4CW Gallows End - October 31, 2022


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4CW Presents… Gallows End
October 31, 2022
Live from Soldier Field - Chicago, Illinois

”Watch Me Burn” by Atreyu blasts through the PA system as the live camera cuts to the Soldier Field crowd for Gallows End 2022!! Big pyro goes off on stage to welcome us.

Phoenix: Hello everyone and WELCOME to Gallows End!! I am Scott Phoenix, joined as ever by my illustrious commentary partners, Ray Jeffrey and James Roberts!
Jeffrey: It’s Halloween and it’s Gallows End, baybee!!
Roberts: We’ve got one hell a night for this packed-in crowd that’s for sure!
Phoenix: Make no mistake - and it gets no bigger than our main event tonight - a 30 minute Ironman match for the 4CW Undisputed World Championship - it’s BRIAN WHITE defending against RHYS CAIN!!
Roberts: That’s a Hall of Fame clash for the ages, but we have many momentous clashes tonight - like the Universal Championship Gallows Pole match between the champion Dark Lotus and his challenger Jon Viper!
Jeffrey: And let’s also look no further than the 4CW Custom Cup Championship match as Jack Valentine will defend the title against former champion Xavier Avana - in a FIRST BLOOD match!
Roberts: And if all that isn’t enough we also have 4CW Tag Team Champions Neon Moon defending against former four-time and longest-reigning champions of all time, Umbra Maxima!
Phoenix: And on any given night, that is a card for the ages! But we’re not done! There will also be the historic, iconic THIRTEEN GHOST GAUNTLET match tonight where the winner will earn a future 4CW Championship match.
Jeffrey: But before all that, it's time to FIGHT!!

Carson: The following six person Highway to hell street fight is scheduled for one fall and it is for the 4CW FRANCHISE CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Antivist by Bring Me The Horizon hits the PA system. Out comes the trio of Erica Moxie, Limdon Jett and Grant Zaiden burst onto the stage.

Carson: Introducing first the challengers, the team of Erica Moxie, Lindon Jett and Grant Zaiden, they are… ANTIVISTS!!

Phoenix: What a year it has been for these three. From Jett and Zaiden's rivalry forming a strong bond or Erica Moxie's emergence from The Black Flame and into her own leader. Now they have a huge opportunity to earn gold as a trio against Moxie's former allies.
Jeffrey: Moxie, Jett and Zaiden will be looking to make an impact on the big stage here tonight!

Black Flame by Bury Tomorrow hits the PA. The champions, led by Eli Waters and flanked by The Liberation, step through the curtain to a flurry of boos.

Carson: And their opponents, the team of Eli Waters, Grant Fischer and Bruce Rigg, they are the 4CW Franchise Champions… THE BLACK FLAME!!

Phoenix: The first and only two-time 4CW Franchise Champions in its short history. The Black Flame is under new leadership this time around but momentum is on their side after winning the belts earlier this month against The Supergroup!

As The Black Flame slowly make their way down to the ring, Antivists get tired of waiting and slip out of the ring, bringing the battle to the ramp. Shrugging, referee Dirk Meyer calls for the bell.

Phoenix: And theres the bell! We're underway!

4CW Franchise Championship
Highway to Hell Street Fight
The Black Flame (Eli Waters and The Liberation) © vs Antivists (Erica Moxie, Lindon Jett & Grant Zaiden)

All six competitors brawl on the ramp as the match gets underway. Rigg whips Moxie into the steel steps at ringside. Zaiden takes down Fischer with multiple forearms that rock the Rotterdam Raven. Waters and Jett go back and forth with lefts and rights, until Waters rolls Jett into the ring. Waters lifts the apron and pulls out a stop sign and a kendo stick, when suddenly Jett basement dropkicks Waters from inside the ring. The five outside the ring begin to brawl in a huge melee. Jett shrugs and runs, diving through the middle rope for a SUICIDE DIVE taking everyone out!

Phoenix: We’re not messing about tonight, folks! This is GALLOWS END!!

Jett is the first to his feet. He grabs the kendo stick and begin to unleash on the fallen Eli Waters, causing welts to form over his back until suddenly Rigg takes out Jett with a huge clothesline. Rigg picks up Jett in a pumphandle position, then drops him face-first onto the barricade! Suddenly, Zaiden appears in the fray, taking out Rigg with a huge European Uppercut!

On the other side of the ring, Fischer is under the apron. He pulls out a steel chair. Moxie is the first member of the other team he comes across and he bashes her across the head with the chair! Fischer covers Moxie! ONE … TWO … Moxie kicks out!! Fischer rolls Moxie back into the ring and follows her in. Moxie fights back with a dropkick, causing Fischer to roll out of the ring. Waters makes it back into the ring and takes down Moxie with a big lariat! He covers! One… two… no! Kickout from Moxie!

Zaiden and Fischer exchange blows on the outside near the barricade, while Rigg and Jett battle it out near the announce table. Inside the ring, Waters picks up Moxie and hits a snap suplex! By the announce table, Jett takes down Rigg with a slingblade. He then grabs an empty steel trash can from under the ring and as Rigg gets to his feet, puts it over his head. Jett then jumps up on the apron and hits a Diving Dropkick into the trash can, knocking Rigg down. Jett makes a cover! ONE … TWO … KICKOUT!!

Phoenix: This is absolute carnage! There are no rules! Falls Count Anywhere! And these two teams are putting it all on the line!
Roberts: And whoever gets the first fall - that’s it! They win the match!

On the outside, Rigg reverses a DDT attempt from Jett with a back body drop. Rigg pulls the hood off the announce table and pulls off the headsets and wires. Rigg then grabs Jett, lifts him in the air and POWERBOMBS him through the announce table, which implodes upon impact!

Phoenix: Jett has just crash landed!
Jeffrey: This might be it right here!

Rigg covers the broken Jett over the remnants of the announce table and the referee, Jason Trent, slides out of the ring to count. ONE … TWO … NO!! Zaiden jumps in and breaks the fall, having laid out Fischer with a discus elbow moments before. Zaiden and Rigg brawl on the outside a little, until Fischer gets back up and takes down Zaiden with a hurricanrana! Both members of The Liberation start to beat down on Zaiden. Inside the ring, Moxie ducks a clothesline from Waters and hits a spinning neckbreaker. She then sees what is going on outside and SUICIDE DIVES through the ropes, taking out both members of The Liberation!

Phoenix: Everyone is on the outside except Waters, and we’re no closer to our decisive fall!
Jeffrey: Yeah, but Erica Moxie is filled with adrenaline right now!!

Moxie rips open the apron and pulls out a BARBED-WIRE BASEBALL BAT!! Rigg is the first unfortunate soul to cross her path and gets smashed in the gut, followed by a whack right across the back! Moxie sees Waters recovering in the ring, drops the bat, jumps up on the apron, through the second rope - OMAHA SLICER ON WATERS!! COVER!! ONE … TWO … TH--NO!! WATERS KICKS OUT!

Phoenix: Amazing athleticism from Moxie, I thought that was it!
Jeffrey: That Omaha Slicer is as deadly as it is sudden! Waters had to dig deep to kick out of that one!

While Moxie picks up Waters for another attack, she is distracted by the reappearance of both Fischer and Rigg, who come at her from different angles and bombard her with strikes, then take her out with a double suplex. Rigg lifts Moxie on his shoulders and tells Fischer to go up top to set up for the Doomsday Device.

Phoenix: Seems to be time to Liberate Your Sons And Daughters!!

Fischer gets to the top rope and dives off for the lariat, but Moxie flings herself backwards, ducking under the move while still being latched on Rigg’s shoulders. She lifts herself back up, throws some right hands down to Rigg and gets back to canvas. Then Zaiden runs in to help out his comrade. Jett also comes into the ring, a little worse for wear, but fighting regardless. Jett takes down Rigg with a big clothesline that rocks him enough to exit the ring. While out there, Rigg lifts the apron and pulls out a bag of what can only contain thumbtacks. Jett clotheslines Waters with such force they both go tumbling over the top rope. Rigg rolls back in and unleashes the sea of thumbtacks onto the mat to a big pop from the crowd. Rigg then pulls Zaiden back to his feet. He sends him to the ropes with the intention of a spinebuster on his return but Zaiden sees it coming and boots Rigg in the head.

Zaiden quickly hooks Rigg around the waist and hits a GERMAN SUPLEX INTO THE TACKS!!

Roberts: OH MY GOD!!
Jeffrey: There’s some pains that are good and there are some pains that are always bad. And those tacks are always bad.
Roberts: …what would be a good pain?
Jeffrey: I’ll tell you when you’re older.

Rigg rolls out of the danger zone, roaring in pain as there are countless tacks wedged into his back. Outside, Waters is holding half of the steel steps and smashes Jett across  the head wiping him out.

Waters picks up Jett and sets up Jagged Cross Lesions strait jacket powerbomb, but Zaiden rolls out of the ring and clubs Waters across the head, allowing Jett to recover. Waters takes out Jett with a big boot regardless but Zaiden grabs him and throws him back into the ring. Zaiden rolls in after, bringing a stop sign with him. Zaiden smashes Waters across the head with the stop sign. Zaiden then picks up Waters for The Disparity, but Waters wriggles free. Zaiden turns around and eats THE DEATH OF INJUSTICE Brogue Kick! Waters seems to have the match won, but as he kneels down to cover the pin, he doesn’t see Moxie approach, who grabs him and takes him out with the MOXIE MASSACRE DDT!!

Phoenix: That’s gotta be it! MOXIE MASSACRE!!
Jeffrey: She got Waters good!!

Moxie makes the cover! ONE … TWO … NO!! Fischer breaks the count! Fischer takes out Moxie with a Northern Lights Suplex, then he runs to the corner and jumps up on the top rope! Fischer sets up for the QUOTE THE RAVEN shooting star press! He dives off - but MOXIE MOVES OUT OF THE WAY!!

Phoenix: And Fischer EATS CANVAS! A shooting star press to nothing but the mat! And Moxie is back on her feet!

Moxie grabs Fischer and sets up another MOXIE MASSACRE DDT!! She hits it - RIGHT ONTO A STEEL CHAIR!! Moxie makes the cover! ONE … TWO …  THREE!!

Carson: Here are your winners and the NEEEEEW 4CW FRANCHISE CHAMPIONS… ANTIVISTS!!

Phoenix: They've only gone and done it! We have NEW Franchise Champions!
Roberts: It was a hard earned victory for Antivists! They had to grind that one out!
Jeffrey: They make an exceptional group and that's what the title is all about!

Inside the ring, Erica Moxie lifts the title handed to her by Jason Trent in the air and celebrates with the capacity crowd. She then hands it over to Jett and hugs both Jett and Zaiden as they celebrate their victory.

Phoenix: A meaningful moment here as Antivists taste team gold for the first time in 4CW which must feel good for them right now!
Jeffrey: And no doubt beating Black Flame has made it all the sweeter!

Zaiden’s turn to lift the belt and celebrate with the crowd as we cut to as we cut backstage where we see Jason and Robert Crow.

Jason is proudly holding the key to Cosmo's spaceship, which comes into view as they enter the parking lot. They look around the vehicle for obvious signs of a door.

Jason: Got the belt, now we need to get inside the spaceship and have some time travel fun.
Robert: Where shall we go?
Jason: We could go kill baby Hitler.
Robert: Eh, I have a line.
Jason: It's Hitler!
Robert: Even so…
Jason: Fine we'll just go into the future and see Fast & Furious 25
Robert: Now THAT'S an idea… Oh, I think I found the door.

Jason and Robert fiddle with the key in a gap they suspect is the keyhole and they are soon granted confirmation as the door slides away revealing an entrance.

Jason: Brilliant. Come on, let’s go see what goodies he has in there!

Jason and Robert head into the spaceship and the door slides closed behind them. We cut back to the arena for the next match.


Carson: The following contest is a FIRST BLOOD match scheduled for one fall and it is for the 4CW CUSTOM CUP CHAMPIONSHIP!!

”You’re Not Ready” by Skillet hits the PA system. Out comes the challenger and former champion Xavier Avana with a big pop from the crowd as he bursts through the curtain.

Carson: Introducing first, the challenger, weighing in at 230lbs, XAVIEEEEEER … AVANA!!

Phoenix: Xavier Avana held the Custom Cup Championship for 266 days before losing the title to Jack Valentine or rather had the belt stolen by Jack Valentine!
Jeffrey: A win is a win is a win.
Roberts: Well, this time there is only one way to win, Valentine has made sure of that. As per his stipulation, the champion has chosen a First Blood match! The rules are simple - there are none and the first man to bleed loses!
Phoenix: A truly vicious stipulation for a feud that has gotten quite personal. Valentine can’t seem to stand the face that the young and upcoming talent is matching him in many ways. Avana is due his rematch; and Valentine will want to put the question of superiority to bed once and for all!

Avana enters the ring and interacts with the crowd, but his attention is mostly on the stage where he knows his opponent is about to appear.

Phoenix: Avana is locked and loaded, focused only on his opponent tonight!

”Supernova Goes Pop” by Powerman 5000 hits the PA system. The Custom Cup Champion steps through the curtain to a wave of hisses and boos buzzing around the arena.

Carson: And his opponent, from Atlantic City, New Jersey, weighing in at 220lbs, he is the 4CW CUSTOM CUP CHAMPION, 4CW HALL OF FAMER … JACK … MAD DOOOOG … VALENTINE!!

Phoenix: Jack Valentine wants to cement his legacy as Custom Cup Champion at Xavier Avana’s expense. And the biggest humiliation he can think of is making him bleed. But Valentine may have awoken a beast he wants no part of.
Jeffrey: When people are cornered they are at their most dangerous. They will both have to keep their wits about them.
Roberts; But if Valentine does manage to beat Avana tonight, that’ll likely be it for Avana in terms of title opportunities! It really is all or nothing for Avana tonight.

Valentine does his usual schtick on stage, then his signature pose to an exhausting amount of pyro thatr probably took a big chunk of the show’s budget. After posing for an extra five seconds after the pyro stopped, Valentine gets back up and lifts the Custom Cup Title in the air. Then, he heads down to the ring with a confident swag, the title over his shoulder.

The referee, Anna Molly, takes the belt from Valentine when he enters the ring and shows it as the prize to the crowd. She then says “First Blood wins” and calls for the bell!!

4CW Custom Cup Championship
First Blood match
Jack Valentine © vs Xavier Avana

Despite the vicious nature of the match stipulation, Valentine and Avana circle each other and lock up quite traditionally. Avana gets Valentine into a side headlock, who pushes himself free and sends Avana to the ropes. Avana ducks a clothesline and comes back with one of his own. Valentine ducks this also. Avana stops his run and turns, catching Valentine’s foot in an attempt at a superkick. Avana sweep the other leg and sends Valentine to the mat. Avana drops an elbow, but Valentine rolls out of the way. Valentine rushes to the ropes and dropkicks Avana in the back of the head on his return. Valentine then picks up Avana and sends him to the corner with an Irish whip.Valentine runs at Avana but Avana gets a boot up which hits Valentine square in the face. He recoils, checking himself for blood, then walks right into a dropkick from Avana!

Phoenix: This is a back and forth affair but the momentum is with Xavier right now!
Jeffrey: If Valentine keeps getting drop kicked in the face like that, he might bleed sooner rather than later!

Avana takes down Valentine three times with a series of arm drags, then hits a Northern Lights Suplex. Avana sends Valentine to the corner and signals for the Helluva Kick! He runs forward…

Phoenix: BENT OUTTA SHAPE?! NO! Valentine ducks and avoids the hit - LOW BLOW!!

Valentine blatantly low blows Avana. Anna Molly is powerless to do anything given the match rules (or lack thereof) and the crowd reigns down boos on Valentine as they realise that his blatant cheating is perfectly legal.

Jeffrey; It ain’t cheating if there’s no rules!
Roberts: And that could be the turning point here, because Avana was running rings around Valentine for a while there!

