4CW Storm Front - November 27, 2022


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4CW Presents… Storm Front
November 27,  2022
Live from Green Bay, Wisconsin

Phoenix: Hello everyone and welcome to 4CW Storm Front! My name is Scott Phoenix and I am joined as ever by Ray Jeffrey and James Roberts!
Jeffrey: We’re on the road to WAR and more importantly, REVIVAL! And I can’t wait to get started tonight! Gallows End has a lot of fallout that will no doubt unfold here tonight! We have two championship matches tonight and who the hell knows what else will happen?!
Roberts: That is true, two championship matches as Neon Moon defends the Tag Titles against #1 contenders The Liberation, as well as the 4CW Hardcore Championship as The Virgin Rose competes in one on one action to defend the title!

”Possezz” by Owl Vision hits the PA system. The crowd goes nuclear with heat as the NEW 4CW UNIVERSAL CHAMPION JON VIPER steps through the curtain… and of course he is not alone! Out comes four allies, three men, one woman.

Phoenix: And of course, this group of competitors are the people who cost Dark Lotus the Gallows Pole match! We don’t really know who they are except for their names, but they are clearly aligned with Jon Viper!
Roberts: That’s right. Their names are Anthony Robinson, Reggie Atebit, Mark Mayhem and Wanda Frost - but as for their motivations here in 4CW, we’re in the dark.
Jeffrey: Much like a lot of things Viper does, we will only be made privy to the details when he feels like it.

Viper: Oh, it feels good to be home! And you all know who I am. The 4CW Hall of Famer himself, Jon Viper! And to support such an earth-shattering and history-making career, I have assembled what I know are the most intense and elite athletes in the game today, and given how good my scouting abilities are, chances are you haven’t heard of these new untapped potential prodigies… so I guess introductions are in order after all…

The crowd boos at the group standing either side of Viper. It seems he is one of the few who don’t get a hometown welcome.

Viper: So let me introduce the new and improved Snake Pit! The leader, the one and only, believe me, I require no introduction especially in my home state of Wisconsin, but for the unwashed masses at home, I am 4CW Hall of Fame Jon Viper, former 4CW World Champion and as of Gallows End, the NEEEEW, reigning and defending 4CW Universal Champion!

Viper motions to one of his allies, a hulking brute of a man looking shredded.

Viper: And right here we have Anthony “Big Tower” Robinson - the biggest, baddest dude this side of the States. From Vice City, he is here to dominate 4CW like no-one has before! And he will do it with his vicious strikes!

Viper then switches his attention to a smaller and skinnier man. However, there is something off about him… he looks through the camera rather than at it, as if looking directly into the souls of the people at home.

Viper: Mark Mayhem! You’ll never guess what he’s going to do next because half the time he doesn’t know it himself! He works purely on instinct and trust me, his killer instinct is like no other!

Viper turns to the next member. This man is the most colourful of the bunch, with many video game references on his brightly coloured tights.

Viper: Next, we have Reggie Atebit! There’s not a gamer alive who compares to this man and his skills in-ring are similarly matched by none! Whether it’s Super Smash Bros or a wrestling match, Atebit will run rings around anyone who is put in his way!

Viper then turns his attention to the last member of the group and the only female in the group.

Viper: And last but certainly not least, “The Ice Queen” Wanda Frost! She will inject her blistering venom to anyone who cares to make themselves her victim!

Viper turns his attention back to the crowd and the camera.

Viper: Together, we are The Snake Pit! 4CW doesn’t have a clue what’s coming for it. Dark Lotus got just a taste when I defeated him to capture this 4CW Universal Championship and I promise you, we are just --

”Spiders on the Wall” by Magnolia Bayou hits the PA system. Out comes the former Universal Champion to a surprisingly big pop from the crowd considering Viper is the hometown hero.

Phoenix: Well, Dark Lotus is out on stage. He does not look happy… not that he ever does.

Lotus: As the souls of the swamp always expected from you, Jon Viper, you are darker and more infectious than the dirtiest cesspits of mud anywhere in the Bayou. Of course, the only way you could take that championship from me is from the help of no less than FOUR lost souls that you seem to have picked up from the Orphanage of Vengeance.

The crowd start to cheer for Lotus as he gets into his diatribe.

Lotus: The only problem with that, Viper, is that before it was me and you one on one… and now you’re gonna make me call the cavalry. You want to go all out WAR? Then let’s go ALL OUT WAR!!

