cautious of his inflamed lower back, Jason gingerly slides into the ring.

Jeffrey: Here comes trouble!

When Jason rises to his feet, he finally lays eyes on Hazel; he looks her up and down, does a double-take and shakes his head in disbelief. But this moment of bewilderment quickly passes and it's right back to business for Jason Crow: He silently sneaks up behind Hazel, spins her around and takes her out with the Crow DDT! Referee Anna Molly slides into position for the cover...




Jason gets hit in the head when Rose grabs Robert's chair and throws it at him, breaking up the pin in true hardcore fashion! Jason Crow looks stunned for a moment, then flops face-first on the mat!

Jeffrey: Ahahahaha!! She sniped him!
Phoenix: I'm glad you find this all so amusing, Ray.
Jeffrey: Not all of it, but come on! You can't tell me that wasn't funny!

Rose tries to get back up off the mat, only for Robert to grab hold of her leg, pull her back toward him and deliver yet more damage to the back with a series of clubbing blows. He then folds the seat of his chair down and props it up in the middle of the ring. For the second time tonight, he grabs a hold of Rose's hair, but this time it doesn't go his way: When Robert gets Rose back up on her feet, she struggles free and kicks him square in the balls!!

Jeffrey: Eep! *shudders*
Roberts: You okay, Ray? What gives?
Jeffrey: Felt that shit from here! Something a Ken doll like you could never understand, James!

Seizing the opening, Rose locks Robert Crow in a side headlock, faces the ropes and performs a springboard, driving Robert Crow face-first into the mat with a vicious bulldog! Rose crawls into a lateral press and hooks the far leg...




Robert Crow kicks out just shy of three! Rose doesn't seem to care—if anything, she looks thrilled that she gets to dish out more punishment. Determined to up the ante, she rolls out of the ring and goes searching under the ring. Before long, she pulls out a table! The crowd very much approves of this choice.

Jeffrey: Now we're talkin'!
Phoenix: Business is about to pick up!

The defending champ props the table up against the ring apron to make it easier tohoist it in under the ropes. After getting the table in the ring, Rose slides in alongside it and

Roberts: EVENFLOW DDT!!!

gets driven face-first onto the table by Jason Crow!!

Jeffrey: Oh she's done for!!
Roberts: Jason Crow popped up off the mat and ran over there so fast, I have to think he was playing possum for a bit there! Hell of a play!

Jason drags his limp, prone opponent off the table and shoots the half...




Hazel grabs one of Anna Molly's legs and pulls her back to where she can't get eyes on Rose's shoulders! The senior referee isn't happy about it, but with no damage done and Hazel playing nice about it, she backs off the issue easily enough.

Phoenix: Great save there by Hazel! Say what you like about her, she's turning into a veteran of the game: She knew exactly where she was in that ring and used the best available tactic in that moment.

This little play is the breaking point for Jason Crow: He rushes Hazel and clotheslines her over the top rope with such force, he tumbles out to the floor with her! At the same time, Robert Crow gets back into this thing and takes a turn trying to cover Rose, hooking both her legs in the process...




Wasting no time, Robert yanks Rose onto her feet, whips her off the ropes and spins her out with a high-octane tit-a-whirl slam! Another cover!




Roberts: You weren't lying when you called Rose tough as nails, Scott!
Phoenix: Always been that way, as long as I've known her. The Crows may have to knock her out to get a 3-count!

The younger Crow looks frustrated, but his determination keeps him from giving Rose time to recover. He decides to change tactics: He drop to one knee at Rose's head, sits her upright, props his chair up against her back and places his raised knee against the chair. With this done, Robert Crow locks Rose into a modified camel clutch, wrenching away on the neck and doing plenty of extra damage with the chair pressing tight against her aching, burning back! Referee Anna Molly is soon right there beside him, ready to make a call as needed, and Rose appears to be fading fast!

Jeffrey: Hey that's pretty smart! What were you saying about knocking Rose out, Scotty?
Phoenix: I'm inclined to agree, Ray. That's one hell of a hardcore hold, and it might just be the way to put Rose down!

At ringside, Jason recovers from his tumble to find Hazel using the barricade to help herself up. He comes up behind her, grabs her by the hair and repeatedly clubs away at her tack-filled back! Hazels adrenaline-aided laughter from earlier is now long gone; now, the only sounds escaping her lips are howls of pain. Jason Crow is very much satisfied with his handiwork, or he is until the irate crowd throws all manner of negativity at him: At that point, he laughs even harder and announces to the first row that he could do worse. And no sooner does he say it than he acts on it: With a sinister expression, Jason Crow sets about pressing his thumbs against a pair of tacks, forcing them deeper into Hazel's skin!!!

Phoenix: MY DAYS!! What a sick bastard this elder Crow is!

Jason seems to think the sea of scowling faces and jeering voices is hilarious. Intent on putting the nail in Hazel's coffin, he spins her around and grabs an arm. In one smooth motion, he pulls her toward him, hoists her up in a standing fireman's carry and suffers a face rake courtesy of Hazel's pointed nails!