Valentine lines up Avana while he is on the ropes and clotheslines him right over to the outside! Valentine quickly follows, grabs Avana and bashes his face right into the announce table!

Phoenix: We’ve only just had that table replaced, don’t smash it again please!

After a second face smash into the announce table, Valentine instead hammer throws Avana into the barricade. Valentine then grabs Avana and bashes his head into the barricade… but there is still no blood!

Valentine suddenly hooks Avana for a DDT, but Avana slips out quickly, drops down and delivers a right hand to Valentine. Valentine eats a forearm when Avana gets back to his feet, and hits a suplex! Valentine is quick to his feet, so Avana grabs him again and hits a neckbreaker!

Phoenix: Vicious torque on that neckbreaker!

Avana mounts Valentine and starts to reign down lefts and rights. Valentine covers up, but his defences are failing. Avana breaks through the guard when he starts raining down blatant elbows. Valentine takes two clean elbows to the head before managing to wriggle out of Avana’s grasp. Valentine instinctively wipes his face - no blood - then drops down and hits ANOTHER LOW BLOW!!

Roberts: OH COME ON!!
Jeffrey: It’s not cheating if there are no --
Roberts: Oh, shut up, Jeffrey!!
Phoenix: Avana has now endured two low blows, and I’m not sure how much more he can take!

Valentine grabs Avana and throws him out of the ring through the middle rope. Valentine goes after him, sliding out and grabbing Avana. Without warning, he brings him down with the FLEA SHOT DDT on the ramp!!

Phoenix: Oh my god! That may he it!
Roberts: Avana just got spiked!
Jeffrey: But is he bleeding?!

Avana rolls around to reveal he is somehow NOT bleeding!

Phoenix: This match is still alive!
Roberts: Yeah but Avana is in a bad place right now!

Valentine goes under the apron and pulls out a steel chair. He waits for Avana to turn and face him, then swings right for the head - but Avana ducks out of the way and avoids the strike. Avana rolls into the ring and Valentine follows with the chair! Avana is quicker to his feet and takes down Valentine with a SLINGBLADE! Valentine falls and the chair slides across the mat.

Avana turns and picks up the chair! The crowd go wild as they encourage Avana to go wild! Avana does unleashing eight chairshots in quick succession to the back, arms and legs of Valentine. Avana then grabs a kendo stick and leans on the ropes as he waits for Valentine to crawl to his knees, then he runs forward and CRACKS Valentine across the head. The bloodstains on the mat are almost immediate and Anna Molly calls for the bell!!

Phoenix: Xavier Avana UNLEASHED!!
Jeffrey: And he’s done it! Valentine is busted open!
Phoenix: We have a NEW Custom Cup Champion!

Carson: Here is your winner and the NEEEEEEW 4CW CUSTOM CUP CHAMPION … XAVIER … AVANAAAA!!

Anna Molly hands the belt to Avana, who is still breathing heavy with a chair in his hand, considering the destruction he just caused. He takes the belt, but doesn’t exactly look pleased about the lengths he had to go to take it.

Phoenix: It was a dirty, grimy battle… but Avana dug deep and got that vicious flurry of chair shots that made all the difference!
Jeffrey: And that makes Xavier Avana a now two-time Custom Cup Champion!
Roberts: When Valentine wakes up from his nap, he will not be happy!

Avana leaves the ring and heads up the ramp, the adrenaline kicking in some more as he lifts the title up for the fans and they cheer him on as we cut to Quentin Cosmo’s ship and Jason and Robert Crow’s hunt for some goodies.
Jason: …keep a listen out, I bet he’s lurking around here somewhere.
Robert: Who, Cosmo? But we have the key…
Jason: Well, he obviously has a second key - how do you think this spaceship got here? We were too late last month but tonight, we’re gonna raid this baby for everything its worth.

As they continue to walk through green-lit halls, they are suddenly blocked off by some rising walls, leaving then in a small, enclosed space.

Robert: Oh, great… booby traps.

Cosmo: That’s an understatement.

Jason and Robert spin around to see Quentin Cosmo standing outside of the new box they know find themselves in.

Jason: What the hell is this? Let us out!
Cosmo: Why? You wanted to get all the goodies. Well, now I’m going to teleport you to the ice age and see how you handle it.
Robert: Are you crazy?! You can’t do that!
Cosmo: Oh, but I can!

Cosmo lifts a remote and presses a button. The box thar Murder of Crows are in glows and then sparks out.

Cosmo: Dammit!

Suddenly, the doors surrounding The Crows are able to be easily knocked over, so they do exactly that and barge past Cosmo, trying to escape the ship.

Cosmo: Dammit - hey, wait - I want my belt back!!

As Cosmo chases Murder of Crows out of his ship, we cut back to the ring for the next match.


"Taking You Down" by Egypt Central blasts through the speakers. The crowd response is a mix of boos, a few cheers and some respectful applause for the stoic 4-time champions.

Carson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the 4CW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIIIIIIP!!! Introducing first, the challengers... hailing from New York, New York and weighing in at a combined weight of 485lbs... MAXIMILLIAN YESGILL... ELFAN SIMTUL... they are UMBRAAAAA... MAXIMAAAAA!!

Lights resembling moons and stars flash around the stage and ramp as Umbra Maxima stroll out onto the stage and make their way down the ramp, wearing faces of intense focus and determination.

Phoenix: Just look at the faces on Maximillian Yesgill and Elfan Simtul! These guys can't wait to get down to business!
Jeffrey: No kidding! Do these guys ever smile?
Roberts: Not to my recollection, but Yesgill and Simtul will have trouble keeping those face muscles at rest if they become 5-time tag team champions tonight!
Phoenix: And with the amount of experience these guys have as a team, the odds of that happening are damn good. I hesitate to call the champ the underdogs, but there's no denying Paige and Kinzy are really up against it tonight!

The lights return to normal as Simtul and Yesgill get into the ring and drink in the atmosphere. Then, they take position in the challengers' corner and discuss strategy as their music stops.

The lights go out and the whinny of a horse sounds out from guerrilla. An eerie yellow light illuminates the stage from within, and a low fog creeps along from guerrilla to the ramp. Another whinny sounds out, and pair of futuristic-looking headless horsewomen ride out onto the stage, sitting atop an all-black quarter horse! The pair of riders don black robes lined with colour-changing tube lights, metallic black gloves and are each carrying LED pumpkins in hand. A ripple of thunder resounds through the speakers, then GodMode Domination by Turboslash starts up but ultimately blends in with the volume of the raucous capacity crowd!. Together, the headless horsewomen raise their pumpkins high and shake them in a headbanging motion, hyping up the fans even more! In tandem, Paige and Kinzy shed their sci-fi riders' garb, hop down off the horse and make their way to the ring—all the while slapping the outstretched hands of their cheering fans.

Carson: And their opponents, hailing from The Dark Side of Neontario... weighing in at a combined weight of 264lbs... they are the reigning 4CW Tag Team Champions... KINZY KANE AND PILGRIM PAIGE... the team of NEON MOOOOOON!!!

Jeffrey:  The word "subtlety" just does not exist in the world of Neon Moon, huh?
Roberts: I doubt it, but I can assure you "showmanship" sure as hell does! I would say that is just a Halloween thing, but these girls always show up to PPVs like they're at Comic-Con! To their credit, they always back up the spectacle with impressive ring work.
Phoenix: And if I may add to that point, James, I'd suggest that Paige and Kinzy thrive in a high-stakes environment, and a pay-per-view title match is the very definition of high-stakes. Going by their recent title defence against the Synth City Thrillers on Storm Front, Paige and Kinzy will do just about anything to keep those title belts around their waists!

Paige and Kinzy take up the corner opposite Yesgill and Simtul, and senior referee Anna Molly calls for the bell!


Right off the bat, Umbra Maxima pull a power play: Elfan Simtul steps forth as the starting legal member for his team! An "ooh" ripples through the stands while Kinzy and Paige talk privately with one another.

Jeffrey: Big dog wants to play!

After some covert deliberation, Kinzy exits the ring and Paige confidently strides to the middle of the ring, challenging Elfan to step forth from his corner.

Roberts: This can't end well for Paige!

Simtul leans his massive frame forward and offers Paige a free hit on the chin. She obliges—prepares her fist—then lands a low roundhouse kick that stings the thigh of the near-300 pounder!  Simtul quickly shakes it off, wags his finger at Paige and—as if he overheard the commentary team earlier—throws a slight smirk her way.

Jeffrey: Uh-oh, he likes it!
Roberts: Must you horn everything up?!
Phoenix: I think it's more about game recognising game, Ray. Umbra Maxima have never been afraid to operate by their own rules; I imagine Elfan respects Paige for playing the game her own way.

The two combatants circle each other and again, Simtul offers a free shot—this time gesturing to his left leg. Paige obliges, but again switches it up by mirroring her attack, putting in a kick to the back of the right knee. Simtul staggers, leaving Paige free to hit the ropes. She bounces off and leaves her feet, putting the big man on hands and knees with a low dropkick! Paige returns to the ropes to follow up, but Simtul pushes up off the mat and cuts her off with force, clobbering her up against the ropes!

Jeffrey: Gotta do way more than that to get an opening when you're 130 pounds and your opponent's built like a tank!
Phoenix: Elfan Simtul is extremely determined and deceptively quick. It all makes for a deadly combination!

Determined to keep the pressure on, Simtul whips the Lunar Pilgrim across the ring and sends her halfway back to the moon with a very high back body drop!!

Jeffrey: This place needs a roof!

Paige scrambles back to her feet but upon getting up, dazedly turns in a circle trying to find her opponent. Simtul sends her into a neutral corner with another hard whip, but eats feet when running in for the follow-up! Paige hoists herself first onto the middle and then the top rope, leaps high and manages to actually take Simtul down with a crossbody block, only for the challenger to roll through, arise from the mat and rattle her bones with a rib breaker!! Simtul maintains the hold and strolls over to Maximillian Yesgill, who tags himself in and climbs to the top rope.

Roberts: Oh this has gone all the way south for the Golden Pilgrim!
Jeffrey: She might not be golden much longer if Umbra Maxima can keep this up!

Facing his own corner, Simtul plants Paige into the canvas with a fall-away slam, then rolls out of the ring to make room for Yesgill to hit a diving splash from the top rope!!! Yesgill hooks the far leg.

Jeffrey: WOO!! Stick a fork in her!




Kinzy slides in, takes off at full-speed and barrels into Yesgill, breaking up the pin!

Phoenix: That was some great new offense from the challengers! It damn near won Umbra Maxima the belts, too!
Roberts: And keep in mind, Pilgrim Paige doesn't stay down easy, but if Kinzy didn't get in there, this one may have just been over. If these guys keep bringing this kind of heat, toughness may not be enough!

Though he looks slightly annoyed at the interruption, Yesgill keeps the pressure on by scooping Paige up and slamming her right back down on the mat. Wasting no time, Yesgill faces his corner, climbs all the way up once more and pulls off a picture-perfect moonsault that knocks out whatever wind is left in Paige's lungs!!

Jeffrey: MAN!
Roberts: Exactly what I was talking about!




Kinzy hits the ring and makes a mad dash but this time, Paige manages to roll a shoulder up before her partner needs to do anything, so Kinzy performs a short baseball slide, pulls a u-turn and and scurries back out of the ring. This elicits a round chuckles and cheers from the fans and the commentary desk.

Jeffrey: This girl is all about that action, eh?!
Phoenix: Kinzy's been making a great show of it since Neon Moon got gold back in July. She's really coming into her own as a competitor in this great tag division, and I absolutely love the passion she brings to every bout!

Yesgill proceeds to stomp the hell out of Paige, making damn sure she isn't in any state to surprise him with a roll-up or likewise. He then picks the hall-of-famer back up and sets her up for a DDT, but she manages to twist her way out of it and desperately swings a knee that catches Yesgill right in the solar plexus! Yesgill fights on and throws a haymaker, but Paige dodges and drives the toe of her boot into Yesgill's abdomen. She urgently follows up by stepping over Yesgill's arm, applying the front facelock and spiking his head into the mat!!!

Jeffrey: ASTRAL CONNECTION!!! .. Yes, Scott, I stole one of your precious signature calls. Sue me!
Phoenix: Maybe later, we've got a title match on!

Clutching at her soon-to-be-bruised ribs, Paige foregoes any attempt to cover and begins the slow crawl to her corner. Kinzy is gripping the top rope with such intensity, it's a wonder the poor thing doesn't catch fire.

Roberts: Love 'em or hate 'em, you've gotta respect Umbra Maxima for turning up the heat and keeping it on max right from the opening bell!
Jeffrey: Well yeah.. you can't land the 4-time champ status by slacking and showboating, Roberts.
Phoenix: As for Neon Moon, this is the first real opening Paige has seen in this match and Kinzy is about to fall into the ring if she leans any harder against those ropes!

With Paige just a couple feet away from her goal, Yesgill regains enough of his senses to grab one of Paige's ankles, halting her progress. Yesgill gets back onto his feet and starts to drag Paige back, but she pushes up off the mat, plants her free foot onto the canvas and performs a turning leap, smacking Yesgill upside the head with an awkward-but-effective enzuigiri! With the hold broken, the Lunar Pilgrim throws herself forward and slaps Kinzy's outstretched hand! The Chicago crowd erupts!

Roberts: Hot tag!
Jeffrey: And you call me horny?!

Kinzy slingshots her way into the ring and knocks a recovering Yesgill right back down with a running dropkick, follows up with a second when he won't stay down and then whips him off to a neutral corner. Taking a page (no pun intended) out of her partner's book, she voices a loud WOOOOOO and her fans repeat it in chorus. Neon Rain takes off like a bat outta hell and performs a front roll, smacking Yesgill in the face with an expertly executed Liger Kick!

Phoenix: Kinzy Kane is a house of fire!

As Yesgill staggers out of the corner, Kinzy rebounds off the near ropes, comes up behind him and plants him face-first with the Throwback!! Maximillian Yesgill looks stunned!

Roberts: Back to the Future, what a perfect opening for The Neon Queen of New Toronto!

Kinzy holds her hands close together, acts like there's an electrical current between them and slowly brings them far apart, signalling for the Tesla Coil. She patiently stalks her opponent with arms outstretched and "electrified" fingers wiggling, keeping close behind him while he struggles to get his feet back under him. When he finally does, Kinzy immediately pulls him back with a waistlock, hooks both arms and turns him face-down. Neon Rain twists at the hips—spins out—and gets shoved face-first into the outstretched boot of Elfan Simtul!!

Jeffrey: Well, DAMN!

Yesgill rushes to apply a waistlock of his own, bends deep and takes Kinzy up and over with a bridging German suplex!!




The fans—deflated a moment ago with the turn of events—collectively breathe a sigh of relief. For a few moments, both competitors lie motionless on the mat, feeling the effects of high-stakes competition.

Phoenix: Two and three-quarters on that play! Every time Simtul and Yesgill sync up like that, you see just how they became 4-time champions!
Roberts: Gotta give Kinzy credit as well, she got caught way off guard and dug deep to kick out on her own while Paige is recovering.

Yesgill shakes the cobwebs out and gets up after a few seconds, determined to follow up. Kinzy manages to get onto her hands and knees, only for Yesgill to grab an arm, hold it high and viciously stomp away at her ribs! He caps this off with a sliding forearm smash, drags Kinzy to his corner and tags in his fresh, massive partner!

Jeffrey: Oh, here we go again!

Elfan Simtul steps in over the ropes while Yesgill yanks Kinzy back up, applies a front facelock and raises her arm once more. The moment he's got both feet on the mat, Simtul measures his opponent, takes a step and drives the sole of his boot into her ribs!

Jeffrey: Geez! First Paige and now Kinzy?!
Phoenix: No kidding, Ray! Umbra Maxima have picked one hell of a target area tonight—Neon Moon won't be flipping around the ring too much when every bend or twist feels like knives!