Viper: You want to go to WAR with The Snake Pit? Then it’ll be your muddy funeral! We’ll send you back to the depths from whence you came! But are you sure you even have enough allies to form a team? Haven’t you made a career of enemies here in 4CW?

Lotus: Brother, worry not who my allies are as all will be revealed in good time… but you should be worried about what they will do to you! At WAR, we will eradicate the venom from The Snake Pit before it has even grown fangs!

”Spiders on the Wall” hits the PA system and Lotus and Venom stare each other down with intensity as we cut to a break.


Carson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the 4CW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!!

”Black Flame” by Bury Tomorrow hits the PA system.

Carson: Introducing first, the challengers, representing The Black Flame, weighing in at a combined weight of 530lbs, the team of BRUCE RIGG… and GARRET FISCHER … THE LIBERATION!!

Phoenix: The Liberation have chased the 4CW Tag Championships for years now but always come up short! However, a victory against Synth City Thrillers at Hardcore Hellfire has earned them another shot.
Roberts: And despite their failed attempts in the past, The Liberation are a truly dangerous duo who could take those titles on any given night if underestimated!
Phoenix: They have years of experience under the tutelage of Hall of Famer Rhys Cain! That makes them dangerous, whether I like to admit it or not! They also have a lot of experience going to battle with one half of the Tag Champions in Pilgrim Paige!

Carson: And their opponents, from THE DARK SIDE of NEOOOOOONTARIO, weighing in at a combined weight of 264lbs, they are the 4CW Tag Team Champions … Pilgrim Paige and Kinzy Kane … NEOOOON … MOOOOOON!!

4CW Tag Championships
Neon Moon © vs The Liberation

The match starts with Pilgrim Paige representing Neon Moon taking on Bruce Rigg of The Liberation. They clash in the middle of the ring in a grapple where Rigg easily overpowers Paige and throws her across the ring. Paige rallies and comes back with some forearms, but Rigg sends her to the ropes and wipes her out with a clothesline, then follows it up with a big splash and a cover! 1…2… no! Paige kicks out!

Rigg continues to dominate as he takes out Paige with a couple of suplex variations, including a standard, a German and a T-Bone. He covers again… one… two… but Paige kicks out again!

Rigg whips Paige into the corner and chases after her, but Paige gets a boot up. Rigg comes back with a strike that Paige ducks under and runs to the ropes. She takes out Rigg with a running dropkick on her return, sending him crashing through the ropes and to the outside! Paige then runs to the ropes and dives out of the ring with a Suicide Dive!! Paige rolls back into the ring and dares Rigg to step back in, drawing a line with her foot across the ring in front of her!

Phoenix: The battle lines are drawn and Paige shows Rigg she’s nothing to mess with! We’ll be right back after this commercial break!

When we return, Rigg once again has control of the match as he has Paige locked into a side headlock. Paige attempts to elbow her way out of his grasp, but instead he throws her to the ropes and lifts her up and over with a back body drop! Rigg whips Paige into his corner and tags in Fischer.

Roberts: And this match has been all Liberation so far, albeit with a short return from Paige before the break. She went all out but she’s been isolated for a while and she really needs a tag!
Jeffrey: Good luck getting Liberation to allow that!

Inside the ring, Fischer wears down Paige in his corner with a few chops and forearms. Paige slumps down to the second rope and Fischer tags in Rigg. Rigg jumps back in and continues to stomp Paige in the corner, so that she slumps all the way down to the mat. Rigg tags Fischer back in.

Fischer lifts Paige and takes her out with a DDT! He then goes to The Liberation corner and climbs the turnbuckle!

Phoenix: Oh boy, I think we know what’s coming next!

Fischer wastes no time in flying off the turnbuckle for the Shooting Star Press!!

Phoenix: Quote The Raven -- no!! Paige rolls out of the way!!

With both competitors now hurt and on the mat, the chase is on for the hot tag. Both competitors begin to crawl to their partners. Paige is closer, and with one final lurch she gets the hot tag! A moment later, Fischer tags in Rigg!

Kinzy Kane flies into the ring, leapfrogs a spear attempt from Rigg and takes him out with a spinning back elbow to the back of the head!

Roberts: Blade Runner!!

Rigg is hurt but quick to his feet so Kinzy comes after him and takes him out with a reverse slingblade! Kinzy makes the cover! ONE … TWO … NO!! Rigg kicks out!

