4CW Duskfall - December 4, 2022


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4CW Presents… Duskfall
December 4, 2022
Live from Atlanta, Georgia

Phoenix: Welcome everyone to 4CW Duskfall! I’m Scott Phoenix, joined by my Duskfall partners, Ray Jeffrey and Olivia Ito!
Ito: Thanks Scott, it’s great to be here! And tonight, on the last Duskfall of the year, we’re gonna make it one to remember!
Jeffrey: You’re absolutely right, Olivia! Tonight, in our main event, it’s the reformation of Run ‘N Gun to take on Reggit Atebit & Mark Mayhem ahead of the WAR match on New Year’s Eve!
Ito: And if that’s not enough, we also have the 4CW Franchise Championship on the line as Antivists defend against The Black Flame in a match where the title CAN change hands on a disqualification!
Phoenix: But first it’s time for some singles action with our newest talent!

Carson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

”Run For Cover” by Black Honey hits the PA system as rookie Amelia Warhawk steps out on stage to a pretty loud cheer.

Phoenix: Amelia Warhawk, one of the most committed to being the best I’ve ever seen. And she has a storm of a moveset that’ll put down anyone in her path! Tonight, she faces the challenge of Rane!
Jeffrey: And Rane has many years experience here so, somewhat surprisingly, she has to be considered a favourite, right?
Jeffrey: Sound logic, but I’m not so sure on that.

”Superstar” by Lupe Fiasco hits the PA system.

Carson: And her opponent, from Splash, Delaware, weighing in at 140lbs, representing The Supergroup… RANE!!

Rane makes her way onto the stage. Jerome Grayson comes down with her for moral support.

Singles match
Amelia Warhawk vs Rane

Rane starts the match throwing her weight around. She wins the opening lockup and takes down Warhawk. Warhawk quickly fights back to her feet, but eats a clothesline when Grayson trips her up on the apron. Rane throws Warhawk into the corner and hits some knife edge chops but Warhawk switches their positions and unleashes a bunch of chops to the bigger woman.

Warhawk builds her confidence with a dropkick and a hurricanrana. Grayson tries to trip her up again but she sees it coming and lifts her foot, stomping hard on Grayson’s hand. Warhawk walks into a Chokeslam From Well, but manages to land on her feet and reverse the momentum. Warhawk hits The Moonlight Drive! She then goes to the top - SWANTOM BOMB!! Warhawk hooks Rane’s leg for the ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Carson: Here is your winner… AMELIAAAAA … WARHAWK!!

Warhawk rolls off Rane and gets to her feet to celebrate while Grayson reaches into the ring to grab his partner and pull her to safety.

Phoenix: Well, that was certainly quick and decisive!
Jeffrey: Amelia Warhawk picks up a win tonight and builds momentum heading into the Road to Revival!


We cut backstage where Gabriel Crowe is standing with The Black Flame ahead of their Franchise Title match.

Crowe: Everyone, I am joined by Bruce Rigg, Garret Fischer and Eli Waters of The Black Flame. You requested this time. What is it that you needed to say?

Rigg steps forward, taking the mic from Crowe and shooing him away.

Rigg: It’s real simple. We want that Franchise Championship back!
Fischer: And we know the kind of lawless, wild thugs the Antivists are, so we’ve been granted a special stipulation that in the event of Antivists getting themselves disqualified, the championships WILL change hands!
Waters: We’ve been through the rough lately, but the Black Flame burns always. And tonight, The Black Flame will once again become the beacon of 4CW.

Carson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a six-person tag for the 4CW FRANCHISE CHAMPIONSHIP! In this match, the title CAN change hands as a result of a disqualification!

”Black Flame” by Bury Tomorrow hits the PA system.

Carson: Introducing first, the challengers, the team of Eli Waters and The Liberation … THE BLACK FLAAAAAME!!

”Antivist” by Bring Me The Horizon hits the PA system.

Carson: And their opponents, the 4CW Franchise Champions, the team of Erica Moxie, Lindon Jett and Grant Zaiden … ANTIVIIIIISTS!!

4CW Franchise Championship
Six-man tag; titles CAN change hands on a DQ.
Antivists © (Moxie, Jett, Zaiden) vs The Black Flame (Waters, Rigg & Fischer)

As soon as the bell rings, all three members of The Black Flame invade the ring and attack their opponents. Waters slides a pair of brass knucks and smashes Lindon Jett in the face, dropping him instantly. The referee Jason Trent, hardly believing what he’s seeing, calls for the bell.

Carson: Here are your winners via DQ and STILL 4CW FRANCHISE CHAMPIONS … ANTIVISTS!!

Ito: What the hell?!
Phoenix: It was a ruse the whole time! Of course The Black Flame didn’t want to play fair! And now the true message is being sent as they swarm Antivists!

Waters hits the remaining two Antivists members with brass knucks too and the three of them swarm their opponents while they are laid out. Once they are comfortable that they have sufficiently beaten down their enemies, Waters grabs a mic from a ringside assistant.