Simtul whips Kinzy off hard into a neutral corner, inflicting even more damage! To her credit, Kinzy somehow doesn't crumble. But when she stumbles out of the corner, Simtul picks her up in a bearhug and sets about squeezing all the breath out of her lungs!! It takes less than 30 seconds for Kinzy to start to fade, leaving Anna Molly no choice but to begin the arm-drop test.

Kinzy's arm drops once, flopping at her side like a ragdoll...

Anna's second raise of the arm yields much the same result...

LOW DROPKICK!! Paige hits her second low dropkick on Simtul for the night and the big man goes off balance, losing his grip on Kinzy as he instinctively reaches down at his stinging ankle! While Kinzy drops to the mat in a breathless heap, Paige seeks to make the most of the 5-count rule:  She kicks away at one of Elfan's tree trunk legs, hoping to fell the big oak, but Simtul digs his heels in and shoves her away. At the count of 3, Paige ducks a clothesline but instead of spinning around to follow up, she catches Yesgill by surprise with a running dropkick, knocking him off the apron! Unhappy with this, Simtul stomps over to his corner, clubs Paige across the back and picks her up for a back suplex—but instead of falling back, he tosses her high in front of him, putting Paige into free-fall! She comes back down spine-first on the top turnbuckle, painfully bounces off and tumbles helplessly from apron to floor!!! The "OOH" from the capacity crowd sounds out through the open-top arena and gets lost in the night sky!

Phoenix: GOODNESS!!
Roberts: Elfan Simtul is not a man you want to enrage!

With some breath back in her lungs, Kinzy dashes at the distracted Elfan Simtul and blindsides him with a leaping variation of her spinning back elbow! Simtul is stunned!

Phoenix: BLADE RUNNER!! Kinzy Kane's not done yet!

Simtul wobbles in place but won't go down, so Kinzy—sore ribs and all—hits the ropes once more and this time, takes Simtul off his feet with the bicycle knee kick!! The crowd is appropriately electric as Neon Rain laboriously makes her up to the top rope. She struggles to get her balance right, but swiftly recovers, takes off through the air and rams the point of her elbow hard into Simtul's chest!!!


With ribs that feel like they're on fire, Kinzy crawls into a cover...

*sharp whistle*

Kinzy raises her head in the direction of the odd whistle, only to be met with the sight of Maximillian Yesgill diving off the same turnbuckle and slamming his fist right into her face!

Jeffrey: WOOOOOO!!!
Roberts: Was that an old hunter's trick?!
Phoenix: You bet your ass it was, and my god was it effective!

With Simtul still the legal man and lying nearby in pain, Yesgill now faces the challenge of dragging his oversized partner into anything resembling a cover before the count of 5. It takes him til 4-and-a-half to pull this off and get himself out, but we officially have a makeshift, shoulders-against-stomach pin attempt by Simtul!




Jeffrey: Where the hell did Paige come from?! She wasn't on my monitor!
Roberts: I happened to glance up, she just scrambled up on the apron outta nowhere and springboarded in!

Paige struggles to get back up after pulling off the double-stomp, clearly running on pure instinct. Meanwhile, Yesgill is still making his way around ringside back to his corner when he spots Paige in his peripheral vision. Yesgill shakes his head in disbelief but quickly springs into action, slides halfway into the ring and drags Paige out by her ankles. On the apron, she manages to kick her way out of Yesgill's grasp and uses both legs to propel him backwards, knocking him back. Paige leaps off for an aerial attack, only for Yesgill to duck out of the way and leave the Golden Pilgrim to crash and burn on the barricade!

Phoenix: Oh that's the last thing Neon Moon needed at this point!

Satisfied with this turn of events, Yesgill returns to his corner. In the ring, Simtul gets back up and slaps himself to get his wits about him. Kinzy looks to her corner and sees no one.

Jeffrey: Not good!
Roberts: Kinzy Kane is all alone dealing with Umbra Maxima!

Back on his feet, Elfan Simtul still looks a little dazed and falls to one knee. Kinzy sees this and charges in for a tornado DDT, but Simtul grips her round the waist, easily stands back up and tosses her away! Kinzy Kane bumps hard on the canvas!

Phoenix: A rare fake-out from Simtul! These guys are trotting all kinds of new tricks out, and it seems to be paying off!

Simtul cryptically signals to his brother, tromps over to his corner and makes the tag. Yesgill enters the ring, faces his corner and climbs the ropes; at the same time, Simtul pulls Kinzy back up, walks to her the corner and faces away from it. With no wasted time or movements, Elfan Simtul hoists Kinzy up in the powerbomb position, Yesgill reaches behind himself to grab the neck, and flips backward to take Kinzy Kane on a hell-ride known only as..

Phoenix: LUNATA NUSQUAM ARCUS!!! The Crescent Arc!
Jeffrey: WOOOOOO BABY!!!

Maximillian Yesgill scrambles into a lateral press...




With blink-and-miss-it speed, Paige slides in, takes off running, leaps over Yesgill and hits a dropsault on Simtul that ends with her knees slamming down on Yesgill's back, breaking up the pin!!

Roberts: What were you just saying about new tricks, Scott?
Jeffrey: WHAT?! No way that wasn't a three count!
Roberts: Anna's hand didn't quite hit the mat! Paige crashed the party with half a second to spare!
Jeffrey: Well, damn! I'd say I'm impressed but she also just turned her girlfriend into a pancake! A sexy, sexy pancake!

Simtul—who got rocked but still didn't go down off the dropsault—is momentarily confused as to what the hell just happened. A second later, it clicks and his face begins to turn red with rage! He grabs a hold of Paige and pulls off a Biel throw to end all Biel throws, then unleashes a flurry of body shots when his prey retreats to a neutral corner, working away at those bruised ribs even more! Meanwhile, Yesgill fights through the pain that's shooting up his back and tries a second pin on Kinzy...




Annoyed but still focused, Yesgill yanks Kinzy into a standing position. Senior referee Anna Molly turns her attention to Paige and Simtul. She barks orders at Simtul to stop what he's doing and get out of the ring. To her surprise, Simtul actually stops and backs off, but with ill intent in his eyes. With a roar, Elfan Simtul charges into the corner and crushes the Lunar Pilgrim with the Stinger Splash! Paige lifelessly crumbles to the canvas!

Roberts: Total Eclipse!! Paige is done for!

Simtul rejoins his brother's side, grabs Kinzy and directs traffic. Yesgill once again goes up top, this time facing the ring. Simtul, meanwhile, turns Kinzy around and hoists her up onto his shoulders, in the manner of a torture rack. Perched on the top rope, Yesgill makes a fist...

Phoenix: Oh they're not thinking what I think they're thinking!
Jeffrey: I think they are!

Yesgill leaps from the top rope and drives his fist into Simtul's face as Kinzy somehow wriggles free and leaves him in the path of the dive!!! Simtul topples to the mat, stunned! Yesgill scrambles and tries to take Kinzy down with a DDT, but she punches her way out of the facelock, ducks behind and delivers the Poison Rana!! Yesgill gets spiked right on his head and ends up dazed on his knees. Paige dashes over from the corner, leaves her feet, grabs Yesgill round the neck and drives his face into both knees!!

Phoenix: CODE POISON!!! Game over, Umbra Maxima!

Elfan Simtul somehow manages to get back up, but Neon Moon are quick to spot him. Paige and Kinzy deliver stereo running dropkicks that send the powerhouse off his feet and tumbling to the floor. Simtul refuses to stay down, so Kinzy—as the somewhat fresher of the two—takes a page out of her partner's book and dives hands-free over the top rope, taking the big man down with a plancha before he can catch his balance! The fans are on the edges of their seats!

Roberts: Will that enough to keep the big man at bay?!

Meanwhile, Paige has followed Anna Molly's instruction and returned to her corner—for a moment, that is. She continues on past it and takes a centre position on the apron. At the opposite side of the ring, Kinzy hops up onto the apron directly across from her. Throwing caution to the wind, an exhausted Kinzy Kane springboards in, gets good air and comes down on Yesgill with the second flying elbow of the night!

Phoenix: A Neon Rainmaker for Yesgill this time!

Rather than covering, Kinzy rolls aside. Paige performs a springboard of her own, pulls off the shooting star and drives her injured ribs down across Yesgill's midriff!!

Jeffrey: WOOHOOHOO!!!
Phoenix: Pilgrimage to the Stars, to boot! Add 'em together and I believe they call that an Asteroid Shower!!!

Paige gingerly rolls out of the ring while Kinzy makes the cover...





Carson: Here are your winners and STILL the 4CW Tag Team CHAMPIOOONS... NEEEOOON MOOOOOON!!!

If not for the adrenaline, Kinzy Kane would be wincing in the moment Anna Molly raises her hand in victory. At ringside, Simtul finds his feet once more, then sees that it's too late to do anything more. Instead he simply drags his brother out of the ring.

Phoenix: My god, what a knock-down, drag-out bout this was! A very hard-fought victory for Neon Moon at Gallows End!
Roberts: And take nothing away from Umbra Maxima, these guys put everything they had into this match. This one could've gone either way, right up to the end. No shame to be had about that performance!
Jeffrey: Hey, that says a lot, coming from an expert on shame and poor performances. I never knew a man could disappoint his own hand til my last sleepover at Mrs Roberts' house.
Roberts: Oh, if only it was the last.
Jeffrey: And oh, if only you didn't have a hard drive full of erotic steampunk detective fiction.
Roberts: I don't! I.. I like spyglasses and steam trains!
Jeffrey: You like spy asses and ho trains, Thomas the Wank Engine!
Phoenix: Y'know, I don't know why but I somehow feel we've gotten off track here, boys.


We cut backstage where Murder of Crows are at the canteen with the 4CW Hardcore Championship. They order some sandwiches from the canteen lady, who is wearing a mask. They soon realise it’s actually Quentin Cosmo when he grabs the ketchup and mustard and squirts them both. Cosmo grabs a dinner tray and smashes Robert across the head with it then jumps over the counter with a tornado DDT on to Jason! He covers Jason Crow and Dirk Meyer slides in to count. ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Carson: Here is your winner and the NEW 4CW Hardcore Champion … QUENTIN COSMO!!

Cosmo looks pretty pleased with himself as he leaves the canteen with the title, but he doesn’t get very far when The Virgin Rose comes from behind some crates with a steel chair and smashes Cosmo across the face!

Rose: Didn’t see that coming, dickwad!

Rose covers Cosmo and Meyer runs up to count… ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Carson: Here is your winner and NEW 4CW HARDCORE CHAMPION… THE VIRGIN ROSE!!

We cut back to the arena and Michael Carson for the next match.

Carson: The following contest is a GALLOWS POLE match and it is for the 4CW UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP!! The only way to win is to hang your opponent from the noose while elevated off the ground!!

”Possezz” by Owl Vision hits the PA system. The crowd ripples with boos and jeers as the challenger comes out onto the stage.

Carson: Introducing first, the challenger, from Madison, Wisconsin, weighing in at 220lbs,..4CW HALL OF FAMER … JOOOOOON … VIPER!!

Phoenix: And ever since his return, Jon Viper has been hellbent on destroying Dark Lotus and taking the Universal Championship. There’s some deeper issues there but neither of them have divulged what that is yet!
Roberts: What we do know is the bad blood will be settled tonight in this Gallows Pole match!

Viper makes his way down to the ring, looking confident as he goes. He rolls into the ring and taunts the crowd, who respond with more waves of jeers.

Phoenix: Viper has been playing mindgames with Lotus, but Lotus is not afraid to play them right back. Despite appearing confident, one has to wonder what’s going on beneath the surface with Viper.

“Spider on the Wall” by Magnolia Bayou hits the PA system. Out comes the Universal Champion, the arena filled with fog and a buzz from the crowd.

Carson: And next, from Devil’s Backbone, Louisiana, weighing in at 275lbs… he is the 4CW UNIVERSAL CHAMPION … DAAAARK … LOOOTUS!!

Phoenix: Dark Lotus brings along with him an almost beautiful mystique. He is horrifically violent but also poetically brilliant… and that affects his opponents physically and mentally.
Jeffrey: Viper seems to know Lotus like the back of his hand though - at least he is prepared for the mind games.
Roberts: Nevertheless, these two men are about to go to hell - and the only way to win is to literally hang your opponent on the Gallows Pole.

Dark Lotus drops the title and his hood off halfway down the ramp and runs into the ring. The referee Jason Trent calls for the bell immediately so the action can get underway.

4CW Universal Championship
Gallows Pole match
Dark Lotus © vs Jon Viper

Viper is ready for Lotus and starts strong with a flurry of strikes that rocks Lotus. He sends him to the ropes and clotheslines him over, but Lotus hangs on to the apron. Taking a run up, Viper hits a dropkick on Lotus which knocks him off the apron.

Phoenix: It seems Viper made the right choice by getting into the head of Lotus on the road to Gallows End - he was ready for a charging Lotus and acted accordingly!

Inside the ring, Viper takes a run up - and hits a SUICIDE DIVE on Lotus on the outside, both big men crashing into the barricade.

Roberts: And Viper puts it all on the line to wipe out Lotus on the outside!
Jeffrey: Now this is this action we came to see!

Viper gets up first and grabs Lotus, throwing him back into the ring. Viper goes straight to the turnbuckle, climbing to the top rope so that he is eye-level with the noose. He stares at it for a moment, then turns to Lotus, and jumps off, hitting a diving double axe handle! Lotus goes down and Viper wastes no time going to the opposite corner.

Phoenix: Viper is pulling out all the tricks tonight! Going up top again!

Viper climbs the top turnbuckle and dives off with an exquisite Elbow Drop which lands squarely on Lotus’ chest!

Roberts: And there was enough power on that Elbow Drop to take out anyone! The only problem now is, Viper has to get Lotus to that noose!

Viper realises this and continues to deliver right hands as he slowly drags Lotus to his feet and whips him into the noose-laden corner. Viper runs at Lotus for a corner clothesline but Lotus puts a boot up, hitting Viper squarely in the face.

Viper stumbles back and Lotus takes him down with a thunderous clothesline. Viper is quick to his feet but walks into a body slam from Lotus! Viper gets up again but Lotus sends him to the ropes then takes him out with a Sidewalk Slam!

Lotus picks up Viper and whips him into the ropes again but this time he follows Viper and clotheslines him right over to the top to ringside! Lotus follows Viper out of the ring, grabs him and whips him into the steel steps, which implode upon impact!

Phoenix: The brawl has moved to the outside - remember, there are no countouts or disqualifications in this Gallows Pole match!

Viper throws a few right hands to Lotus, but a mean headbutt brings him down to his knees. While down there, Viper slips his hand under the apron and blindly grabs the first thing he can. He brings out a baseball bat and swiftly whacks Lotus in the ankle with it, before rolling back to his feet. He meets a kneeling Lotus with a CRACK directly to the head, which busts him wide open!

Roberts: Oh my god!
Jeffrey: That was a vicious smack with that baseball bat if I’ve ever seen one! Lotus is wearing a crimson mask!

Lotus sees his own blood on his face and inexplicably experiences a rush of adrenaline. He roars as he gets back to his feet, completely no sells a gut shot with the bat from Viper, grabs the bat and rips it out of Viper’s hand. He smashes the bat into Viper’s ribs and he collapses, before taking another shot over the back.

Lotus, raging, grabs the steel steps and as Viper stumbles to his feet, charges at him and smacks the steel straight into his nose!

Phoenix: Absolute brutal savagery here! And now Viper is busted open too!
Jeffrey: It was only a mater of time! These two aren’t having a wrestling match - make no mistake, this is a FIGHT!!

Lotus rolls the bloody Viper back into the ring and rolls in behind him. Just as Lotus is about to grab Viper, Viper jumps up and takes down Lotus with a Cutter out of nowhere!! Viper then stumbles back to his feet, and sees only the turnbuckle. He climbs to the top AGAIN and dives off, this time hitting a Double Foot Stomp on the Universal Champion!