Phoenix: Kinzy has turned the match in the favour of Neon Moon but Rigg still has some fight left in him!
Jeffrey: Of course he has! This isn’t just any match! This is for the 4CW Tag Team Championships!!

The crowd start a “This is Awesome!” chant, which wills Kinzy back to her feet. She picks up Rigg and gives him a few forearms, then sends him into the corner with some effort. With Rigg in the corner, Kinzy unleashes a flurry of shoot kicks to the gut. After five of them, Rigg piefaces Kinzy away to get a breath back but she comes right back with a running dropkick! Kinzy picks up the staggered Rigg and sends him to the ropes. Unbeknownst to Kinzy, Fischer tags himself in as Rigg eats another dropkick.

Rigg rolls out of the ring and Kinzy goes after him, not realising he is no longer the legal man. Fischer blindsides her as she reaches the ropes and then takes her out with another DDT!! Fischer makes the cover! ONE … TWO … no! Kinzy kicks out!

Phoenix: This match is frenetic and feels like its finish could come out of nowhere at this rate! Smart move by Fischer, who is now the legal man for The Liberation!

Fischer heads to the apron, waiting for Kinzy to get back to her feet. When she does, he springboards off the top rope and takes her out with a clothesline! Another cover! ONE … TWO … NO! Kinzy kicks out again!

Fischer picks up Kinzy for another DDT, but she reverses and hits a DDT of her own! Kinzy then picks up Fischer and sends him to her own corner, tagging in Paige. Together, the two Neon Warriors send Fischer to the ropes and take him out with a synchronised dropkick, with Kinzy leaving the ring and heading back to the apron before the five count.

Paige picks up Fischer, who begins to fight back with some right hands. Fischer gets close to Kinzy on the apron and cheap-shots her! Paige takes him out with a sit-out jawbreaker! With some distance between them, Paige heads up to the top rope. While the referee is distracted and checking on Kinzy on the apron, Rigg runs across the apron and pulls Paige’s leg out from under her, causing her to crash to the ring and crumple with a thud.

Phoenix: That dirty, rotten - Paige just came crashing down from the top rope!
Jeffrey: This could be the moment Liberation needs to finally capture those tag titles!!

Inside the ring, a recovering Fischer stumbles over to his corner and tags in Rigg. Rigg picks up Paige with ease and sets her up for the Freedom Bomb! He lifts Paige up - but no! Paige fights back with some punches to the head! Rigg falls to the mat and Paige reaches the ropes, she comes back but suddenly collapses, clutching her shoulder.

Phoenix: It seems Paige may be hurt after that fall - and it’s stopped her in her tracks!

Paige stops for a moment to shake it off, but even that small distraction is enough for Rigg to set her back up for the Freedom Bomb! He lifts her up! BAM!! And the cover!

Phoenix: That’s gotta be it! ONE … TWO … THR—NO!! Kinzy Kane breaks the fall in the nick of time!!

Rigg is furious at this and gets to his feet, grabbing Kinzy and throwing her out of the ring! However, Paige sneaks up from behind and rolls up Rigg for a schoolgirl!! ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Carson: Here are your winners and STILL 4CW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS… NEON…MOOOON!!

Phoenix: A hard earned title defence from Neon Moon tonight as they topple The Liberation and - oh, come on! It looks like The Liberation aren’t done!

Inside the ring, Fischer and Rigg dive on both Paige and Kinzy and beat them down in respective corners with some vicious stomps. They continue the beatdown until ”Cyber Attack” by Infraction hits the PA system!!

Out come Synth City Thrillers, both branding a steel chair! They sprint down the ramp and slide into the ring, but Fischer and Rigg scarper! The Liberation escapes through the crowd as Kojo and Drummond bang their chairs against the mat.

Phoenix: Synth City Thrillers make the save and The Liberation have cleared out!

With The Liberation gone, Drummond and Kojo help Paige and Kinzy to their feet. They exchange words, with nods and seemingly thanks from Neon Moon being exchanged. However, Drummond makes it clear with a motion to his waist that they still want the title belts as we cut to a break.


”As I Am” by Dream Theatre hits the PA system. Rhys Cain steps through the curtain and looks around as the crowd rains familiar boos upon him. Cain doesn’t have his usual vindictive energy as he walks down to the ring with a mic.