Waters: Now that we’ve put you in your place, we look forward to you issuing a rematch to us for the championships at your earliest convenience.

Waters drops the mic and The Black Flame leave the ring, looking pleased with their handiwork.

Phoenix: It’s unorthodox, but it’s a smart strategy from The Black Flame. Now, not only are their opponents hurt and not at 100%, it is clear that Antivists will want revenge guaranteeing The Black Flame another title shot. So they haven’t lost anything and they’ve gained an advantage over Antivists.
Ito: That may be true but when it’s all said and done they will eventually have to beat Antivists, fair and square, to take those titles!

We cut to a break.


Carson: The following contest is our MAIN EVENT of the evening and it is a TAG TEAM match scheduled for one fall!

”Spring Yard Zone” by Tee Lopes hits the PA system.

Carson: Introducing first, representing THE SNAKE PIT, weighing in at a combined weight of 411lbs, the team of REGGIE ATEBIT and MARK MAAAAYHEM!!

“Thundersteel” by Riot hits the PA system.

Carson: And their opponents, from Barry, South Wales, weighing in at a combined weight of 585lbs, TOMMY YOUNG and the 4CW Undisputed World Champion… BRIAN … THE FREIGHT TRAAAAAAAIN … WHIIIITE!!

Tag Team Match
Run ‘N Gun (Brian White & Tommy Young) vs The Snake Pit (Reggie Atebit & Mark Mayhem)

The match begins as a standard tag match, with Young and Mayhem starting the match for their respective teams. The two go back and forth with early match grapples and sequences, until Mayhem rakes the eyes, unseen by the referee, which allows him to take advantage and start to dominate Young.

Mayhem keeps Young isolated in his team corner, making quick tags with Reggie as they beat down Young with stomps and chops against the turnbuckle. At one point, Mayhem makes way for Young to go and make a tag only to chase after him and clothesline him from behind to taunt White, who looks livid on the apron.

Mayhem drags Young back to his corner and tags in Reggie again. Reggie sets up Young for a snap suplex, but Young traps Reggie’s leg and reverses into one of his own. He crawls towards White, while Reggie manages to tag in Mayhem. Mayhem catches up with Young, but Young reverses with an Enziguri - and makes the tag!!

The 4CW World Champion Brian White gets into the ring with destruction on his mind. He wipes out Mayhem with a lariat and follows up with a powerbomb, but Reggie jumps in to break the pin. White fights back and throws Reggie over the top rope.

Mayhem fights back with a chop block and then takes down White with a dropkick. Mayhem then gets White in the corner and hits him with the ICON SPLASH (Stinger Splash) and then attempts the Chaos Algorithm (Seated Spinning Side Slam) but White reverses into a uranage.

White sets up Mayhem for the RUNAWAY TRAIN - but suddenly, he falls flat on his face as WANDA FROST trips him from outside the ring!! Young jumps down from the apron, only to be taken out by ANTHONY ROBINSON! None of this is seen by the referee as he is distracted by Reggie Atebit recovering in the opposite corner!

With Mayhem apparently about to get the biggest win of his career, he hits the CHAOS ALGORITHM and makes the pin! ONE … TWO … but NO!! Brian White kicks out!

At this point, Robinson and Frost invade the ring and all four members of The Snake Pit start attacking Brian White in plain view of the referee, who calls for the bell!

Carson: Here are your winners… by disqualification… RUN ‘N GUN!!

Ito: Are we serious right now? Another disqualification? Doesn’t anyone know how to fight fair around here?!
Jeffrey: It has been absolute mayhem tonight, for sure - no pun intended!

After the match, all four members of The Snake Pit continue beating down the two members of Run ‘N Gun. With the numbers on their side, it looks like Run ‘N Gun are done, but then “Numb” by Linkin Park hits the PA as Phil McGroin storms down to the ring to try and even the odds.

Jeffrey: Here comes The Man Who Once Made A Cow Tap Out!!

McGroin gets a few good shots in, including a DDT to Mayhem, until the numbers game once again comes into play and McGroin joins the men beaten on the ground. Just then, “Spiders on the Wall” by Magnolia Bayou hits to a HUGE pop as DARK LOTUS storms down to the ring!

Phoenix: And here comes DARK LOTUS to even the odds!

Lotus delivers a behemoth BIG BOOT to take down Wanda Frost! Robinson throws a few punches but soon eats a CHOKESLAM from Lotus! Finally Reggie Atebit eats a LAST RIDE to Reggie Atebit!

Jon Viper comes out on stage but doesn’t dare enter the ring outnumbered four to one after Lotus cleared house. Instead, Viper stares down Lotus in the ring, with a nasty snarl on his face.

Phoenix: In just a few weeks, these two teams will go to WAR!! Make sure you join us for STORM FRONT: WAR, at year’s end! Goodnight!!


Writing Credit:
Everything - Rhys

Quick Results:
-Amelia Warhawk defeated Rane
-Antivists © defeated The Black Flame via DQ to retain the 4CW Franchise Championship
-Run ‘N Gun defeated Mark Mayhem and Reggie Atebit via DQ.

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