Phoenix: Viper is in complete control right now! If he can get Lotus to the noose, this could be all over!

Viper lifts Lotus and whips him into the corner of the noose. He follows after Lotus and tries to seat him up on the top turnbuckle for better leverage of the noose, but Lotus starts to fight back with clubbing brows to Viper’s back. Viper takes a few steps back and Lotus charges forward with a Big Boot!!

Phoenix: And Lotus gets some breathing space with that Big Boot!
Roberts: Could this be a turning point?

Lotus picks up Viper, blocks a kick and hits a nasty forearm, then sets up Viper for the Last Ride! He lifts Viper up and SLAMS him back to the ground!!

Phoenix: And there’s THE LAST RIDE!! This could be all over!

Lotus picks up Viper and hits a back suplex for good measure. Then, he takes his fallen prey and starts to drag him over to the noosed corner. Lotus throws Viper into the corner and is about to continue his assault, when Viper launches a low blow right into the groin of Lotus! Lotus falls and Viper hits an enziguri for good measure!

Viper lines up Lotus and when he gets back to his feet, staggering, Viper sets him up for and hits THE FATE SEALER!!

Phoenix: Viper hits the Fate Sealer!
Roberts: If it wasn’t over before, I think it might be now!

Lotus is deadweight at this point which makes it difficult for Viper to drag him over to the noose. He eventually does though, lifts up Lotus onto the top turnbuckle pad, and climbs up, hooking the noose around his neck!

Phoenix: Viper has the noose on Lotus’ neck, now he has to physically hang him in the air, with the pulley on the outside, to win the match!
Jeffrey: And this is probably the hardest part of the match!

Viper rolls to the outside and starts to pull with all his might… but while he tightens the rope around Lotus’ neck, he is unable to lift him. Inside the ring, Lotus manages to pull the noose back off his neck after a small struggle. Viper rolls back in and Lotus jumps down from the top.

The fight is on as both men start throwing furiously fast lefts and rights, trying to take down the other!

Roberts: This is utter carnage!

Lotus sends Viper to the ropes. When he comes back, he takes him out with a huge lariat clothesline. Viper stumbles back to his feet and Lotus lifts him up for a power slam, but Viper fights back and falls to his feet, lifting Lotus - AND HITTING THE GTS!!

Phoenix: Viper with the GTS out of nowhere!!
Roberts: Now he has to get Lotus to the noose!

Viper once again begins to lug Lotus back towards the noose - but Lotus fights back quicker this time, throwing some punches to the ribs of Viper, damaged earlier by the baseball bat.

Lotus suddenly grabs Viper’s arms and hits the COUNT THE LIGHTS!!

Phoenix: And suddenly, the place has come UNGLUED! This is Lotus’ match for the taking now!

Lotus picks up Viper and hits the LAST RIDE AGAIN for good measure!! Viper is now completely and utterly lifeless! This one is a technicality as Lotus lifts Viper on his shoulder and takes him to the corner. He puts Viper on the top buckle and puts the rope around his neck. He punches him in the ribs one more time, then heads to the outside to pull the rope.

Jeffrey: It looks like this is it and Lotus is on his way to another successful title reign!

Lotus starts to pull the rope on the outside - Viper is defenceless - he starts to lift - when SUDDENLY, FOUR UNKNOWN PEOPLE INVADE RINGSIDE!!

Phoenix: What the hell is going on?
Jeffrey: Wh- who are these people?
Roberts: Three men and a woman - but I have no clue who they are or what they are doing here!

All four of them start attacking Lotus, punching and kicking. The woman grabs a steel chair and smashes Lotus across his bloody head! Together, the four of them throw Lotus back into the ring and run in. Two of the men help Viper down from the noose and give him some water. One of the men, a black man with video-game aesthetics takes out Lotus with a Kamigoye Knee!

Viper comes to and grabs the battered Lotus, taking him out with a second FATE SEALER!! Viper then grabs Lotus and with the help of his four comrades, gets Lotus up on the top rope and with the rope around his neck. The woman stays in the ring with the steel chair, waiting for Lotus to move, while Viper and the three men go to the outside and pull the rope together! Within seconds, Lotus is HANGING!! Trent calls for the bell!! THIS IS OVER!!

Carson: Here is your winner and the NEEEEW 4CW UNIVERSAL CHAMPION … JOOOON … VIPER!!

Phoenix: What have we just seen?! Viper has won and he is the new 4CW Universal Champion - but he has four allies and we don’t know anything about what’s going on!

Viper grabs the Universal Championship and holds it up high, much to the disgust of the 4CW crowd, who let him know exactly how they feel with boos galore. The four allies of Viper lift him up on their shoulders as he celebrates with the 4CW Universal Title.

Jeffrey: Well, regardless of how many questions we have, we have one answer - who walks out of Gallows End Universal Champion? The answer, is JON VIPER!!


We cut back from an advertisement and The Virgin Rose is in the parking lot. She has clearly packed up her bags and has the Hardcore Title on her shoulder. Looking to make a getaway, she heads down the parking lot looking for a certain vehicle - when suddenly, another vehicle opens opposite her and out comes Jason and Robert Crow.

Rose: Oh come on! Do you fuckwits EVER work alone?
Jason Crow: Double trouble. Just make it easier on yourself and give up the belt.
Rose: Pfft… yeah, right.

Almost shrugging her shoulder, Rose drops her back and swings her belt at Robert Crow, hitting him clean in the face. However, Jason thwacks Rose in the back of the head with a forearm and then throws her headfirst into the windshield of his own car.

Jason: … Worth it!

Crow covers Rose! Dirk Meyer runs in, looking utterly fed up, to count the fall! ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Carson: Here is your winner and the NEW 4CW HARDCORE CHAMPION, JASON … CROW!!

Jason goes over to see his brother before picking up the belt.

Jason: Robert, wake up! I got it! I --

THWACK!! Virgin Rose smashes Jason across the back of the head with the title and covers him! ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Carson: Here is your winner and the NEW 4CW HARDCORE CHAMPION … THE VIRGIN ROSE!!

Robert: *coming to* Wha--?
Rose: Don’t listen to him, it was all a dream! See ya, fuckwit!

As Rose scarpers with the belt, Dirk Meyer rests against a case and sighs. From around the corner comes Senecca and the crowd pops at the impromptu S&M reunion.

Senecca: Hey…
Meyer: Hey.
Senecca: So… how’s the refereeing gig going?

Meyer sighs.

Meyer: Honestly, I hate it. I never got gassed during matches but running around to count every fall - it’s horrible.
Senecca: So why don’t you stop? Go back to wrestling?
Meyer: You know I can’t. I wagered my career against Avana and lost.

There’s a brief silence, and then…

Senecca: So you know what the solution is then, right?

Meyer looks up, curiously.

Senecca: Double or nothing…

Senecca doesn’t elaborate, but Meyer seems to understand and grins. We cut back to the arena for the next match.


Carson: The following contest is the 13 GHOST GAUNTLET match where the winner will receive a future 4CW Championship match! Two competitors will start, eliminations occur via pinfall, submission, disqualification or countout. When someone is eliminated, another competitor enters! When all thirteen competitors have entered, the last remaining competitor will win the Gauntlet!

Carson: Introducing the competitor who drew #1…

”Fun to Me” by Devlin hits the PA system. The grime track is the vibe that introduces a mammoth man, at least three hundred and fifty pounds, the black, bald man heads down the ramp.

Carson: …from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 360lbs… THE BEAR OF BAAAAAAAD NEEEEWS!!

Phoenix: You heard that correctly, he calls himself The Bear of Bad News and he is the first competitor of the 13 Ghost Gauntlet match!
Jeffrey: I’ve heard a lot about Bear in recent months while he’s been training and developing his talent. This man, as you can see, is huge… but he can also be deceptively fast in that ring.
Roberts: It’ll be interesting to see how long he can last in this type of match!

Carson: Introducing the competitor who drew #2…

”Oh! MAJINAI!” by BABYMETAL hits the PA system. A small woman, dressed in a sailor cap and a white elbow/knee pad combo and one piece attire.

Carson: … from the RAGING SEAS, weighing in at 119lbs… LOLAAAAA … LITTLE!!

Phoenix: Well she is Little in name and little in stature, but the fight she brings every time she steps into that ring is huge!
Jeffrey: Lola Little is still finding her feet here in 4CW, her only victory coming in a fatal-4-way match a little while back but I’m not sure this is the best situation for her to hone her craft.
Roberts: She certainly has a massive challenge ahead of her in more ways than one.

13 Ghost Gauntlet match
#1 Contendership (4CW World Title)

ENTRANT #1: The Bear of Bad News
ENTRANT #2: Lola Little

The match begins with Lola Little in a frenzy. She gives everything she has including chops, forearms and dropkicks to try and take down The Bear of Bad News but nothing works. The Bear grabs Little and scoop slams her. He then sends her to the ropes and takes her down with a simple shoulder barge.

Phoenix: The Bear uses his massive weight advantage to win the early momentum.

The Bear hits another scoop slam. He then runs to the ropes and goes for a Big Splash but Little rolls out of the way and The Bear eats mat. Little hits another dropkick to the face of The Bear and this one seems to hurt him. He rolls towards the ropes and pulls himself back up. Little jumps up for a hurricanrana, but The Bear reverses into a big powerbomb!

Jeffrey: Welp!
Roberts: Little just got FLATTENED!

The Bear picks up Little and sends her to the ropes. As she is sent one way, he takes the adjacent ropes. They both come back to the middle and Little is BULLDOZED by The Pounce!

Phoenix: And there’s BREAKING NEWS!!
Jeffrey: This one is over!!

The Bear covers Little for the ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Carson: Lola Little has been eliminated.

ELIMINATION #1: Lola Little by The Bear of Bad News

”Head Like A Hole” by Miley Cyrus hits the PA system.

Carson: On his way to the ring, from Valhalla, New York, weighing in at 330lbs … 4CW HALL OF FAMER … SENECCA!!

Senecca makes his way down to the ring to a pretty favourable reception from the hot crowd. Senecca is wearing a glorious pink, leather jacket with tassels.

Phoenix: And HERE comes a challenge for The Bear of Bad News! 4CW’s original big man Senecca!
Roberts: If anyone can do some damage The Bear, it’s gotta be someone like Senecca who almost matches him in weight!

Senecca unzips the jacket at the bottom of the ramp, takes it off and rolls into the ring to face his opponent. Senecca squares off with The Bear to a big pop from the crowd.

ENTRANT #3: Senecca

The Bear goes to the ropes and comes back with a clothesline. Senecca takes the shot and stands firm on his feet. Senecca then goes to the ropes and comes back with a clothesline of his own. He rocks The Bear, but The Bear stands firm on his feet also. The two then take turns clobbering each other with forearms, until The Bear gets an advantage and sends Senecca to the ropes. On his return, The Bear takes out Senecca with a belly-to-belly suplex and makes the cover! ONE … TWO … Senecca kicks out!

Phoenix: As impressive as The Bear’s strength is, it’s gonna take more than that to take out Senecca!

The Bear picks up Senecca for a body slam but Senecca breaks free, grabs The Bear from behind and hits a German Suplex on the big man! Cover! ONE … TWO … No! The Bear kicks out! Both men get to their feet but Senecca takes down The Bear again with a Big Boot! Senecca then goes to the ropes and hits a BIG SPLASH on his return.

Jeffrey: Senecca is bringing it to The Bear!!

Fired up, Senecca waits and taunts The Bear back to his feet. Senecca strikes - The Bear breaks free and hits a clubbing blow to the back of Senecca. The Bear sets up for a suplex - Senecca reverses - lifts The Bear - hits THE PLUNGE!! Senecca covers The Bear of Bad News!! ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Carson: The Bear of Bad News has been eliminated!

ELIMINATION #2: The Bear of Bad News by Senecca

Phoenix: Senecca hits The Plunge! The Bear is out!
Roberts: Wow! What a start for Senecca!
Jeffrey: And what a debut for The Bear, who proved he can certainly hang with the best!

”BAD NEWS” by Aries hits the PA system. The trap beat kicks in as Richard Estevez steps out on stage.

Carson: from Orange County, California, weighing in at 220lbs… RICHARD … EEEESTEVEZ!!

Phoenix: And we continue with another debutant in Richard Estevez! I’ve seen this guy work and let me tell you, he is fast and he is impactful! He has a mean strike when he’s had his best!
Roberts: But if he wants to get anywhere in this match, he has to do what The Bear couldn’t and get through Senecca!
Jeffrey: Richard Estevez is street smart, that much is obvious. The real question is: is he ring smart?

ENTRANT #4: Richard Estevez

Estevez tries the approach of speed and agility as he runs at Senecca, ducks his oncoming clothesline, jumps on the ropes and springboards back into a flying elbow which knocks Senecca down on his back. Estevez then runs to the ropes and sprinboards again this time into a MOONSAULT! He makes a cover.. ONE … NO! Senecca kicks out!

Phoenix: And as if to prove a point, Senecca kicked out at ONE!
Jeffrey: That’s gotta be a confidence killing move right there!

Estevez sends Senecca to the ropes but Senecca reverses momentum and sends Estevez instead. Upon his return, Senecca takes out Estevez with a back body drop. Estevez stumbles back to his feet but falls into the waiting arms of Senecca who lifts him up and hits THE PLUNGE!! Senecca covers! ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Carson: Richard Estevez has been eliminated!

ELIMINATION #3: Richard Estevez by Senecca

Phoenix: Wow! Quick victory for Senecca, which is essentially in this kind of match!
Jeffrey: Senecca is now the one to beat as he’s put away two opponents!

”You’re Not Ready” by Skillet hits the PA system and the biggest pop of the match so far goes to the NEW 4CW Custom Cup Champion.

Carson: on his way to the ring, the NEEEEW 4CW Custom Cup Champion … XAVIEEEEER … AVANA!!

Phoenix: And as Carson alluded to, Avana of course already competed earlier tonight in that First Blood match so it has to be questioned how much Avana has left tonight!
Jeffrey: He may have already competed tonight but the 13 Ghost Gauntlet only comes around once a year! If he pulls this off, he could challenge for another title and become double champion!
Roberts: That’s all well and good but two other people have failed to put away Senecca yet and Avana is going to have to find the solution to have any hopes of winning this Gauntlet!

ENTRANT #5: Xavier Avana

Avana circles the ring with Senecca then locks up in the middle of the ring. Senecca transitions into a side headlock.

Phoenix: Senecca in control as we hit the fifteen minute mark.

Senecca sends Avana to the ropes and takes him out with a clothesline. He follows this up with a belly-to-belly suplex and then a leg drop. Senecca covers … ONE … TWO … KICKOUT!!

Roberts: Avana’s got plenty of fight left in him still!
Jeffrey: It’s all well and good until his body simply gives out!

Senecca ends Avana to the ropes. Senecca unleashes a Big Boot, but Avana ducks and hits a neckbreaker! Cover! ONE … TWO … Senecca kicks out! Avana goes to the corner and climbs the top rope. Avana goes for a big elbow drop but Senecca rolls out of the way. Senecca then follows up by lifting Avana up and hitting THE PLUNGE for the third time in this match! ONE .. TWO … NO!! AVANA KICKS OUT!!

Phoenix: Wow! Senecca hit The Plunge but it simply wasn’t enough!
Roberts: The heart and spirit of Avana is burning brightly right now!

Senecca cannot believe that Avana kicked out. Frustrated, he lifts Avana up for ANOTHER Plunge, but Avana manage to escape Senecca’s grip. Avana whips Senecca to the corner and then suddenly hits the HELLUVA KICK!!

Phoenix: BENT OUTTA SHAPE!! Avana hits it clean!!
Roberts: Is this it?! ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Carson: Senecca has been eliminated!

ELIMINATION #4: Senecca by Xavier Avana

”Inked in Blood” by Sigh hits the PA system. Hazel comes out on to the stage to a big pop.