Phoenix: Rhys Cain challenged Brian White to an Ironman match at Gallows End that ended up going fourty minutes and Cain being handed a pretty decisive loss!
Jeffrey: For the first thirty minutes, he was neck and neck with White! But the extra time of ten added minutes was too much for Cain and he fell apart, losing the match 6-3!
Roberts: Such a loss will knock the confidence of anyone, even someone as arrogant as The Dragon.

Cain enters the ring and calls for his music to be cut. He takes off his jacket and is dressed ready to compete. But first he has something to say.

Cain: I feel like I’ve said this a few times in recent times but… it’s not been my best year. After returning and winning the Rumble in the Storm match, I really thought I had my ticket to the top. But I wasn’t able to pull it off. Brian White beat me in that Ironman match because on the night, I didn’t bring the steel.

The honesty brews a mixed reaction from the crowd, but they still mostly boo Cain.

Cain: So after Brian White got the sixth fall over me and the final bell rang, I was numb. Despite the agony of the match, despite the pure exhaustion, what I felt most was an overwhelming sense of numbness. I was NOT the three-time 4CW Champion. I was NOT the Ironman.

A cheer from the crowd at Cain’s loss brings a small smirk to his mouth.

Cain: And whether you guys have loved me or hated me, one thing that has never been doubted is my passion for this business. I live, eat and breathe Professional Wrestling. And I have never felt the numbness I felt at Gallows End. So I’ve decided tonight, I am issuing an OPEN CHALLENGE, to ANYONE in the back… so I can prove, not to you, because I have nothing to prove to any of you, but to prove to MYSELF that I still have the passion to do this. So, who is it going to be? Who is going to accept the challenge of 4CW Hall of Famer, THE DRAGON … RHYS CAIN!

There’s a short pause of silence as the crowd buzzes in anticipation of who will accept the challenge and then, ”Catch Me If You Can” by BABYMETAL hits the PA system. The dark toll bells play and the guitar scratches in. When the drums open up, a young teenage woman comes out. She is full of frenetic and positive energy as she bursts out, getting the crowd cheering along with her as she makes her entrance.

Jeffrey: Who is this?
Roberts: I have no idea… Scott?
Phoenix: I… uh, yes - I know who that is.

Phoenix doesn’t clarify as the girl heads down the ramp. Once she gets close enough for Cain to see the details of her face, he gasps and stumbles backwards.

Roberts: Cain looks like he’s seen a ghost!
Phoenix: Well…

The girl enters the ring and stares down Cain. Cain stares back, stunned and open-mouthed. Then, he shakes his head, breaks his glare and rolls out of the ring. The confused crowd immediately starts to boo and the girl in the ring lifts her arms in exasperation. Cain takes one last look at the girl, then heads back up the ramp without another word, looking shell shocked.

Phoenix: Well, Cain is out of here.
Jeffrey: What do you know, Scott?
Roberts: Yeah, what’s going on? Why has Cain left?

Before Phoenix can answer, the girl grabs a mic.

Seren Mali: Well, you may all be surprised by Rhys Cain running away from me, but I’m not - he’s been doing it for most of my life! For those who don’t know, my name is Seren Mali and Rhys Cain … well, he’s my father.

A big roar of shock from the crowd at this announcement.

Roberts: WHAT?
Jeffrey: That’s Cain’s kid?
Phoenix: *sigh* That’s right, it is indeed Serena Cain - but apparently she goes by Seren Mali now. I knew from my sources she was training to be a pro wrestler but I certainly wasn’t expecting her to show up here tonight - and apparently, neither was Cain!

Seren: And I guess he’s still running away from me, but don’t worry - I’m not going anywhere! And you will keep seeing me until my father decides to face his problems like a man.

Seren Mali drops the mic and her music starts back up.

Roberts: I can’t get my head around this - what the hell is going on here?
Jeffrey: I’m just as in the dark as you but Cain is going to have to get his head around this newest development quickly, if Seren Mali is sticking around!

We cut to a break.


Sery appears on the titantron to a resounding cheer from the crowd.

Sery: Hello everyone! I hope tonight’s show is to your liking and just to cap it all off, I'm here to announce some things. We will see the in-ring debut of Reggie Atebit as he teams with Jon Viper to take on Dark Lotus… and a partner of Lotus’ choice!

The crowd pops at this announcement.

Sery: And one other thing, whoever teams with Dark Lotus tonight will be the first member of his WAR team against Jon Viper and his allies at WAR V for the 4CW UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP! Enjoy the rest of the show!