Roberts: That's now both Crow brothers who know the sting of cat scratch fever!

Hazel wriggles free of Jason's grasp, drops back down onto her feet and backs away from him. With a full head of steam, Hazel knocks Jason Crow into next week with a shotgun dropkick, sending him flying backward! Jason hits the barricade spine-first, causing him to cry out in pain as it aggravates his still-fresh welts!

Jeffrey: WOO! The Lunatic Minge strikes again! Talk about "Turnabout's fair play!"

With Jason down, one would expect Hazel to turn her attention to what's happening with her partner. Instead, Hazel goes on a search around ringside, determinedly looking for something. Before long, Hazel pulls the Licky plush out of the wreckage at the bottom of the ramp.

Roberts: What the hell is she doing?! Doesn't she realise her partner's in trouble?
Phoenix: It's hard to tell what goes on in Hazel's head at the best of times, let alone when distractions abound!

As if to once again defy the commentary team, Hazel hops up on the apron and climbs to the top turnbuckle, just out of view of Robert Crow.

Hazel: CAW, CAW!!

Robert turns his head to the sound of Hazel's crowing just as she leaps into the air; he releases his hold and tries to get out of the way, but Hazel swings her arm wide and smacks him in the head with.. her plush toy! For some unknown reason, Robert Crow drops like a sack of potatoes! The crowd roars!

Jeffrey: Uhhh... hey, what gives?!

Hazel holds the Licky plush aloft, dramatically undoes a hidden zipper and pulls a small brick out from where stuffing should be!

Phoenix: Well there's your answer, Ray! That's not Licky, it's Bricky!
Jeffrey: Riiight... as if that's a totally normal thing everyone knows about!
Roberts: I guess Hazel isn't quite as aloof tonight as I'd imagined!

With Robert Crow out cold, Hazel casually stands on his chest as a form of pin cover...



Rose pushes Hazel off of Robert, which briefly causes a verbal spar until Rose says something to Hazel (unheard to us) that appears to pique her interest. And with that, the odd-couple teammates work together to set up the table in a standing position near a corner that's well away from Robert... and right where a whole lotta tacks still are!! Rose then exits the ring and grabs a hold of the still-dazed Jason Crow.

Roberts: Oh Rose has got something big planned for Jason Crow!
Jeffrey: Well of course she does, Roberts! She wants to make a statement, and I'm here for it!
Phoenix: Not sure it was wise to interrupt that pin, but it doesn't look like Robert Crow is getting up anytime soon!

Working together with Hazel, Rose makes quick work of getting Jason right where she wants him: with his feet on the middle rope, facing the crowd. Rose then slinks her way up between Jason's legs to get into the same position, but in front, so that all he can see is the back of her head. With considerable effort and a whole lotta adrenaline, The Virgin Rose hoists Jason Crow up in the backpack (piggyback) position, jumps backward and drives Jason straight through the middle of the table and onto the tacks!!!

Phoenix: WHEN PIGS FLY!!! That's gotta be the most hellacious application of Rose's fallaway backpack slam I've ever seen!

Rose appears to have rattled her own bones in the process of slamming Jason Crow through the table, but it doesn't matter: She's still laying on top of him, back-to-chest and Jason's shoulders are both down on the tack-riddled canvas!





Carson: Here are winners... Witch Hazel and your still-reigning 4CW Hardcore Champion, The Virgin Roooooose!

Hazel hauls Rose up out of the wreckage of the table, careful not to drag her through the tacks. Senior referee Anna Molly raises Hazel's left arm and Rose's right arm at the same time, marking their victory. She then retrieves the hardcore title belt and offers it to Rose, who unnecessarily snatches it out of Anna's hands and straps it back on herself, bandolier-style as usual.

Roberts: Would it be an understatement to say that match really went places?
Jeffrey: Yes.
Phoenix: Any case, it sure as hell did go places! None of these competitors will ever be the same again after this knock-down, drag-out war of a match!
Roberts: Yeah, somebody should probably check if Robert Crow is, y'know.. alive still.
Jeffrey: Meh. I'd rather check on Hazel, she might need help with getting tacks out of the more "sensitive" and hard-to-reach areas!
Phoenix: And on that disturbed, perverse, skin-crawling note... thank you all for joining us for this special presentation! Goodnight, folks!!


Writing Credit:
Hazel vs Rose - Paige
Hazel & Rose vs Crows - Paige
Everything Else - Rhys

Quick Results:
-The Liberation defeated Synth City Thrillers become #1 contenders to 4CW Tag Championships in an Elimination Tables match
-Witch Hazel vs The VIrgin Rose ends in a no contest
-Amelia Warhawk defeated Hollie Honeysett
-Richard Estevez defeated Rog Roddick in a Hardcore match
-Neon Moon defeated  Kayla Merill & Indigo Velda in a Hardcore match
-Eli Waters defeated Erica Moxie in a Street Fight
-Hazel & Rose © defeated Murder of Crows to retain the 4CW Hardcore Championship

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