10 years of this site...


By Mr Hilds Sun-18-Jun-2023 18:11:56

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Just realised that 3 months ago was my 10 year anniversary on this site. Must be several others celebrating as well.

Congratulations to us all, and fantastic work on keeping this page running for over 10 years now.  We'll done Benji and the rest of the mod squad.



By Gorgrim Sun-18-Jun-2023 18:57:17

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It'll be 10 years in January for me. Does that mean that the history of this site is pushing 20 years now??

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By Witch Hazel Fri-23-Jun-2023 14:09:19

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On Paige's behalf...

Pilgrim Paige wrote

Yeah, 4W goes way back. I've been part of this iteration for about 7 years or so, but 4W / 4CW has been a part of my life for quite a while overall.

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By rhys Sat-24-Jun-2023 11:12:43

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I've been around for 13 years but the forums, as 4w, originated around what, 2004?

Thanks Taker_2004 for the banner!


By benjawi Mon-26-Jun-2023 20:09:43

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2004? Damn. I need to get back onto my rebuild of this place. Would be nice to celebrate 20 years of 4W with a lovely new forum that hopefully get some people using it


By LHeat87 Sun-9-Jul-2023 13:44:30

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Mid 2004 for me! Holy moly does time fly!

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