We cut right back to the arena for the next match.

Carson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the 4CW Hardcore Championship!

”Forward!” by Anaal Nakrath hits the PA system. The crowd responds with a pop as punchy as the music when it drops.

Carson: Introducing first, from Who Gives A Flustering Fuck, weighing in at None of Your Fuckin’ Business… the 4CW Hardcore Champion… THE VIRGIIIIIN ROSE!!

Phoenix: The Virgin Rose will be out here tonight to make a statement as the Hardcore Champion.
Jeffrey: I feel bad for her opponent!

“Oh Maginai” by BABYMETAL hits the PA system. Lola Little gets a respectable pop as she comes out dressed like a pirate, complete with eye patch and hat.

Carson: And her opponent, from The Raging Seas… weighing in at 119lbs… LOLA … LITTLE!!

Roberts: And here comes Lola Little, small by name and nature, but don’t underestimate her, because that’s exactly what she wants you to do!
Jeffrey: I promise you she slaps as hard as any other woman on the roster.
Phoenix: How would you know that?
Jeffrey: …The less you know, the better Scotty.
Phoenix: Don’t call me Scotty.

4CW Hardcore Championship
The Virgin Rose © vs Lola Little

Rose circles her opponent Lola Little, with a borderline mocking smirk on her face. Little tells Rose without words not to underestimate her as she ties up and transitions into a snug side headlock. Rose fights out of the grasp and sends Little to the ropes, who ducks the incoming clothesline and runs to the other side. Coming back from the ropes, Little takes out Rose with a hurricanrana! Quick hook! ONE … TWO … kickout from Rose!

Phoenix: I like the intensity from Little but it’s gonna take more than that to put away the Hardcore Champion!
Jeffrey: She can take me out any time!
Phoenix: RAY!!

Rose rolls out of the ring and Little follows. Little grabs Rose and slams her face into the announce table. She then attempts to whip Rose into the steel steps, but Rose reverses with an Irish whip of her own, sending Little crashing into the steel steps! After throwing Little into the barricade for good measure, Rose throws her back into the ring and rolls back in herself.

Phoenix: Looks like the steel steps and the barricade have given Rose the opportunity she was looking for!

Getting back into the ring with a vulnerable Little, Rose grabs her from behind and hits the X-PLEX!! Little is all but finished as Rose sets her up for a brainbuster, then slams Little’s head on to her knee!!

Phoenix: And there’s the Cherry Popper!! This one is over!!

Rose covers Little but this is just a formality as Little is down for much more than the ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Carson: Here is your winner and STILL 4CW Hardcore Champion … THE VIRGIN ROSE!!

Phoenix: Rose has been on a bit of a roll lately! A decisive victory over Rose gets her another title defence under her belt.
Jeffrey: But we all know the Hardcore Champion always has several predators waiting for the moment to strike - so Rose needs to be careful!

Rose celebrates her victory as we cut to a break.


We cut backstage where Ol' Smokey is seen loitering around a particular locker room. After seemingly hesitating for a moment, he knocks and enters. We don't get to see who he is visiting.

Phoenix: Looks like Ol' Smokey is looking for a partner for Lotus tonight.
Roberts: I wonder who it could be…

We cut back to the ring for the next contest. ”Bad News” by Aries hits the PA system. Richard Estevez steps out onto the stage, ready for his rescheduled match with Quentin Cosmo.

Phoenix: Here comes Richard Estevez! He was supposed to take on Quentin Cosmo at Hardcore Hellfire, but Cosmo conveniently was four hundred years in the past in the Amazonian Wilds … Cosmo brought in Rog Roddick from Earth 219 as his replacement. Estevez was able to pull out a victory but he still wants his match with Cosmo, so that’s happening right now!
Jeffrey: You gotta stop explaining this shit and just go with it because it keeps giving me nosebleeds.

Estevez gets into the ring, eager to go… but once again, the titantron flickers to life. Cosmo is standing in an apparently black vastness wearing a spacesuit. Inside the ring, Estevez holds his arms up in exasperation.

Cosmo: Richard! Sorry I can’t get to you! I’m having space ship troubles… been working on it all day… well, night…. Well, I can’t really tell out here! ANYWAY, I got you another replacement all lined up, so don’t worry about it! Great win last week, by the way - but this one, this one is more of a challenge! This one… in many universes, including our own, is a 4CW Hall of Famer! I’ll let him surprise you… catch you down the road!