Carson: On her way to the ring, from Everywhere… and NOOOOWHERE … weighing in at 128lbs … SHE IS … WITCH … HAAAAAZEL!!

Phoenix: Witch Hazel has plenty of experience in the 13 Ghost Gallows match! This is her fourth career appearance in the match, but she has never won it! She will look to change that tonight!
Jeffrey: Well if she wants to pull off that feat, she has a hell of a long way to go!

Witch Hazel excitedly comes down the ramp, running down the barricade in her signature style, before heading into the ring to come face to face with Xavier Avana. Avana offers a handshake, to which Hazel excitedly accepts like a child being offered a high five, and then they circle each other and lock up in the middle of the ring.


Avana puts Hazel into a side headlock. Hazel reverses and sends Avana to the ropes. She ducks his clothesline and on the rebound takes him out with a dropkick! Avana is quick to his feet and eats a hurricanrana from The Silver-Haired Sorceress. Avana gets up and eats a SOLE SORCERY BIG BOOT from Hazel! COVER! ONE … TWO … KICKOUT!!

Phoenix: Hazel has come into this match strong but can she keep up the momentum?

Hazel lines up Avana for a shotgun dropkick, but he sidesteps out of the way and counter with a standing elbow drop. Avana follows up by picking up Hazel and hitting a suplex, then making a cover! ONE … TWO … KICKOUT!!

Avana sends Hazel to the corner and runs up taking her out with a corner clothesline. Hazel slouches to the bottomrope and Avana runs forward and hits the CANONBALL!!

Phoenix: And there’s the PHOENIX EGG!!

Avana picks up Hazel and puts her back into the corner. He runs at her for a Helluva Kick - but Hazel ducks under - grabs Avana - NILSWITCH!!

Roberts: I really thought Hazel had him there!

Hazel doesn’t give up; he picks up Avana and sends him to the ropes, hitting the shotgun dropkick on the second attempt!

Roberts: There’s the Boomstick!

Hazel feels the crowd as she jumps back to her feet and grabs Avana, setting him up for another Nilswitch - but no, Avana spins out! He whips Hazel to the ropes, runs after - HELLUVA KICK!!

Phoenix: Hazel is BENT OUTTA SHAPE!!

Avana covers Hazel! ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Carson: Witch Hazel has been eliminated!

Elimination #5: Witch Hazel by Xavier Avana

”Roadgame” by Kavinsky hits the PA system. Avana, having been through two opponents already, looks a little flustered by his next challenge.

Carson: On his way to the ring, from London, England, weighing in at 239lbs … REUBEN … KOOOJO!!

Phoenix: One half of the Synth City Thrillers, also known as The Knockout King, Reuben Kojo is not a man to be messed with! He was undefeated in his MMA career, going 6-0 before changing lanes and becoming a pro wrestler!
Jeffrey: And his matches are always explosive! This man can put your lights out on a dime!

Kojo heads down to the ring and enters it. He stares down his less than one hundred percent opponent and gives him a nod of respect. The bell rings.


Kojo grabs Avana and throws him into the corner with ease. Kojo takes him out with a big forearm in the corner. When Avana stumbles out, he hits him with another brutal forearm to the back of the head!! Kojo covers! ONE … TWO … AVANA KICKS OUT!

Jeffrey: How was Avana not unconscious?
Phoenix: He has resilience in spades, that much has always been clear!

Kojo takes Avana out with a body slam. He then sends Avana to the ropes and takes him out with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Another cover! ONE … TWO … KICKOUT! Kojo continues his offence, sending Avana to the ropes and hitting the SYNTHBUSTER!! Kojo then gets back to his feet and lines up Avana for the KOJO KICK - but Avana swiftly ducks under it and takes out Kojo with a SUPERKICK!!

Avana heads to the rop - Kojo starts to get back to his feet - Avana flies off, hitting the SHOOTING STAR DDT with aplomb!!

Phoenix: BURN OUT!!

Avana covers Kojo to get the ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Carson: Reuben Kojo has been eliminated!

Elimination #6: Reuben Kojo

Phoenix: Wow! Avana put away Kojo and faster than I was expecting!
Jeffrey: It’s smart! In this match, your victories need to be short and sweet! Or you’ll never have the energy to go all the way!

”Numb” by Linkin Park hits the PA system.

Carson: On his way to the ring, from Helston, England, weighing in at 14 stone, THE MAN WHO ONCE MADE A COW TAP OUT … PHIL … MCGROIN!!

Phoenix: When it comes to experience in the 13 Ghost Gauntlet, McGroin may be a dark horse here! Not only did he WIN the whole match in 2018, this will also be his fourth overall appearance in the match! Only one man, Eddie Wolfbaine, has won the 13 Ghost Gauntlet twice! Can Phil McGroin make history and repeat the feat tonight?

McGroin gets into the ring and almost immediately locks up with Xavier Avana, who is now more than tired.

Phoenix: This match has been going on for almost twenty five minutes and Avana has already been through three opponents, I’m not sure how much more he can take!

Avana fights back and throws McGroin into the corner. He charges at McGroin for a Helluva Kick, but McGroin moves out of the way and hits a smooth Fisherman’s Suplex, which gets him a two count. McGroin then locks in a side headlock on the recovering Avana.

Jeffrey: Just wearing down Avana like this is a great strategy!

Inside the ring, Avana fights back with some elbows to the gut, then drops down and hits McGroin with an uppercut to the face. McGroin stumbles back to his feet in recovery and Avana continues his comeback with a clothesline and then a dropkick! Avana sends McGroin to the ropes. He goes for a clothesline, McGroin ducks, hooks up Avana - EGGCUTION DDT!!


Carson: Xavier Avana has been eliminated!

Phoenix: Well it wasn’t to be for Avana in the Gauntlet tonight - but at least he can say he is 4CW Custom Cup Champion again!

Elimination #7: Xavier Avana by Phil McGroin

”Wayfarer” by Kavinsky hits the PA system. The crowd pops as the other half the Synth City Thrillers comes out onto the stage.

Carson: On his way to the ring, from Leeds, England, weighing in at 215lbs, The Keeper of the Keys … DEVON … DRUMMOND!!

Phoenix: Here comes Devon Drummond, one-half of Synth City Thrillers. The 26 year old is here to prove tonight, like his partner tried to prove earlier in this match, that he is just a big a star on his own as he is in his tag team. If Drummond could win tonight, he would put a lot of people in their place!

Drummond slides into the ring and lines up to his opponent Phil McGroin.


McGroin and Drummond lock up in the middle of the ring. Drummond sends McGroin to the ropes and takes him down with a Japanese arm drag. They run it back and Drummond takes out McGroin again with a Japanese arm drag. The third time, McGroin stops in his tracks, thinking he’s outsmarted Drummond, but Drummond instead hits a standing dropkick to take down McGroin and make a quick cover! ONE … TWO … NO! McGroin kicks out!

Drummond goes right back on the offence with a side headlock before sending McGroin to the ropes. McGrpin ducks a clothesline, stops, spins Drummond around and takes him out with a standing dropkick. Cover! ONE … TWO … kickout!

McGroin locks Drummond into a seated headlock and starts mouthing off to Drummond.

McGroin: You think you’re the submission big shot around here don’t you? Well in case you haven’t heard, I made a cow tap out!!

Phoenix: McGroin running his mouth as always.
Roberts: If he’s not careful, the keeper of the keys might lock it shut!

Inside the ring, Drummond has worked his way back to his feet. Before he can fight his way out of the headlock, McGroin sends him to the ropes - only to pull him back and hit a DDT! Cover! ONE … TWO … Kickout!

McGroin quickly gets up and locks up Drummond, turning him over into a sharpshooter!

Jeffrey: Looks like McGroin is gonna put his money where his mouth is. Can he force Drummond to tap out?
Phoenix: Well, I can tell you one thing - no one has ever done it!

Drummond clenches as he tries to withstand the pain of the sharpshooter. He takes deep breaths and tries to claw his way towards the ropes, but McGroin senses the movement and pulls him back two strides. Drummond changes tact and flips around, kicking McGroin away and breaking the submission.

Roberts: He got out!

McGroin recovers quickly but so does Drummond, who takes down McGroin with the Beat of the Drummond European Uppercut!

Phoenix: Beat of the Drummond, square on the chin!
Roberts: McGroin is rocked!

With McGroin down, Drummond pounces and locks in the Kimura Lock!!

Phoenix: And Drummond has The Padlock locked in!!
Jeffrey: Oh no…
Roberts: This could be it!

McGroin shows some fight but Drummond’s lock is cinched in tight. Drummond gets impatient and jerks the arm and with a vicious roar, McGroin TAPS OUT!!

Phoenix: McGroin taps! And more than that, Drummond may have broken his arm!
Roberts: That was a rough fall for McGroin! I hope he’s not injured, annoying as he is!

Carson: Phil McGroin has been eliminated!

Elimination #8: Phil McGroin

Phoenix: And this is a pretty big win for Drummond, considering McGroin is a former winner of this match! But Drummond has a long way to go yet!
Roberts: That’s right! We’re due for Ghost #10, who’s it gonna be?

”Supernova Goes Pop” by Powerman 5000

Carson: And introducing next, from Atlantic City, New Jersey, weighing in at 220lbs, 4CW HALL OF FAMER … JACK … VAAAAAALENTIIINE!!


Valentine looks beat up from his earlier fight, with a few stitches on his head, but he still has his signature shit-eating grin on his face.

Phoenix: Well, well, it seems we haven’t seen the last of Valentine tonight!
Robertts: Even though he looks as smug as he does, it has to be an act. He’s already been busted open tonight and he lost the Custom Cup Championship!
Jeffrey: That’s the thing though! You never corner a Mad Dog! Valentine is out for blood still, he hasn’t got his fill yet!
Phoenix: I guess we will see how he does against Drummond here!

The bell rings, and the match begins. Jack Valentine and Devon Drummond lock eyes, each aware of the other's abilities. They cautiously circle each other, looking for an opening. After going back and forth with various grapple attempts and runs to the ropes, Valentine takes the initiative and launches himself off the ropes with a crossbody. Drummond anticipates it and catches Valentine mid-air, transitioning smoothly into an armbar submission.

Phoenix: A smooth reversal from Drummond! Valentine is in trouble early!

Valentine writhes in pain, desperately searching for an escape. He manages to twist his body and break free..

Jeffrey: Valentine narrowly escaped that submission attempt! Veteran instinct!
Phoenix: And I think Drummond knows if he wants to win this, he needs definitive and quick eliminations! Great strategy!

Drummond and Valentine lock up in the middle of the ring again. This time, Valentine knees Drummond in the gut and hooks him up for a picture perfect suplex! Valentine then picks up Drummond and hits another beautiful suplex. Valentine then sets up Drummond and locks in the Figure Four Leg Lock!

{Phoenix: And now it’s Valentine’s turn to apply the pressure!

Drummond writhes in pain as Valentine intensifies the lock. Drummond tries to reach back to the ropes but Valentine is firmly rooted in the middle of the ring. Instead Drummond leans forward, grabs Valentine’s head and punches him right in the stitched wound from earlier. Valentine gasps and loosens the hold and Drummond is able to shake his way out.

Valentine stumbles to his feet and walks into a Northern Lights Suplex! ONE .. TWO … NO!! Valentine kicks out. Drummond picks up Valentine and sets him up for the Cross-Legged Samoan Driver.

Phoenix: Drummond setting up - is it Coming Home?

Valentine wriggles out of the hold and pushes Drummon from behind. Drummond almost flies into the referee, who cowers and covers himself up for protection. During this distraction, Valentine throws a boot right up in between the legs of Drummond!

Phoenix: Blatant low blow from Valentine - and the referee didn’t see it!

Valentine grabs Drummond before he can even fall to the floor and hits the FLEA SHOT DDT!! Valentine covers and he gets the ONE … TWO .. THREE!!

Carson: Devon Drummond has been eliminated!

Elimination #9: Devon Drummond

Phoenix: Drummond was on a bit of a run but Valentine’s dirty tactics have stolen him the spot in the Gauntlet!
Jeffrey: It ain’t cheating if the referee doesn’t see it, Scott, as you know.
Phoenix: Hmmm…
Roberts: We only have three ghosts left to enter - who will be #11?

”Good Times” by Finger Eleven hits the PA system. Out comes 4CW Hall of Famer Supreme to a big pop!

Carson: On his way to the ring, from Supremeville, USA, weighing in at 240lbs… SUUUUPREME!!


Phoenix: Now this is interesting! Supreme and Valentine have a storied history as both friends and enemies! But only one of them can advance in this Gauntlet!
Jeffrey: And you know both men will do everything they can to be the one who carries on!
Roberts: Valentine has already proven how far he will go - he’s bloody again for the second time tonight after Drummond punched his stitches open!

Supreme enters the ring and he and Valentine circle each other, making comments to each other that the mics are unable to pick up. Eventually they lock up in the middle of the ring. Supreme has the weight advantage and whips Valentine into the corner.

Phoenix: This match has been going for thirty three minutes and both men are quite fresh in terms of this match - but let’s not forget Valentine is in his second match of the night!
Jeffrey: And Supreme is completely and one hundred percent rested - he has a distinct advantage here!

Supreme unleashes a flurry of knife edge chops in the corner, tearing apart Valentine’s chest. Valentine gasps and clutches his chest as he stumbles out of the corner but Supreme clobbers him in the back of the head with a vicious clothesline and makes a cover! ONE … TWO …. NO! Valentine kicks out!

Phoenix: Supreme showing why he is … well, Supreme!
Roberts: Valentine will feel that in the morning for sure!

Valentine tries to roll away from Supreme but Supreme is ready. He grabs Valentine around the waist and gut wrenches him into a powerbomb! Another cover! ONE … TWO … kickout!

Supreme stalks Valentine and hits a German Suplex, then follows up with a clothesline to the seated Valentine for another cover! ONE … TWO … NO!

Phoenix: Valentine is hanging in there but he’s clearly on the back foot here!
Roberts: Has he reached his limit for the night?
Jeffrey: Of course he hasn’t! Are you guys forgetting this is the longest-reigning 4CW World Champion of all time?
Phoenix: Of course not, Ray - but Valentine has been through the ringer tonight!

Supreme pulls Valentine to his feet and sets up another German Suplex, but Valentine this time manages to land on his feet. Supreme senses his opponent didn’t hit the mat on his back and spins around - and eats a Superkick! Valentine makes the cover! ONE … TWO … NO! Supreme kicks out!

Jeffrey: I told you he wasn’t done!
Roberts: That might have been all Valentine had left!
Jeffrey: Shut up, Roberts!

Valentine sets up Supreme for the Flea Shot DDt but Supreme escape his grasp. Supreme goes for a clothesline but Valentine ducks and runs to the ropes. On his return, Valentine goes for a clothesline that Supreme ducks. Supreme grabs Valentine and hits a Saito Suplex. Valentine rolls through the impact and gets back to his feet. Valentine charges forward and hits a forearm smash. Supreme retaliates with a ROARING ELBOW!!

Phoenix: SUPREME ANNOYANCE! ONE … TWO … NO!! Valentine kicks out!!
Roberts: But Supreme isn’t done!

Supreme sets up for the Supreme Compromise Fisherman’s Suplex but Valentine blocks the lift. While in the hold and unseen by the referee, Valentine throws his fingers up and rakes Supreme’s face. He then grabs Supremem and hits the FLEA SHOT DDT!!


Carsom: Supreme has been eliminated!

Elimination #10: Supreme

Jeffrey: Yes! Valentine pulls out another win!
Roberts: By cheating again!
Jeffrey: I saw nothing!

”Aces High” by Iron Maiden hits the PA system and the crowd gives the hottest pop of the match so far. Out comes Top Gun, who absorbs the crowds adulation proudly.

Carson: On his way to the ring, from Barry, South Wales, weighing in at 185lbs, TOP GUN .. TOMMYYYYY … YOOOOOUNG!!


