Going Away/Returning Thread


By Fish Fri-19-Jan-2024 07:01:44

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Hey y'all, old man Fish here.

Just was reading up on the forums - nice to see some updates from y'all, hope to see more like Krone's!

I'm doing ok now. Got Stage 4 Hodgkin Lymphoma (blood cancer) in 2019, but just crossed 3 years of remission last week. It's curable after 5 years of remission. Pretty much won the lottery as far as Stage 4 cancers go. I did everything short of declaring bankruptcy to get the chemo I needed. Got overdosed on the chemo by accident, so I'll have crippling neuropathy the rest of my life.

BUT! I've been able to pivot into a writing job online for the past year or so. Freelance copywriting on Upwork, LinkedIn, Freelancer, etc. I've grown exponentially as an adult in these past 5 years. Realized a lot of laziness and inaction on my part. Never too late to mend fences with folks. I've got the sweetest dog; a yellow lab named Whitney that I've become the primary for and it's enriched my life 10 fold. Getting to know my parents as an adult has been a blast too.

One thing I saw from Hilds - he mentioned Chris died. Chris Shaolin? I got to spend time with him at WrestleMania in Miami 2012 and ROH Showdown in the Sun. We puffed a bowl in the parking lot at WrestleMania next to my car. Hilarious! Only member I've met in person from the forums. Truly hope it's not him.

Love y'all - many thanks for keeping this place alive, benjawi!