The screen cuts out and the lights dim.

”Rearranged” by Limp Bizkit hits the PA system. The crowd erupts in disbelief as an aqua smoke filters through to the stage.

Carson: … uh… And his opponent, from Toronto, Ontario Canada, Earth 219, weighing in at 205lbs… 4CW HALL OF FAMER… COCOOOOOOOOZO!!

Phoenix: I don’t believe my eyes! That’s Cocozo - well, not our Cocozo - but that is Cocozo, in the flesh!
Jeffrey (holding his bloody nose): Seriously, has anybody got any tissues?

Cocozo makes his way down to the ring to a thunderous ovation from the crowd. Cocozo waves them all off as he slides into the ring, laughs at his opponent Estevez, then taunts the crowd further.

Phoenix: It seems this Cocozo is a bit of an asshole!
Jeffrey: Everyone’s an asshole in some universe, Scotty! Even you! Hell, there’s a universe where I’m nice. Oh shit, I need tissues - there’s so much blood!!

Inside the ring, Estevez looks exasperated - but he isn’t able to hide the slight intimidation of going up against a 4CW Hall of Famer only weeks into his career in 4CW.

Singles Match
Richard Estevez vs Cocozo (from Earth 219)

The match begins with a back and forth affair, both of them spending the opening minutes getting their shots in. Several solid strikes from both parties, a chopping contest that went on for a whole minute and a successful move each as Cocozo takes Estevez out with a suplex only for Estevez to come back with a DDT of his own only moments later.
The first major advantage comes when Cocozo rakes Estevez’s eyes in a position where the referee doesn’t see and follows it up with a thunderous lifting DDT! Cocozo makes the cover! ONE … TWO … but no! Estevez kicks out!

Phoenix: Cocozo showing why he’s one of the best in ANY universe! He almost had Estevez in under five minutes!
Roberts: But Estevez fights on!

Estevez starts to get some decent offence into the match, with a few strikes and a lariat bringing down Cocozo. Estevez continues to dominate with a few Japanese arm drags, frustrating Cocozo. Finally, he takes him down with a neckbreaker for a two count. Now having been attempted to be pinned, Cocozo snaps to his feet, runs to the ropes and takes out Estevez with a Spear! ONE .. TWO … NO!! Estevez kicks out!

Phoenix: Estevez is giving it a good fight but Cocozo just knows that ring better than most people in any universe!
Roberts: Estevez is full of fight though! And this ain’t over yet!
The two continue to go back and forth over the next few minutes, with an exchange of suplexes and powerslams and a two count for each of them in their efforts.

Estevez gets the next big advantage when he ducks under a clothesline and reverses with a superkick, knocking Cocozo down. Estevez isn’t finished yet though. He picks up Cocozo into a Fireman’s Carry, setting up for the Eat Curb! But NO! Cocozo lands on his feet and clubs Estevez in the back of the head with a forearm!

Cocozo continues to damage Estevez with a belly-to-belly suplex! He covers! ONE … TWO … Estevez kicks out! Cocozo punches the mat in frustration. He then looks over to the corner and then makes his move, climbing the turnbuckle all the way to the top rope!

Phoenix: Cocozo is going up top!
Roberts: What will he do?!

Cocozo lines up Estevez and dives off with a SWANTON BOMB - but Estevez rolls out of the way! Cocozo eats mat! Estevez gets to his feet, using the ropes for support. He hits Cocozo with another superkick! Estevez then whips the groggy Cocozo to the corner and flies into him with a clothesline! Slumped in the corner, Estevez picks him up - but unseen by the referee, Cocozo RAKES the eyes of Estevez!

Roberts: That dirty, rotten -

Clutching his face and blinded, Estevez becomes a sitting duck for Cocozo! Cocozo hits a German Suplex!! He then goes back up to the top rope and this time, executes the corkscrew moonsault he calls FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX!!

Cocozo covers the rookie… ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Carson: Here is your winner… COCOZO!!

After the match, Cocozo celebrates - but the focus is on the tron, where Quentin Cosmo reappears, looking delighted.

Cosmo: Seems you weren’t able to get the job done, Estevez! But don’t worry, you gave it your all!

Estevez gets to his feet, clutching his ribs, and demands a microphone, which he gets.