Phoenix: And Tommy Young is in the unique position of being the winner of the LAST 13 Ghost Gauntlet! So he knows exactly what he has to do to win!
Roberts: That’s right! In 2020, he won the 13 Ghost Gauntlet and defeated Madeline Phoenix to finally get the win! Can Young make it two in a row this year? Will history repeat itself?
Jeffrey: Anything you say is automatically wrong, Roberts, so no… that won’t be happening.
Phoenix: Well, if it is to happen, Tommy Young has to get past Jack Valentine! Of course he is no stranger to Jack Valentine, He has been embroiled in his mentor’s feud with Valentine over the past couple years and this is their first interaction since White defeated Valentine at Revival!
Jeffrey: I can guarantee you Valentine still harbours some bad blood!
Roberts: I can guarantee you so does Young!

As Young makes his way down to the ring, Valentine is grinning inside of it. He is exhausted, he is bloody - but he is inexplicably grinning. Young rolls into the ring and gets straight into Valentine’s face. The two exchange words and Young shows no signs of backing down, even offering Valentine the first punch.

Valentine chuckles and steps away as if he is above such things, then comes back and hits a vicious forearm! The forearm rocks Young but he laughs it off and comes back with a forearm of his own! The two then start throwing lefts and rights, faster and faster, in the middle of the ring.

Being the fresher man, Young overpowers Valentine and sends him into the corner, before taking him out with a shotgun dropkick! Valentine falls and eats a springboard leg drop! Young then goes back to the ropes and hits a springboard moonsault!! After the cool combination of hard hitting shots, Young hooks the leg! ONE … TWO … NO! Kickout!

Phoenix: Young has come out firing on all cylinders, ready for take off!
Jefffrey: Yeah, well I hope the little dweeb crashes and burns! Let’s go Mad Dog!!

Young and Valentine get to their feet and Young continues his offence with a running start into a sling blade!

Phoenix: Young isn’t wasting any time! He knows if he wins this one he only has one more opponent to go, and he needs to be as fresh as possible!

With Valentine down, Young wastes no time jumping up to the top rope. He then jumps off with a Flying Elbow Drop - the Tomohawk Missile - but Valentine ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!

Jeffrey: Veteran instinct from the Hall of Famer!

Young writhes in pain as Valentine stumbles, picking him up and setting up for The Flea Shot! Young spins out of Valentine’s grasp though and pushes him towards the referee! As Valentine stops his own momentum and once again the referee covers themselves up, YOUNG THROWS A KICK RIGHT INTO THE GROIN OF VALENTINE!

Phoenix: A low blow from Young to Valentine!
Roberts: Turnabout is fair play!
Jeffrey: Shut up Roberts, you piece of shit!” No-one fucking asked you!
Roberts: Touchy are we, Ray?

Young rolls up Valentine and just for good measure grabs the tights for leverage as the referee counts ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Carson: Jack Valentine has been eliminated!

Elimination #11: Jack Valentine

Phoenix: How fitting that the cheat master got cheated out of the Gauntlet!
Jeffrey: grumble grumble…

Valentine is irate as he rolls out of the ring, holding his nads in pain. Inside the ring, Young motions that he outsmarted Valentine and waves him off as he heads up the ramp.

Phoenix: So now Tommy Young has one more opponent - but who is it going to be? Who is the thirteenth ghost?

The stage lights go out for a few moments, then flicker a few times before giving out again.

Jeffrey: Ooh, who's our mystery entrant #13 gonna be? And the even bigger question: Will they help cover the light bill?!

The lights return in the form of an eerie orange spotlight. The crowd erupts in recognition when they lay eyes on the miniature wrestling ring now that now sits in the middle of the stage, with a mannequin version of Tommy Young standing in it.

Jeffrey: Creepy!
Roberts: Could this really be who we think it is?!

The mannequin is held upright by an assortment of long black strings that reach all the way up to the darkness of the rafters, and he's standing in a victory pose. All at once, the many strings are cut from somewhere above, and the mannequin falls, limp, to the mat.  And then...


The whole ring goes up in flames, blazing violently like a tire fire!

The keyboard intro of "Nocturnal Strains" by Eternal Tears of Sorrow slithers into the speakers, and as the track kicks into full gear, a blast of red pyro goes off -- accompanied by the appearance of Madeline Phoenix in full Willow the Widow gear, gas mask and all! The legions of Mad Phoenix fans roar once more!

Jeffrey: Scott, you dog! How'd you keep this one under wraps?!
Phoenix: I didn't...

Willow takes off running for just a moment, then performs a front roll to carry herself to the edge of the ramp, where she remains in a lowered stance. Dim purple lighting overtakes the stage as she rises up, removes her gas mask (to reveal that she's wearing the classic folded bandana over her face) and raises it high in the air!

Carson: And the final gauntlet entrant, your "13th Ghost"... hailing from Widow's Hill and weighing in at 125lbs... a very special Gallows End appearance by WILLOW THE WIDOOOW!

Willow heads down the ramp, walking with her characteristically odd gait and turning in circles, eyeballing the fans as she makes her way along.

Roberts: What a return entrance from Madeline Phoenix!
Jeffrey: I know you're like, extra-shocked, but it's time to your thing Scotty...
Phoenix: Willow's mannequin show seems to show Tommy Young set for victory, only for it all to be burned away -- will this omen come true, or can Tommy Young pull off the biggest win of his career here at Gallows End '23?!
Jeffrey: WOO! Man that gets me so hard!
Roberts: *shudder*
Phoenix: And we talked about history repeating itself - the last Gauntlet saw Tommy being the thirteenth ghost to end Madeline’s chances of winning who was the runner up - are we about to see the reverse, where Madeline - or maybe I should say Willow the Widow - ends Young’s dream of a back-to-back Gauntlet win, by taking back what she feels should have been hers last time?


Willow the Widow arrives in the ring and stares down her opponent, who stares right back. There is definitely a mutual respect between the two, but there is no love lost in this battle. Both of them realise the stakes as a “HOLY SHIT” chant breaks out.

Phoenix: A rematch of the 2020 13 Ghost Gauntlet Final! HERE - WE - GO!!

Willow and Young slowly begin to circle the ring. They eye each other up, estimating what their opponents positioning and movement will be like, then lock up in the middle of the ring. Young locks Willow into a side headlock, then transitions into a whip to the ropes. He positions himself for a strike but Willow comes back mirroring his strike pose! He steps back, and she copies him almost identically. He circles her and Willow once again mimics him.

Phoenix: The Shadow Puppet looms - playing mind games with Tommy Young!
Roberts: She’s reading him like a book!

Young decides to go on the offence and charges at Willow with a clothesline. She swiftly avoids the strike, grabs Young from behind and lifts him up, hitting an Ushigiroshi!

Phoenix: Willow’s Knee! She’s not messing around!

Willow makes the cover! ONE … TWO … NO! Young kicks out! Despite the big impact move, Young finds the strength to roll back to his feet, clutching the back of his head. Willow simply stands ready to strike, staring a hole at him. She makes the slightest movement with her hand for him to bring it and he charges. Willow turns him into the tilt-a-whirl gutbuster!

Phoenix: Jilt-a-whirl! Willow is not letting up!

Another cover! ONE … TWO -- NO! Young kicks out a little faster this time!

Roberts: And Young is as defiant as ever!

Willow sends Young into the corner and chases after him taking him out with a clothesline in the corner. She then grabs his head into a headlock and hits a bulldog! She then rolls through gets to her feet and hits a dropkick! Cover! ONE … TWO … No! Young kicks out!

Phoenix: Willow has not been seen since Revival when she lost the Universal Title to Dark Lotus… so it’s probably safe to assume that she’s been preparing for this for a long time. She is definitely more physically rested! And that is proving a crucial advantage here as she really is taking Young through the ringer!
Jeffrey: You know what? If Valentine couldn’t win this thing I’ll take Willow as my second choice! She’s a bit… odd, but at least she isn’t a dweeb on the level of Tommy Young!

Willow picks up Young again but he starts to fight back with a flurry of punches. He gains some space and manages to knock Willow down with a clothesline. She gets right back up and eats a forearm! Then she eats another forearm! Then another! Young sends her to the ropes - hurricanrana hit with perfection!

Willow rolls through and comes at Young but Young ducks under and takes out Willow with a Pele Kick! Cover! ONE … TWO … NO! Willow kicks out! Willow sits right back up but Young is ready and hits an Enziguri! Another cover! ONE … TWO … NO! Kickout!

Phoenix: This frenetic pace will favour both competitors until one of them makes a mistake - and then it could spell the end! But Young is in the pilot seat now!

Young gets back up and starts to unleash his Gatling kicks as soon as Willow gets to a kneeled position. After unleashing six of them, Young finishes up with a Roundhouse Kick! Young then heads to the top rope!

Phoenix: It looks like Young is ready to end this one! He’s going where he’s most comfortable, to the top rope!!

Young looks down at Willow and hits the BOMBS AWAY SWANTON BOMB with authority! COVER! ONE … TWO … TH--NOO!! WILLOW KICKS OUT!!

Roberts: I thought that was it!
Jeffrey: Willow kicks out!

Young stumbles to his feet in disbelief but doesn’t stray from his path. He immediately lifts Willow to continue his offence, Young sets up Willow for the Facebreaker DDT. He is about to strike, when Willow rolls out of his grasp. There’s a quick hammerlock transition from WIllow and then she hits the STONECASTER DDT OUTTA NOWHERE!!

Phoenix: This has to be it!

COVER!! ONE .. TWO … TH—NO!!! YOUNG KICKS OUT!! Willow rolls away, looking somewhat stunned that she didn’t put Young away but the cogs are already turning for her next move. Willow stalks Young as he stumbles to his feet. She grabs him, setting him up for the MARE DE LUNE - but Young sees it coming and pushes her away! Willow spins on the spot and Young drop her into the ropes with a drop toe hold. He runs at her, grabs the rope - TIGER FEINT KICK!!

Phoenix: Tiger Feint Kick! And we know what follows!!

As Willow stumbles up to her feet, Young sprinboards off the top rope and flies off, hitting a FLYING FOREARM!!

Roberts: ACES HIGH!!
Phoenix: COVER!!
Roberts: ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Carson:  Here is your winner of the 2023 13 GHOST GAUNTLET… TOP GUUUUN… TOMMY YOUNG!!

”Aces High” by Iron Maiden blasts through the speakers as the crowd ERUPTS for the big and frankly, unexpected victory. Young falls to his knees as the confetti falls.

Phoenix: AND HISTORY HAS BEEN MADE!! Tommy Young becomes the first-ever BACK TO BACK winner of the 13 Ghost Gauntlet!
Roberts: An incredible achievement for the young man who has frankly become one of the most accomplished stars in the industry! The only big achievement that has avoided him now is becoming a World Champion - and he will have the opportunity to do that - against his mentor no less - some time in the future with this victory!
Jeffrey: Well, he’s still a little dweeb but I can’t deny that was impressive as hell!

The confetti continues to fall and the crowd are going absolutely beserk as Tommy Young climbs the turnbuckle to celebrate with them. As he does so, we cut to a video package for upcoming Storm Front show tickets.


The camera pans over the capacity crowd as Watch Me Burn  by Atreyu blasts over the PA. The atmosphere is nearing fever pitch as anticipation for the main event builds. Finally, the camera settles on the smiling faces of the announce team.

Phoenix: Coming up next, the most anticipated match of the year, the Iron Man match for the 4CW Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship! But first I would like to thank Atreyu for their apparently yet to be written song, Watch Me Burn!
Jeffrey: What?! Yet to be written? Don’t you meant yet to be released?
Phoenix: Actually, I don’t Ray. Our resident time traveller Quentin Cosmo apparently made the deal with the band about six months from now, and brought it back for us to use.
Jeffrey: But, wait a minute… If Cosmo brought it back from the future, but it hasn’t even been written yet, and if a deal was made, then these guys probably watch the show, so they’ve heard the song tonight… The one they haven’t written yet… So, they got inspired to write a song by their own song that they haven’t written yet?! Oh gawd… my head hurts….

Both Phoenix and Roberts look incredulously at Jeffrey as he struggles with this paradox in motion. A small line of blood trickles out of his nose as panic begins to set it.

Roberts: You ok there Ray?
Jeffrey: Huh?

Jeffrey looks down at his notes and sees the red spots on the paper.

Jeffrey: Oh shit! I need a towel!
Phoenix: Ahem, yes, I… Uh, I try not to think about it…. Anyhow, it looks like the time is now! Up next, our main event of the evening!

The stage erupts in flames all across as “Majesty” by Bury Tomorrow hits the PA system. As the song plays, images of dragons burning cities and fighting in the air are shown.

The time it takes for hope to break and fear to climb
The walls you make, the plans we fake to stay in line

We trust in corruption
The comfort we find in disfunction
We invest in our destruction

For all I've seen, depriving me of gravity
Distancing, you're calling me majesty

Fog begin to fill the stage and ramp, flooding the arena as the fire still burns across the stage.

A hole is carved, it leaves a mark I can't erase
To live's no curse, it is the knowledge we are slaves
See them circle like vultures and rationalise it as culture
Words worshipped as an alter

The music takes a beat, the fire stops, and then a circle of fire erupts around a circle in the middle of the stage.

For all I've seen, depriving me of gravity
Distancing, you're calling me majesty
A poison spread through a single thread, the agony
Distancing, you're calling me majesty

The music takes another moment to breath, and then as it kicks back in, the ramp ignites, leaving The Scorched Path in its wake.

For all I've seen, depriving me of gravity
Distancing, you're calling me majesty

For all I've seen, depriving me of gravity
Distancing, you're calling me majesty

Cain rises from the circle of burned out circles of flames in the centre stage, coming up from under the stage. The music transitions into “As I Am” by Dream Theatre as he steps off the circle and onto the stage proper. He is wearing an extravagant red-and-green blacklight jacket that protrudes over the shoulders like dragon scales and even has some flares coming off the bottom of the knee-length attire. Cain stretches both arms out as dragons roar on the tron and fire erupts all around him one more time.

Carson: Introducing first, the challenger, from THE SCORCHED PATH, weighing in at 231lbs … 4CW HALL OF FAMER … THE DRAGOOOOON … RHYS … CAAAAAAAAAIN!!

Phoenix: And here he is, the man, the myth, more difficult to get rid of than a colony of cockroaches! Rhys Cain has been a blight on this company for far too long. Let’s hope that changes tonight!
Jeffrey: Wow, Scott! I mean, I’ve never been afraid of displaying my dislike to the pipsqueak, but shit, that was savage! Also, I’m sorry buddy, but I gotta remind you about bias here…

Phoenix turns and glares at Jeffrey. Jeffrey shrinks back in shock, almost ramming into Roberts, who’s been too shocked by Scott Phoenix’s uncharacteristic outburst to say anything.

Jeffrey: Shutting up!

Cain walks down the ramp with a purpose. The crowd is buzzing with boos but his focus is purely on the ring, and his perceived glory in this moment. He rolls into the ring, climbs the turnbuckle and does his classic “looking out to the sea of people'' pose, except this time he emulates breathing fire over the crowd. He jumps down, removes his glowing coat and heads into the corner, so that he can watch the ramp for his opponent.

The light dims and the Tron flickers to life, showing a dark path at night, trees and brush around. Night-time noises are heard, eery sounds of wind in leaves. A deep male voice is heard over the PA quietly speaking;

V/O: When one walks in darkness, people say you must walk alone. To this, I say you are wrong!

A light flares to life in the distance, and begins to move forward towards the camera.

V/O: Darkness walks behind the guiding light, the anchor to my soul. It finds me when I stray, it brings me back from madness. Even when the wild wolf howls, even when the deamon screams, the light is there, guiding me, loving me...

As the light comes closer, Miss Teri coalesces out of the darkness in her ring gear and stops, standing with one hand on her hip, negligently holding a torch in her other, a look of determination on her face. She looks up over her shoulder as a shadow looms in the night and she smiles as Brian White comes in to view to stand behind her, Undisputed Championship over his shoulder. Both look back to the camera, a show of determination and unity.

White: Wherever I may roam, I do not walk alone...

”Wherever I May Roam” by Metallica hits the PA as the crowd scream their favour for the champion.

As the riff hits, pyro and fireworks light up the stage and 4CW’s greatest power couple burst on stage. White pumps the air as he bounds out through the curtains, working up the crowd even further, and lifts up the belt by a single strap. Miss Teri strides out behind and surveys the crowd, hand on hip, smile on face, as White comes to stand next to her. He grabs the belt in both hands and raises it to the air, as a second load of pyro goes off, drowning out the crowd noise for a split second. As it is, the noise level in the arena is reaching dangerous levels as the crowd are near apoplectic in excitement as their champion offers his arm to his wife and they both stride down the ramp towards the ring.

Carson: And introducing, being accompanied by Miss Teri, he is the 4CW Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World, BRIAN “THE FREIGHT TRAIN” WHIIIIIIIIIIIIIITE!!

Phoenix: And here they are, the champion, Brian ‘the Freight Train’ White and the beautiful Miss Teri! Ray, you can stop drooling any time now…

Sounds of Jeffrey frantically wiping his face with the towel he’d found earlier.

Roberts: Rhys Cain is the first real challenger to The Freight Train’s title since he won it at Revival earlier this year. It’s been obvious that Cain has tried to get into White's head these past few months, but it seems that after Mad Dog Valentine’s treatment, nothing much will phase the big man.
Phoenix: And woe betide anyone who’d try what Valentine did again!
Jeffrey: You betcha! Go on Cain, go smack up Miss Teri and have White beat you over the head with your own arms!

Jeffrey cackles as Roberts looks disgustedly at him. Phoenix on the other hand doesn’t say anything but grimly looks to the ring where White is currently sitting on the second rope to help Miss Teri in. Cain exits the ring with a look of disgust and stares up with a sneer as White and Miss Teri both stand in the middle of the ring and enjoy more pyro as White again lifts the belt into the air.

Head Referee Jason Trent enters the ring and takes the belt, lifting it up to show the crowd again before handing it off to the time keeper as the music fades. Miss Teri jumps down off the apron as Cain climbs back in. Trent does his final checks with the competitors and calls for the bell.


Cain strides up to White, getting on tip toe to get as close to nose to nose with the big guy as he could and starts mouthing off about being the best, a hall of famer and the rest of it. White stands there and smirks, taking it all in without a care in the world. Cain, incensed at the lack of reaction, delivers a slap across the face of White, who’s only reaction is the turning of his head.

Jeffrey: Whoa! That may have been a mistake!

With a sudden surge of movement, White grabs Cain’s wrist and launches him into the ropes, delivering a massive back body drop to the surprised Cain on the rebound. The crowd roars in approval as White picks up the smaller man and launches him into a corner, following up with a crushing stinger splash! Cain collapses out of the corner, coughing and trying to get his breath back. He turns to face White again, only to see the big man launch himself towards him. Cain’s eyes visibly widen as White hits the Runaway Train at the 40 second mark and makes the pin.



Phoenix: Incredible! White gets the first pin in under a minute!
Jeffrey: I told ya that slap was a bad idea. And Cain may have just realised now how things have changed since their last dance.


The crowd noise is deafening as Cain lurches to his feet, shaking his head and glaring at White, who’s nonchalantly leaning against the corner where Miss Teri is, just seemingly enjoying some private time with his wife, and chuckling as she says something.

Cain takes a second to re-evaluate his strategy as White gives Miss Teri a cheeky little peck on the cheek before she jumps back down to the floor again. Cain scoffs at this public display of affection, even as the crowds cheer remains a constant noise.

Regaining some of his earlier bravado, Cain moves to the centre of the ring and offers up his hand for a contest of strength. White, showing a faint sign of surprise, reaches out his own hand to take Cain’s proffered hand.

Roberts: Not sure this is a wise move by Cain…

White grasps Cain’s other hand and immediately begins to put the pressure on to Cain, who’s doing his best to brace the big man.

Phoenix: Indeed, you’re correct there James. Not even Ray, would be so foolish!

The commentators all chuckle at this before a groan comes from the crowd as Cain kicks White square in the gut, apparently winding him. Cain smirks as he taps his temple before slamming a double axe handle down on White's exposed back.

Phoenix: I stand corrected, this looks like it was his plan all along…

Cain lands a second double axe handle onto White, forcing him down onto one knee. Cain quickly ruins to the rope, bounces back and drops White to the mat with a bulldog. Miss Teri slaps the mat in frustration as Cain quickly regains his feet and begins stomping into the big mans back, doing his best to keep White face down on the floor. Cain quickly heads to a turnbuckle and jumps to the top. Wasting no time, he leaps forwards, landing a heavy and pointed elbow into White's unprotected sternum! Cain swings himself up to face the crowd, really playing up to the raucous boo’s and derision being sent his way.

Roberts: Cain playing to the crowd, it’s as if he desperately want’s their adoration whilst simultaneously hating them for it!
Jeffrey: Wow, big words there, you read the dictionary instead of getting out and meeting some girls? HA!

Cain’s showboating does however give White the second or two he needs to regain his wind and get to his feet. A big meaty hand thumps down onto Cain’s shoulder, spinning him around, quickly followed by a second, slapping right down his chest! The crowd WOO in appreciation as Cain flinches back, holding his chest in surprise. White advances, rips the protection away from Cain’s chest and lands a second ringing chop. Cain instinctively kicks out, forcing some space and both men stand facing each other, breathing heavily for a second, before Cain, who is standing near the ropes, charges at White in the centre of the ring. The clash with swinging strikes from both sides, anger fuelling adrenaline as neither backs down or lets up the barrage of attacks. White, after a frantic thirty seconds of battering each other with clubbing fists and forearms, lunges forward with a headbutt, forcing Cain back again. White grabs an arm and swings the smaller man into the ropes. On the rebound White ducks down, going for a back body drop, but Cain is going with such momentum that he hops over the big man and runs the opposite ropes. White goes for a lariat that is ducked and Cain hits the ropes a third time, this time launching himself through the air and hitting the big man square in the chest, bowling them both over onto the mat! Cain tries to grab a leg to pin, but White throws the smaller man off before the ref can get in position.

Phoenix: White kicks out with authority! Not even waiting for a single count!
Jeffrey: And it looks like the pipsqueak is mad…

Indeed, Cain looks to the ref as if accusing him of not being fast enough, but before he can do anything about it, White, who has taken this slight distraction to get to his feet, grabs a handful of scalp and lifts the smaller man to his feet. Cain soundly elbows White in the gut, forcing him to let go. With a grunt, Cain lashes out and hits a strike to White's head, followed by a kick to the thigh. Finally, Cain lands another kick to the gut, forcing White's head down. Using the momentum, Cain hits a double underhook DDT, leaving White looking up at the lights. Again, Cain heads to the turnbuckle.

Phoenix: White looks dazed after that Atonement, this could be Cains chance to even things up!

From the top rope, Cain leaps into the air, landing a picture perfect frog splash!


This time the ref is ready and starts the count as Cain hooks a leg.






Phoenix: And at just before the 10 minute mark, Cain has levelled the score at 1 all.
Jeffrey: Hey Scott, well done with keeping the bias down.
Phoenix gives Jeffrey a look that could whither any local flora in the area.
Phoenix: We all have a job to do…

Cain is showboating again in the ring as White regains a vertical base in the corner with Miss Teri. With a few words of encouragement, White nods and turns back to his nemesis.

Both wrestlers meet in the middle of the ring and engage a collar and elbow tie up. Cain pushes with all his might to get the advantage but White is just too powerful and transitions into a side headlock, wrenching at the smaller mans head and neck. Cain tries to lift White up, but quickly gives up on this idea, instead lands some punches to the big mans kidney before managing to push White to the ring ropes. White runs the ropes, bounces deep and heads back towards Cain with additional momentum. Cain tries to go for a clothesline, but White puts his moniker to good use and drives right through the smaller man, knocking him to the mat. With calm certainty, White slows down and turns back to his fallen opponent, scooping him back up and throwing him into the turnbuckle, following up with a stinger splash!

The crowd roar their appreciation as their champion begins to ramp things up. Cain staggers out of the turnbuckle, only to be picked up and cradled by White. With a stride towards the centre of the ring, White jumps up and lands a bone rattling Pavement Slam.

Jeffrey: Damn, I love watching the big guy work sometimes!
Phoenix: Indeed! No-one hits a sidewalk… Sorry, Pavement Slam, quite like the freight train!

Cain rolls towards the ropes and White stands back up, the match pace now firmly in his control. White stalks his prey as Cain uses the ropes to climb back to his feet, only to be picked up and chucked behind with a fallaway slam to the next county!

Roberts: The Freight Train is in full control!

White sits up and looks around, smiling at his handy work as Cain is caught up in the ropes on the far side of the ring, so much momentum White gave him. Again, taking his time, White goes to pick up Cain so he could throw him in a similar, but different manner. The crowd, obviously enjoying the powerhouse domination happening in front of them, scream with rage as Cain rakes White's eyes, blinding the big man and earning himself a warning from Trent. Cain smirks as the ref backs off.

Cain begins to claw back momentum by targeting one of White's legs in an effort to over balance the big guy and weaken his power moves. Dodging around White's strikes, Cain aims kicks to the thigh and calf, before hitting a diving lariat to the back of the knee bring White down to one knee and Cain takes full advantage hitting a Dragon Rage from nowhere!

The crowd goes wild as Cain makes a cover!





White kicks out! Cain is shocked, but Trent is firm. White is holding his knee in pain as Cain quickly gets to his feet, kicks the big man in the face for good measure, forcing the big man to release his knee, and locks in a figure four leg lock! White's roars of pain can be heard over the crowd noise, especially when cain leans back to grab the ropes for extra leverage when the ref isn’t looking! Cain keeps it locked in for nearly thirty seconds, with White refusing to tap out. White begins twisting his body in an effort to turn them both over. Cain does his best to stop this, even grabbing the ropes again, but this time Trent notices and forces Cain to let go, allowing White, with his superior weight, to turn them over and reverse the pressure. Cain shouts in shock as the pain hits and releases as quickly as he can.

Phoenix: Amazing power from White, but he was in that lock for a long time!

Cain, back on his feet, stalks White as he slowly begins to get back up. But as soon as he’s hallway to his feet, Cain charges in with a second Dragon Rage! White hits to floor and Cain covers, notices that the ref seems a little out of position and stacks both legs on the second rope!






Phoenix: That cheating son of a bitch! Ahem… Cain takes the advantage at the 17th minute to make it 2-1. Complete with underhanded tactics if you ask me…
Jeffrey: Well, so much for being unbiased.. You’re right of course, but what the ref don’t see…

Cain is on his knees taking a breather as Miss Teri hops through the ropes to drag her husband back to their corner to reset the battle plan. A quick splash of water and White's eyes spring open, now beginning to show the rage that he’s recently become known for.

Miss Teri: You know what to do! Kick his ass!

White's stance changes at this point. Before he was more stand up, more of a boxing stance, ready to defend as much as attack, now, his stance is lowered, his hands outstretched and held out like claws.

Roberts: White looks more dangerous now than he has throughout this entire match!
Jeffrey: I’d hate to be Cain right now… It looks like White’s about ready to rip his arms out, like I said earlier! HAHAHA!

Cain, deciding the best defence is a good offence, charges in and immediately regrets it, eating a big boot and tasting the mat once again. Cain springs back to his feet, adrenaline keeping him going, only to eat a stunning clothesline! Again, Cain bounces up and runs the ropes, ducking White's clothesline and tries to hit a shoulder block. Cain bounces off the big man as White grins, grabs him before Cain can dodge away and hits a spinning neckbreaker! White pulls him back up as he regains his feet and throws him to the ropes, hitting a spinning spinebuster on the return. Cain curls his back in pain, drawing another grin from White.

Phoenix: Even after nearly twenty minutes, White's power is a marvel to behold!
Roberts: I’ve not seen the ring move like that ever before!

White gets back to his feet again and in much the same way as Cain did earlier in the match, begins stomping a mudhole into his supine opponent before taking a second to bask in the adulation of the crowd. Cain manages to make it to a turnbuckle, where he sits, staring at nothing just long enough for White to charge in, smashing his hip into Cain’s face!

Cain flops down, looking pretty much spent as White manhandles him up to his shoulders.

Jeffrey: Yee Haw! Cain’s going for a ride, and it’s gonna end abruptly!

The crowd roar increases as White takes a few steps and lands the Train Crash, holding the landing as a pin.






Phoenix: And Brian White pulls back a pin to tie it up at two all! With less than ten minutes to go, it’s anyone’s guess as to who’s going to finish with the win.

White stands back up, enjoying the crowds reaction to his and giving himself a few seconds of breather as Cain recovers enough to continue the fight. The look he sends White should’ve left him a smouldering pile of ash, if this were a fantasy world. But, as laser vision and disintegration rays were also both grounds for disqualification, Cain got his breath back and regained his feet.

Phoenix: This has already been a hellacious match, and we still have eight minutes to go!
Roberts: The champion is looking strong, but given Cain’s history, it’s never a good idea to discount him, even at a time like this!
Jeffrey: Eh, the pipsqueak’s on the edge, he’ll be screaming for White to stop before long. Much like your Mom last night, Roberts! HAHAHA!

Cain charges in, feinting to the left before hitting the right knee again with a lariat that would knock most people down. The redwood that is White trembles and lashes down at the smaller man, clocking a double axehandle across the back. Luckily for Cain, this was somewhat deflected by Cain’s own evasive footwork as he danced back and around the big man, charging in again and again, using his superior speed to his advantage. Finally, he gets what he’s looking for, the ref out of position behind the big man. Cain charges in again to face White head on, but as White moves to defend a chop, Cain rakes White's eyes!

Phoenix: It was only a mater of time before we saw these underhanded tactics again!
Roberts: That was a vicious eye rake from the challenger!

As White recovers, Cain smiles around at the cameras, tapping his temple to show his intelligence. The advantage now firmly in his grasp, Cain delivers a heavy kick to the back of White's weakened right knee, forcing the big man down to one knee. Almost out of nowhere, Cain delivers another Dragon Rage as the crowd shout and boo! White just manages to stay on his knee, but is stunned. Cain then turns and delivers a picture perfect Enziguri, which sees White tumble to the mat!

Phoenix: *Sigh* Caput Draconis from the challenger.
Roberts: And a very well executed one too!

Both Jeffrey and Phoenix look at Roberts, who withers under the gazes of both his veteran colleagues.

Roberts: What? It was….

Cain meanwhile is diving deeper into his vicious streak and has decided to put white down for good. Going to a corner, he begins fiddling with the turnbuckle cover. With a look of triumph, he lifts the padded cover up to show the crowd. The ref gets in his face shouting ‘No!’ but doesn’t seem to have any effect on Cain. Instead he moves back towards the recumbent White, who’s turned onto his side, facing a worried Miss Teri reaching through the ropes. She quickly retreats as Cain steps over and begins to lift the massive form of White. He grabs White's shoulder round the front and facing in the opposite direction to the big man, he takes a breath…

Phoenix: Is he, no way… Is Cain going for Avada Kedavra on White?
Jeffrey: Even you gotta admit, that kind of strength and resilience is impressive!

But White regains enough spirit to elbow Cain in the side and block the move. The crowd go wild, whether for the anticipation of Cain landing such a move on a giant, or for their champion regaining enough will to continue the fight, it’s hard to tell. What is obvious is White’s fight back. He begins delivering stinging chops to Cain, forcing him back, before suddenly, he drops to one knee, and delivers a low blow that has White reeling in pain, the crowd roaring in disapproval and the ref again in Cain’s face. Cain takes the refs anger in stride as he again gets into position, this time, using the ropes for added leverage, Cain hits Avada Kedavra, pulling the big man over to land heavily on his shoulders! The crowd go wild!