Estevez: Cosmo! This has gone far enough. I dare you to show up next month at Storm Front: WAR V! So I can kick your ass personally! No more of this multiverse crap - I’m coming straight for Doctor Who! But if you don’t have the guts to face me, I’ll understand, and take my forfeit victory knowing in my heart of hearts that I am better than you.

Cosmo doesn’t look happy. He snarls, and cuts off his transmission without another word. We cut to a break.


Carson: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall!

Carson: Introducing first, representing The Snake Pit, the team of Reggie Atebit and 4CW HALL OF FAMER and 4CW UNIVERSAL CHAMPION … JON … VIPER!!

Carson: And their opponents, first, from Devil’s Back Bone, Louisiana, weighing in at 260lbs … DAAAARK .. LOOOOOTUS!!

Carson: And his partner…

”Numb” by Linkin Park hits the PA system. The crowd ROARS as the identity of Dark Lotus’ partner dawns on them.

Carson: From Helston, England, weighing in at 14 stone… THE MAN WHO ONCE MADE A COW TAP OUT … PHIL … MCGROOOIN!!

Phoenix: Wow! Dark Lotus’ first team member is none other than his greatest rival, PHIL MCGROIN!!
Jeffrey: One thing you can say is that through that rivalry, Lotus and McGroin have earned a mutual respect for one another. They may not be friends, but McGroin will fight the greater evil alongside Lotus because he knows how good Lotus actually is!
Phoenix: Good assessment.
Jeffrey: Well, when I’m not suffering paradox-inducing nosebleeds, I am actually good at my job.

Both teams take opposite sides of the ring, and the referee Anna Molly performs her pre-match routine, checking both teams for foreign objects and explaining the rules. Then, satisfied, she calls for the bell to start our main event!

Lotus and Viper start the match in the ring together. The crowd pops at the prospect of them going hell for leather right off the bat and pop even louder when the two do exactly that, exchanging lefts and rights with neither man letting up for a full, solid minute until finally Viper takes a hard shot and falls to one knee. Lotus backs up to the ropes and comes back with a thunderous clothesline that knocks a recovering Viper right back down to the mat!

Phoenix: Two absolute warriors - but Lotus wins out that first time around!

Lotus picks up Viper for a powerslam but Viper wriggles out and gets pushed into the corner. Taking advantage of the situation, Viper tags in Reggie Atebit.

Reggie acts braver than he looks and charges at Lotus, but eats a Big Boot. Lotus sends Reggie to the ropes and follows up with a Sidewalk Slam. He hooks the legs but only gets a two count!

Lotus continues his domination by throwing Reggie into a vacant corner. He stalks him into the corner and unleashes a series of elbows to the side of the head. Reggie stumbles out of the corner, clutching his head but eats ANOTHER Big Boot!

Lotus points at Viper as if to say “you’re next!” then goes back to Reggie. Reggie takes advantage of the momentary reprieve and puts Lotus into a small package! ONE … TWO … NO! Kickout from Lotus!

Jeffrey: NEVER take your eye off your opponent!

Lotus jumps back to his feet and quickly takes down Reggie with a clothesline. He then pulls Reggie with him into his own corner and tags in McGroin. McGroin jumps in and delivers some gut punches to the cornered Reggie, then throws him back into the middle of the ring with a hip toss!

McGroin grabs the recovering Reggie and hits a picture perfect suplex, before covering for a two count! McGroin hits Reggie with a German Suplex for another two count. McGroin then whips Reggie into the ropes. Reggie ducks a clothesline on his return and continues to the opposite ropes. On his second time around, McGroin leapfrogs and Reggie ducks under going to the ropes again. On his third time around, Reggie hits a running shotgun dropkick to wipe out McGroin and makes the cover! ONE … TWO … No! McGroin kicks out.

Reggie makes a comeback with some quick strikes from both fists and legs, finishing off with a roundhouse kick! Reggie then lifts up McGroin, and hits the HOOK AND LADDER!! Cover! ONE … TWO … NO!! McGroin kicks out!

Reggie stumbles to his feet. He slowly shuffles over to his corner, stretching out his arm to reach Viper faster. Suddenly, McGroin trips Reggie from behind and grabs the ankle, pulling him back to the middle of the ring with an Ankle Lock!!

Phoenix: Reggie Atebit is trapped! And he really has had to take the brunt of the punishment in this match! Viper seems to be having a pretty light night!
Roberts: Reggie did try to get the tag - but McGroin was too quick!