Phoenix: I can’t believe it! Avada Kedavra from Cain! And yes, after twenty seven minutes, even I have to admit that’s impressive!

Cain goes in for the pin, a sick grin on his face as he faces Miss Teri, who’s desperately reaching into the ring again towards her husband, begging him to get up.






Jeffrey: And there ya have it! Cain’s in the lead again at three to two, and we only have two and a half minutes left! I gotta admit, this is getting good! HA!

Cain pushes the recumbent White off as he kneels in victory, already savouring the final defeat of his perceived nemesis. Looking back at the uncovered turnbuckle, Cain gives White an evil grin. Cain stumbles back to his feet, exhaustion beginning to cash in it’s cheques on Cain battered body as White lies on the mat, seemingly out of it for now.

Cain begins to drag White up to his feet. It takes nearly a minute to get the big man to his feet and near the offending turnbuckle. With a shout, Cain grips the back on White's neck.

Jeffrey: Cain is looking to put this match away for good! Turnbuckle Driver incoming!
Roberts: But does he have the energy left to pull it off?

Cain Tries to lift the big man but fails as the rigours of the last near half hour catch up to him. Still he tries again, before Miss Teri just screams in desperation! White's head jerks up, as if fully awake, slams an elbow back into Cain’s face and reverses position, slamming a shocked Cain head first into the bare turnbuckle! Quickly, White makes a cover.






Phoenix: I can’t believe it! Somehow, White managed the reversal and levelled out the score at three three with less than a minute to go!

Indeed, as White heaves himself back to allow some space, the clock hits the turnbuckle to count down the last ten seconds. The crowd enthusiastically scream the countdown as White heads back into the attack, slamming heavy boots onto his still recumbent victim.

Phoenix: With the clock ticking down, I think I can safely say that is no longer the Freight Train in the ring! It looks like the Deamon has awakened just in time to save this match!

And with that, the clock hits zero, the crowd give a massive pop as the bell strikes.


Phoenix: And there you have it! The match has ended in a draw, though at this point it looks like the Deamon has won it!
Jeffrey: No kidding! He’s flattening Cain into the ring, and I love it!

Suddenly, Red Flag by Billy Talent hits the PA and the general manager, Sery, walks out onto the stage, mic in hand. The crowd cheer even louder in excitement.

Sery: Whoa, whoa whoa whoa big man, no need for that!

White moves his attention to the stage, a snarl escaping in anticipation of a new victim.

Sery: After such an amazing match as that, we can’t have it end on a draw. What do you say 4CW-verse? Ten more minutes?

The crowd raise the roof of the arena and Sery beams at his own cleverness.

Sery: Alright, ring that bell, let’s get this match restarted!

Phoenix: Now here we go! A truly great idea from our GM!
Jeffrey: Not often I say this about Sery, but I gotta agree with ya! This is gonna be good!

The ref looks at the two competitors, recoils slightly from White as he throws his devilish glare on the ref and calls for the bell.


The match restarted, White goes back to work on Cain, who’s barely moved since dropping in front of the turnbuckle. White goes back to stomping before dragging him out into the middle of the ring and dropping a hell of an elbow drop into the small of Cain’s back. The crowd cheer as this finally does get a reaction from Cain as he recoils and grabs at his back in pain. White smiles in anticipation now that he’s seen life in his victim. Going back to work, White lifts Cain back to his feet and whips him into the ropes. On the return journey Cain eats a clothesline from Hell, doing a full three sixty around White's tree trunk like arm. White roars as the adrenaline courses through his body, the crowd roaring alongside. White pulls Cain back up and it’s now obvious that blood s pouring down Cain’s face. As Cain gets his vertical base, White grabs him in a big hug and drops him with a massive body slam! Cover!






Phoenix: The Deamon is dominating this extra time!
Jeffrey: I haven’t seen him like this since Revival! This is brutal!

Cain, coughing a little, tries to climb back to his feet using the ropes, only to have his hair grabbed and pulled up. As his har is still attached, the rest of Cain follows suit, and the look Cain gives his opponent, once full of pride and contempt, now only has room for fear. Desperately, he throws a strike, but White fails to react even slightly! With a cackle, White draws cain into a crushing headlock, yanking at the smaller mans neck before transitioning into an abdominal stretch. Cain groans in pain as he struggles to free himself.

Roberts (voice trembling slightly): White is terrifying now! He’s in complete control of this match!
Jeffrey: For once you’re right Roberts. Say, why does it stink of piss all of a sudden?
Phoenix: It certainly looks like White is punishing Cain now, and frankly, I’m all for it!

White, getting board of the stretches, jerks Cain into a corner, following up with a mighty stinger splash! Cain collapses, coughing as he tries to draw air back into his lungs. White retreats to his corner with Miss Teri, who joins him on the apron, and they both let out a near demonic scream, which the crowd happily emulates. White Leans down, grabbing the middle ropes as if to stop himself from launching across the ring, panting and snarling as Cain slowly gets back to his feet. With a savage war cry, White charges across the ring, slamming into the shocked Cain with what can only be described as a Spear From Hell!

Phoenix: I’ve never had chills go down my spine like that scream! This is intense! White goes for the cover after a truly hellacious spear!
Jeffrey: That train’s taking Cain straight down to hell!






Phoenix: And White brings the score up to five three in his favour. And still, we have four minutes of extra time! I’m not sure Cain can take much more of this!

White is strutting the ring, roaring up to the sky in victory! Miss Teri is smiling in delight and clapping as her man cleans up shop. Cain manages to get onto all fours, shaking his head, trying without much success to stop the trembling in his arms as he tries to regain a vertical base. This focuses White's attention back onto him. Before Cain even has time to think, White Grabs at Cain’s arm, and throws him to the ropes with such authority that Cain topples over the ropes to the outside, where he lands, much like a wet fish, in front of the announcers desk. White cackles to himself as he steps over the top rope and jumps down. He suddenly stops stooping towards Cain and looks up at the desk, a sick look crossing the big mans face and he contemplates a new form of torture.

White steps to the desk and starts clearing the top of screens, papers and whatever else is found there, much to the chagrin of the announcers.

Jeffrey: Hey! What, come on now Brian, stay away from us! Roberts is fragile!

The desk cleared, White turns back to Cain, lying against the ring still. White lifts the stunned man onto his shoulders, turns back to the desk, and hits a Train Crash right through the desk, which explodes, splinters showering the announcers who have retreated as far as they could!

Phoenix: What a train crash! Our desk is history, and it looks like so is Rhys Cain!

White picks up his victim from the rubble of the desk and throws him into the ring. White follows, positions himself in the centre of the ring, slams his foot onto the mat, eliciting a pyro burst of flame from the corners as he draws his thumb across his throat whilst sticking his tongue out. With the clock ticking down the last thirty seconds of the match, White pulls Cain up and over into position to drop a Tombstone Piledriver! The crowd are going mental with the theatrics!

Jeffrey: This is it! The Deamon’s sending Cain straight to HELL!!

White drops Cain with the piledriver, pinning him with the rest in peace, as the last seconds of the match tick away.






Carson  And here is your winner, with six pins to three, BRIAN, “THE FREIGHT TRAIN”, WHIIIIIIIIITTEEEE!!!!!

The crowd go apoplectic as White regains his feet and Miss Teri enters the ring, hand outstretched and approaching White carefully.

Taking his hand in hers and with a few soft words, it seems that the darkness of the Deamon retreats and Brian White is standing blinking in the middle of the ring, looking down at his smiling wife as head referee Jason Trent hands the 4CW Undisputed Championship to him. With a laugh, he raises the belt into the air and takes in the crowd's applause.

Phoenix: Well, that was a little unexpected.
Jeffrey: I guess he wasn’t lying when he was talking about all the anchor of the soul stuff!
Roberts: That was creepy, is what it was!

Jeffrey scoffs, but Phoenix beats him to the punch.

Phoenix: Be that as it may, Brian White retains the 4CW Undisputed Championship in what can only be called a marathon of violence! This has been Gallows End, and we would like to thank you all for joining us. Good Night!


Quick Results:
-Antivists defeated The Black Flame © in a Highway to Hell Street Fight to win the 4CW Franchise Championship
-Quentin Cosmo defeated Jason Crow © to win the 4CW Hardcore Championship
-The Virgin Rose defeated Quentin Cosmo © to win the 4CW Hardcore Championship
-Xavier Avana defeated Jack Valentine © in a First Blood match to win the 4CW Custom Cup Championship
-Neon Moon © defeated Umbra Maxima to retain the 4CW Tag Team Championships
-Dark Lotus © defeated Jon Viper in a Gallows Pole match to retain the 4CW Universal Championship
-Jason Crow defeated The Virgin Rose © to win the 4CW Hardcore Championship
-Quentin Cosmo defeated Jason Crow © to win the 4CW Hardcore Championship
-The Virgin Rose defeated Quentin Cosmo © to win the 4CW Hardcore Championship
-Tommy Young wins the 13 Ghost Gauntlet, defeating Willow the Widow, Jack Valentine, Supreme, Devon Drummond, Phil McGroin, Xavier Avana, Reuben Kojo, Witch Hazel, Senecca, Richard Estevez, The Bear of Bad News and Lola Little
-Brian White © defeated Rhys Cain [6-3] in a 40-minute Ironman match to retain the 4CW Undisputed World Championship

Writing Credit:
Highway to Hell Street Fight, Franchise Title, Black Flame © vs Antivists: Rhys
Hardcore Title shenanigans: Rhys
First Blood, Custom Cup, Valentine © vs Avana: Rhys
Tag Titles, Neon Moon © vs Umbra Maxima: Paige
Universal Title, Gallows Pole, Lotus © vs Viper: Rhys (Lotus entrance - TheSurrealOne)
13 Ghost Gauntlet: Rhys (Willow the Widow entrance - Paige)
World Title, Ironman, White © vs Cain: Gorgrim (Cain entrance - Rhys)

Video Highlights:
Note: Video highlights are only a simulation of the show and will not match the writing exactly.

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By rhys Fri-9-Jun-2023 00:01:00

Admin and 4CW Head Booker · 5,097 comments

I know this show took a long ass time but fear not, the next few shows are already half-written. I am also now finished with my studies until February next year. So there won't be as big a gap for future shows I promise.

Thanks Taker_2004 for the banner!


By Gorgrim Wed-14-Jun-2023 20:29:40

Main Event · 738 comments

Damn fine show Rhys, and I must admit, though it took a while for me to finish, I did enjoy writing that iron man match!

4CW Hall of Fame Class of 2018. Triple Crown Champion 2020. 2 times Universal, 2 times Tag team and 1 Time World Heavyweight Champion.
Wrestler of the Year 2017, Champion of the Year 2017, Most Improved 2017


By rhys Sun-9-Jul-2023 15:29:29

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More shows hopefully coming this next week

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By Pilgrim Paige Mon-25-Sep-2023 21:40:47

The Moon Maiden · 654 comments

This will be a somewhat condensed review compared to how I usually wrote these up in the past, as it's been a while since I read this show and will be skimming for a refresher. Also note that I've missed a few shows along the road to Gallows End.

Gallows End 2022

Black Flame vs Antivists street fight match for Franchise Championship
This is just good old-fashioned faction warfare, with a lot of moving parts and hardcore action. I admit, I'm a bit of a sucker for spots that involve tacks. I've only read a bit of the feud between these two teams, but it's obviously been building up for a while and needed a chaotic payoff. Double-arm DDT on a chair -- brutal stuff, very Jon Moxley. A fairly standard affair on the whole, but it has its moments, as well as a title change. Decent.

Hardcore stuff part 1
Fun little diversion here, with the Crow brothers looking to into time-warpy mischief. Fast & Furious 25 joke got a chuckle.

McGroin graphic
I did this one.

Avana vs Valentine for Custom Cup
Quite a short one. A few good reversals, a close call for Avana and then a kendo shot victory and title win for Avana. It is what it is. Curious as to what Avana's preferred match type will be.

Hardcore stuff part 2
Cool to get a glimpse into the interior of Cosmo's spaceship. Seems to be sort of like a space-themed Cube, for anyone who knows that film. Narrow escape for the Crows here, and it seems Cosmo has some gadget repairs to do.

4CW est. 2004 graphic
I like this one. Simple, clean, highlights the longevity of the fed.

Neon Moon vs Umbra Maxima for tag titles
I wrote this one, put a lot into it. Tag matches are fun to put together.

Hardcore stuff part 3
Subterfuge! Shenanigans! This was a fun way for Cosmo to regain the hardcore belt... until my girl Rose swoops in and clocks him for the pin and title!

Gallows Pole match, Viper vs Lotus
First of all, I have to call attention to the work that went into the entrance/promo material for Lotus. It's a bit like what I did for Willow the Widow back in the day, but takes it way further with the verbal and physical performance material. Really cool stuff, the likes of which I've scarcely seen in e-fedding.
The match itself is pretty solid. In keeping with Gallows Pole tradition, there's some hard hits in this one - to be expected, especially as these two have been under each others' skin for a while. Also unsurprising is that the weight difference has its role to play in this match type. The struggle for the upper hand at the end was entertaining, but the finish left me confused. Mind, I guess that's kinda the point I guess - Viper's wrecking crew is a mystery to us at this time. My best guess as to the role they'll play in future is that faction warfare will be getting some new faces.

Hardcore stuff part 4
Ha. The title swaps back, but only for 10 seconds. "Don’t listen to him, it was all a dream!"  Meyer seems to have been run ragged doing his ref gig. And S&M seem to be up to something...
Good stuff.

13 Ghosts gauntlet
I lack the energy for a proper review. There's always some fun stuff in the chaos of a gauntlet. This one is really fast-paced. I will note that was cool to see Drummond go over Phil McGroin, didn't expect that.  Valentine using dirty tactics to secure a win was expected, however, heh. As much as I love Valentine in his element, it was even better to see him get taken down a peg when Tommy returned the favour! Then we get into the Willow stuff, which I wrote the marionette/entrance material for. I really enjoyed bringing Madeline Phoenix back in with a gimmick throwback for Gallows. We get some appropriately high-octane action here, and in the end, I was thrilled to see Tommy pick up the win! Any plans I have for Madeline going forward will probably unfold slowly over time, and she's been away a while. Tommy, on the other hand, has been a house of fire, is a fave of mine and I'd love to see him make it the top!

Iron Man match for World Chamionship
Pretty satisfying to see Cain's insolence get speared and pinned right from jump street! From there, we get into the competitive and hard-hitting contest we came to expect from this rivalry. Always love an authoritative kick-out from the Freight Train, too. Frog splash is a new one in Cain's arsenal, to my knowledge, and now we have a tie. Some limb targeting. A power struggle from there, and a super near fall off the Dragon Rage! More limb work, a big submission escape and Cain using his speed and dirty tactics to keep White down and tip the scale.  -- this is really solid match structuring and pace. A big second wind gives White the 2-2 tie. Cain always finds a way to get back in it and gets vicious, though. Avada Kedavra is a huge spot to pull off on a man the size of White, that was dope! Now Cain pulls ahead. From here, it's all payoff:  Chekhov's exposed turnbuckle comes back into play, but it backfires on Cain and puts this match to an end at a 3-3 tie. But Sery has other plans, and we get an extra 10 on the clock. White is a house of fire - no, an antire damn forest fire, raging away on Cain the whole time. This is actually something I seem to have missed in the build-up to this one - the whole Daemon thing. As if Brian White wasn't hard enough to handle, now he's gone and found his beast mode! The hits come in so fast and so strong, it practically hurts just to read 'em! A tombstone piledriver caps off the chaos and damn, this thing ends 6 to 3 in favour of White -- what a statement win that is.

All in all, this was a fun one. Not my fave Gallows End of all time, but a solid effort that fits in smoothly with the rich history this PPV has. Onward to WAR!

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~☆~☆~4CW Grand Slam Champ~☆~☆~