Still twisting the ankle, McGroin puts as much pressure on as he can - but Reggie flips over and sends McGroin flying. Reggie tries to reach the ropes to regroup - but McGroin quickly reapplies the Ankle Lock, pulling Reggie back to the middle of the ring again - and then LOCKING IN the grapevine!!

Phoenix: Oh no! Reggie is in BIG trouble here!
Jeffrey: He’s gotta find a way out of this before he breaks his ankle!
Roberts: He may have found that way, even if he doesn’t like it! It’s called tapping out!

But Reggie doesn’t tap out - instead he uses his free leg and swings it wildly. He catches McGroin right in the eye, causing the hold to be relinquished. The two men lay on the mat, hurting, as the crowd gets fired up and cheers them on.

Phoenix: Both men’s partners are ready and raring to go - but who will get there first? McGroin or Reggie?

Both men crawl towards their corners. McGroin gets to his feet first and MAKES THE TAG - a moment later, Reggie tags Viper!! Lotus is clearly going to beat Viper into the ring so Viper pulls Reggie up to his feet and throws him towards Lotus! Lotus grabs Reggie by the throat and hits a CHOKESLAM! But while Lotus is busy kicking Reggie out of the ring, Viper comes up from behind and hits the swinging neckbreaker! Viper quickly picks up the dazed Lotus and hooks him up for the double-underhook FATE SEALER DDT!! Viper covers! ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Carson: Here are your winners… JON VIPER and REGGIE ATEBIT … THE SNAKE PIT!

Phoenix: Viper and Atebit of The Snake Pit pull out an important victory! Despite their tactics, you can’t argue with the results!
Roberts: But look at this - all five members of The Snake Pit are closing in on Lotus and McGroin! They are squarely outnumbered!

Suddenly, ”You’re Not Ready” by Skillet hits the PA system and out comes XAVIER AVANA! The Snake Pit stop their assault as the Custom Cup Champion steps out on stage.

Phoenix: What’s Avana doing here?
Roberts: Is he part of Lotus’ team?

”Aces High” by Iron Maiden hits the PA system. Out comes Tommy Young, who meets Avana on the ramp and bumps fists with him.

Jeffrey: And here comes Tommy Young too!

”Wherever I May Roam” by Metallica hits the PA system.

Phoenix: OH MY!!
Jeffrey: Here he is! The Undisputed World Champion!
Phoenix: Lotus, McGroin, Avana, Young and White! I think we have TEAM LOTUS and they are ready for WAR!!

Together, the remaining members of Team Lotus run down to the ring. They meet The Snake Pit and an all out brawl breaks out. Lotus and McGroin recover and join the fray. Lotus takes out Atebit and Frost with double clotheslines over the top rope! A hurricanrana from Young to Viper sends him flying out also. Mayhem goes with a RUNAWAY TRAIN spear from White! Finally, Avana hits a dropkick which sends Robinson flying out of the ring!

All members of The Snake Pit regroup on the outside. They try to look for an opening, but find none, and so they head back up the ramp, throwing expletives at Team Lotus as they storm up the ramp.

Phoenix: On this night, Team Lotus stands tall! Next month, we will go to WAR!!
Roberts: It’s going to be one hell of a collision!
Phoenix: Make sure you are there! New Year’s Eve! Thank you for joining us, folks! We will see you at Duskfall, next week! Goodnight!!


Writing Credit:
Everything - Rhys

Quick Results:
-Neon Moon © defeated The Liberation to retain the 4CW Tag Team Championships.
-Hardcore: The Virgin Rose © defeated Lola Little
-Cocozo** defeated Richard Estevez
-Jon Viper & Reggie Atebit defeated Dark Lotus & Phil McGroin

Review Template:
Viper and Lotus declare war:
Tag Titles, Neon Moon (c) defeated The Liberation:
Cain Open Challenge/Seren Mali debut:
Sery GM Stuff:
Hardcore Title, Virgin Rose (c) defeated Lola Little:
Cocozo** defeated Richard Estevez:
Estevez calls out Cosmo:
Jon Viper & Reggie Atebit defeated Dark Lotus & Phil McGroin:
WAR Teams are revealed:

**This was Cocozo from Earth 219 where Cocozo never retired. He acted as a replacement for Quentin Cosmo.

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I love the history of Team Lotus, and the way Viper noted that Lotus made a career of making enemies. All those feuds culminating in a team for War is just awesome! Love it!

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